KanaBeach Men (2007)
    by KanaBeach

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    KanaBeach Men is a men's fragrance by KanaBeach. The scent was launched in 2007

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    Heh.. no wonder nobody has bothered to try this. But, of course, I give them all the benefit of the doubt.

    Kanabeach most definitely isn't bad smelling, it's actually quite pleasing to the nose, and quite liked amongst the many who got a whiff of me in the first 30 minutes. I stress on "30 minutes" though, because this is pretty much the fragrance's power. Kanabeach opens up with a strong, synthetic smelling sweet grapefruit note, backed by a sweet lime. It quickly dries into a floral center, with a "paper-like" smell.. I suspect this to be the tea note. In the base I get sandalwood, and then hours later I get a lingering soft vetiver note.

    According to the website, they claim this fragrance is built around the vetiver note, which is why I sought after it really. Unfortunately, the vetiver in this is minimalistic, and hard to notice until its been on the skin for 4-6 hours; at which point is a simple lemony, wet woodsy vetiver, similar to most other vetivers you would expect as a base note. Like the juice, this fragrance is very very blue in smell. The fragrance's color is nice, but clearly dyed and very watered down and thin. To compare it with another, it is very very similar to BHPC Blue, which is supposed to be a knock-off of Polo Sport, which actually smells nothing like Polo Sport. The differences between Kanabeach and BHPC Blue are that Kanabeach develops much more, it does go through phases, but they are very subtle. BHPC on the other hand is very linear, although it projects more.

    Anyways, overall, I do not regret buying this, I paid like 17 bucks for a big bottle. The bottle is actually pretty nice. The cap doesn't stay on though, poorly made in fitting, but a nice dark rosewood cap. Kanabeach is a good scent for people who don't like fragrances, I guess. It's pleasing in smell, but very boring and uninspired. This won't murder your wallet though, and it won't get any negative feedback.

    26th April, 2012 (Last Edited: 14th January, 2015)

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