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A*Men Pure Malt (2009)
by Thierry Mugler


A*Men Pure Malt information

Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
Average Rating
(based on 845 votes)

People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerJacques Huclier
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About A*Men Pure Malt

A*Men Pure Malt is a masculine fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Huclier

A*Men Pure Malt fragrance notes

Reviews of A*Men Pure Malt

I get a boozy edible caramel with fruits ..i don't get a straight up whiskey as such ..more a whiskey liqueur like drambuie, a very enjoyable gourmond type fragrance but contrary to others I get average performance in projection and longivity. I won't be replacing this but I will spray lots of it and enjoy it while I have it. I see this as a close quarters type fragrance, one for the cinema or a cosy night in. The original A*men d.n.a which is the backbone of these flankers could be paired with literally anything including sweaty socks and it will at worst smell interesting. I'm not in a rush tho to build up a mugler collection ..its a one in one out policy for me.
11th June, 2017
Previously bought Pure Coffee and really like it (I'm an avid coffee drinker and original A*Men enthusiast), so when I found Pure Malt and after reading the reviews here on Basenotes I had to try it.

Much like some of the other reviews, Pure Malt can be described as a "milder" version of A*Men. If you find the original to be too strong but you still enjoy the scent, this may be a good option for you.
07th June, 2017
What can I say? The scent itself is a warm fruity/chocolate/woody smell. Getting crazy compliments from girls and even guys, compliments like "I can eat you right now"!!


My co-worker could smell this from 3 ft. away after 8 hours... "Dude are you respraying when you go the bathroom or what?"
This scent lasts me easily 14 hours. BEASTMODE!


Not even gonna talk about it.


Perfect for cold weather days, can be used in the summer but be careful lol. Not perfect for formal occassions, can be too sweet but screw it still using it.


Total score: 91/100.

Bought 2 spare bottles for 50 EUR each. Go get it before they reformulate this one too.
14th February, 2017
Love this A*Men flanker!! From the moment I'd tested it to the many times wearing it afterwards, Pure Malt has been a real pleasure for me.

The malt scent is truly a nice heart of this scent. It has an overall balance to it between the spicy, woody, and sweet elements within. It's a much tamer version of the original A*Men, more predictable even.

Bravo for this very nice, long-lasting fragrance! ;^>
26th December, 2016
Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt is one of the great designer's men's fragrances of all time in my opinion, achieving the dark patchouli drydown of the original with a boozy, woody, smoky edge to it that's noteworthy while not quite as sweet as Pure Havane, the sweetest A*Men flanker.

It's certainly reminiscent of the original Angel Men but cultivates the sweet side of it in a far more interesting way, with the boozy accord being the most prominent aspect, with the usual A*Men drydown.

Performance is outstanding, as Pure Malt and most of the other A*Men flankers are among the strongest men's EDTs I've ever smelled.

It is most appropriate in cooler months but can work well on a warm evening as well. It's also versatile with respect to occasion, as it's masculine but not overwhelmingly so, slightly sweet but not very sweet, so it work in both formal and casual settings.

It's not the cheapest fragrance, but it's modestly-priced for the quality, currently $72 on FragranceNet and $90ish retail, it can be in the $50 range at times.

9 out of 10
18th November, 2016
A modern classic...

Yes this is an example of a much loved, modern classic fragrance from the house of Thierry Mugler. I actually prefer this one to the original Angel Men. I think the addition of the boozy and fruity aspects really gives it new dimension and flavour.

It opens up with much of the same DNA as the original, but I would say that it holds enough distinction in that it is a flanker on it's own right. You can own both. The chocolate and patchouli aspects of the original have given way to a honeyed, boozy quality which is evident from the start, and very pleasing. I like it very much. I would say it is more versatile than the original in that it can be worn in many situations without overwhelming anyone. For those who saw the original as harsh and cloying this one is a mellowed, more well-rounded quality. I think it will appeal to both fans of the original and new customers. Definitely one to try if you prefer the sweet, gourmandish and boozy type of fragrances. I recommend this one over the original in many ways. A really great and pleasing choice all round. A very good overall fragrance and a must try for younger men for sure!
26th August, 2016

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