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Nautica Oceans (2009)
by Nautica

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Year of Launch2009
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About Nautica Oceans

Nautica Oceans is a masculine fragrance by Nautica. The scent was launched in 2009

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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
watered down

this is simply too watered down. an ok fresh scent that does not last more than an hour. very light and airy notes that don't stand out. in the same line as the Gendarme scents..

Pros: ok for spring
Cons: too light"

04th August, 2013
Opening smells like sea water/sea salt, and lemon tonic. Then it quickly blends into its heart which is dominated by germanium and a light airy salty smell. The geranium in the scent gives it a slight spicy/peppery vibe to the florals. There is also a light light light wood scent.

think this is a good scent to wear for when you don't really want to smell like anything -- you just want to smell clean with a light scent. It is good to cool you down in the summer because you will have to spray it on a few times.

overall it is a very clean and easy to wear scent that not a lot of people are going to pick up on due to its poor projection - ITS VERY LIGHT! When i first sprayed it, I thought I had a dud until i looked it up only to find out that other people found it extremely light as well. I was like.. umm they messed up on this bottle and didn't put enough fragrance in this! But, its deliberate… or many due to this new technology they couldn't make it smell any stronger.

The one good thing about this scent is it completely biodegradable because due to a new technology allowing it to be water based with a 10% oil concentration. You will be able to tell when you spray it on because it is a bit oily and takes a while to dry up. It also decreases skin drying and irritation and it actually feels like its moisturizing to me!
27th July, 2011
Here is a scent I could only justify buying if I lived in a permanently hot climate, for Nautica's Oceans is weak. Very weak, in fact. This isn't a summer scent: this is a beach scent, almost exclusively. Being water-based, meaning no alcohol carrier in the mix, don't expect much in the way of longevity or sillage. Expect a pleasant aquatic lavender, lemon, and amber, colored with a really cool salt note that justifies the name. Not a great offering, but at least interesting, and a little refreshing for the hour or two it lasts.
13th April, 2011
A very nice tropical/lemon/rose/fruity mix, with a hint of lavender and spice. The first time I tried this on I got mediocre longevity.. around the 6 hour mark. But, the 2nd time this stuff lasted all day and all night, I could even smell it a little when I woke up.. Quite impressive in the longevity department for an aquatic type frag, but the longevity is temperamental, and varies.. some days I'll get 6 hours, others I'll get 18. On a day where I get 18 hours, (or smell it when I wake up in the morning) mind you, it's barely a fragrance at that point, it's very watered down, but still there, and still pleasing.

This fragrance is on the same style as IZOD, Set Sail St Barts, Virgin Island Water, Sunset Voyage, Voyage, Island Voyage, Sunset Heat, etc. It's very tropical, but still pretty versatile which is nice because some of those others are hard to pull off, even in warmer weather.
05th December, 2010
Fragrance Notes:

Ocean Air - Sea Salt Rose - Regatta Accord - Teak - Geranium - Amber Crystals - Lavender - Lemon Tonic

Nice and clean , due to the weak projection is perfect to use at work / office , or a romantic ocasion. I like it !
20th August, 2010
The best thing Nautica(Coty) has ever made! This smells very fresh, and you wouldn't guess it to be cheap...until you get to the longevity...which is seemingly non-existant.
03rd March, 2010

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