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A*Men Pure Malt (2009)
by Thierry Mugler

A*Men Pure Malt information

Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerJacques Huclier
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About A*Men Pure Malt

A*Men Pure Malt is a masculine fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Huclier

Reviews of A*Men Pure Malt

This is the best of the A*Men flankers in my opinion. It opens with a boozy/fruity sweetness that is quite delectable. Once it starts to dry down, a sweet caramel-type vibe emerges. On my skin I get about 2 hours of great projection, then mellows out & stays closer to the skin for the rest of the duration. This scent lasts a solid 8-10 hours. Great for nights out on the town, but lacks versatility. I personally would not wear this in an office setting or in warm environments. Compliment factor is quite high on this fragrance. The women in my social circles generally enjoy this scent. In my opinion, it is worth the money & I will re-purchase one I am finished with my bottle. I highly recommend this fragrance if you are looking for a "night out" or "party" scent. You can't go wrong with Pure Malt.
29th April, 2015

The A*MEN collection celebrates the sweetness and seductiveness of a land of infinite richness just like this one.the essence of this fragrance is based on a combination of sensuality and is like a desire to escape,to encourage challenges,a moment of freedom to be seized and like a forbidden fruit,maintains all of the full-bodied aspect of a hot fruit. Boozy, Delectable,Intriguing,Intoxicating, Hot,Oriental,Sensual,Alluring and Very Thierry Mugler.

A bouquet of exotic,epicurean notes such as fruity notes and malt open the fragrance with a sweet spicy boozy burst.underneath, woody notes and peat leaving behind a trail that is irresistibly THIERRY MUGLER as never fails to get compliments from the ladies.yes it is a winner ladies.the scent is not as strong as original A*MEN but strong enough to turn heads.a great fragrance for winter to wear to a higher end bar when you are going to be face with a lot of people.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

18th April, 2015
The boozy note here is not, in my opinion, wiskey. Rather, it is rum -- or where rum bumps up against eggnog when the latter is so spiked with an aged Zacapa. While I give PM a thumbs up, I find it almost too delicious and objectively wanting for lack of some offsetting characteristic (e.g., the role that the tarry note serves in the standard A-Men). Pleasant but not compellling.
10th April, 2015
First off, this does not smell of malt wiskey. Rather, to pin down the boozy note, consider a nice rum spiked eggnog. It is perhaps the most delicious of the gourmand-oriented scents. While I have to give it a thumbs up, at the end of the day it likely should not rank higher than it progenitor, A-Men. It lacks the tarry sharp notes of A-Men as a counterpoint to the gourmand richness. Pure Malt certainly is not one dimensional without it, but nor is it as iconoclastically multidimensional as A-Men. Some don't like that tarry note, but something is necessary to cut the fat of these high-calorie offerings.
07th April, 2015
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I hate the smell of whisky -- Pure Malt does not smell of it.

It does smell of malt , hops and wood though.

If you can overlook the ridiculous claims (fermented in oak casks?) and horrific bottle / spray mechanism -- what you have is one of the 'best bangs for the buck' fragrance ever.
30th March, 2015
By far the best flanker ever,my god this stuff is new favorite.....
01st March, 2015

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