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Nautica Oceans (2009)
by Nautica


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Year of Launch2009
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Nautica Oceans

Nautica Oceans is a masculine fragrance by Nautica. The scent was launched in 2009

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Nautica Oceans has a great citrus, salty floral opening. One of the best I've tried. Seems very natural. However, it doesn't project much so I have to spray alot.

Despite the bad projection, this summer casual scent does last all work day as a skin scent and is very enjoyable throughout. The drydown is a mix of sweet florals and woody notes, all with just a hint of citrus.

07th January, 2018
Nautica Oceans is another decent, affordable aquatic option from the house that offers a different direction: sea water, as its name suggests. The overwhelming direction of this is salty sea water, but this is rounded off by some floral notes like lavender and geranium as well as a top of lemon, though quite slight. And there is definitely a sweetness that rounds out all of the abovementioned acidic elements, but I can't identify it as the amber or any particular wood as described in the note listing.

Like other EDTs of the house, Oceans leaves more to be desired in terms of projection and longevity, but I obtained a bottle pretty cheap ($11 for 30ml), especially considering reports that it has been discontinued, though I'm sure there are even better deals out there. That said, it can be applied liberally

As far as niche comparisons, I liken this to Creed's Erolfa in my memory but I'd have to smell them together to be sure.

If it can be bought at the right price, Oceans is another solid warm weather day fragrance from Nautica that adds variety to my collection, so I'm surely pleased by what it does correctly.

7 out of 10
12th August, 2015 (last edited: 22nd December, 2015)
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
What a pleasant surprise this scent is! I had previously been on kind of a bad blind buying spree of late...but thankfully this one turned out to be a winner for me.

With the exception of Nautica Voyage, I had basically dismissed this house. But when searching for a cheap summer scent, this one was mentioned a few times on the message boards. So I thought heck, $10 for a 50ml....why not give it a chance? Plus the fact this fragrance was made by Mane, which surely gave me a little extra hope.;) Read a little bit about it and it's odd,(but intriguing!)eco friendliness In both fragrance and packaging. Wasn't sure what to make of this...was it hype? Was it legit? Was it something in between?

Well, marketing aside...this is a great little frag IMHO. Is it something super unique or mind blowing, no it's not. BUT, it kind of reminds me of Lalique White, not in the way it smells...but in the way that it's constructed. Both on paper are very simple citrus/woody scents(of course Oceans has the heavy aquatic element, White does not)and somehow the perfumer has managed to take these simple ingredients and come up with a fragrance that is MUCH more than the sum of it's humble parts. A terrific sparkling and bright lemon tonic smell, with a salty and woody backbone. Simple and so refreshing!

Like others have mentioned...this scent when sprayed, goes on you in a weird way and takes awhile to drydown. It is foamy and because of the lack of alcohol in it, sometimes wants to run down a bit where you sprayed. At first, I was disappointed when first smelling it, but you must wait for the drydown folks!

And that brings to me to longevity. To those that say this scent has poor are straight up crazy and need your nose checked!lol But seriously, it's got 10% oil concentration in it...I can spray this on my skin and EASILY smell it 10+ hours later.(even longer on fabric) Yes it's by no means a sillage or projection monster, but make no mistake this is a long lasting, but subtle citrus aquatic scent which can be enjoyed by the wearer and those who get close enough for a good long time!(not knocking people over from 15ft away with your projection like Leau D'Issey for instance.;) Long lasting, fresh and clean subtleness is the name of the game with this Nautica release.
20th July, 2015
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
watered down

this is simply too watered down. an ok fresh scent that does not last more than an hour. very light and airy notes that don't stand out. in the same line as the Gendarme scents..

Pros: ok for spring
Cons: too light"

04th August, 2013
Opening smells like sea water/sea salt, and lemon tonic. Then it quickly blends into its heart which is dominated by germanium and a light airy salty smell. The geranium in the scent gives it a slight spicy/peppery vibe to the florals. There is also a light light light wood scent.

think this is a good scent to wear for when you don't really want to smell like anything -- you just want to smell clean with a light scent. It is good to cool you down in the summer because you will have to spray it on a few times.

overall it is a very clean and easy to wear scent that not a lot of people are going to pick up on due to its poor projection - ITS VERY LIGHT! When i first sprayed it, I thought I had a dud until i looked it up only to find out that other people found it extremely light as well. I was like.. umm they messed up on this bottle and didn't put enough fragrance in this! But, its deliberate… or many due to this new technology they couldn't make it smell any stronger.

The one good thing about this scent is it completely biodegradable because due to a new technology allowing it to be water based with a 10% oil concentration. You will be able to tell when you spray it on because it is a bit oily and takes a while to dry up. It also decreases skin drying and irritation and it actually feels like its moisturizing to me!
27th July, 2011
Here is a scent I could only justify buying if I lived in a permanently hot climate, for Nautica's Oceans is weak. Very weak, in fact. This isn't a summer scent: this is a beach scent, almost exclusively. Being water-based, meaning no alcohol carrier in the mix, don't expect much in the way of longevity or sillage. Expect a pleasant aquatic lavender, lemon, and amber, colored with a really cool salt note that justifies the name. Not a great offering, but at least interesting, and a little refreshing for the hour or two it lasts.
13th April, 2011

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