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Kenzoair Intense (2003)
by Kenzo


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Year of Launch2003
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PerfumerMaurice Roucel
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Kenzoair Intense

Kenzoair Intense is a masculine fragrance by Kenzo. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel

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Reviews of Kenzoair Intense

Colin Maillard correctly points out the comparison of Kenzoair Intense versus the original: A more "visible" rendition of the likable anise-centered Kenzoair, that just happens to hop off of the skin in a more present manner. A comparison or two has been made to Lalique's Enre Noir, which Kenzoair Intense does echo due to the healthy dose of earthy vetiver inside of it.

I find this one to be a more reinforced, though not brash nor in-your-face, version of the original. Both come off as aromatherapy mood scents than, say, the Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin collection which seem bolder and longer-lasting in comparison. The whole mystique of the hint of black licorice in Kenzoair is very desirable to me, and I appreciate their existence in the Kenzo line. One day I'd love to see a "Kenzoair Extreme" which transcends the skinscent quality of the current offerings and truly pays bold homage to the anisette note that I (and others) really love.
26th March, 2018
Notes-wise, Kenzoair Intense is practically identical to Kenzoair, but correcting its only and main deal-breaker: the lightness and closeness to skin. Finally this Intense version gives that “potentially beautiful” scent the projection and the “stereo boost” it deserved. Which doesn’t mean this is a bold scent; actually, it means just that you can finally smell Kenzoair, and finally for some hours. If you aren’t familiar with Kenzoair, it’s basically a really clean, contemporary, tremendously refined minimalistic aqueous-vetiver-anise scent, bright and crisp like a freshly-cleaned window glass, still with some water drops on it. Breezy and cozy like a very few else vetiver scents. The vetiver here is soft, mellow, salty, not the most realistic or rich around but that’s the beauty of it here, rounded by something like cashmere wood. It quite reminds me of Encre Noire, just more bracing, sophisticated and transparent. Encre Noire is thicker and a tad more synthetic, while Kenzoair smells just more “airy”, slightly watery-mineral too. Delightful and classy, with a perfectly gentle drydown, bright and quite close to skin. An uplifting mineral-woody gem, which I personally prefer over the original.

20th April, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a delightfully simple, but convincing blend of a bright, fresh and light vetiver with a delicious anise. The vetiver lacks any earth darkness, and the anise is clear but more on the restrained side, like this fragrance overall. In the drydown the vetiver and the anise remain present, with a whiff of angelica added, and light woodsy impressions are added in the final phases. The anise is more present than in the fresher original. Soft sillage and limited projection, with about five hours of longevity. Unobtrusive and restrained; great for warmer spring days.
04th October, 2014
Was my all time favourite fragrance and my signature scent whilst it was available. So disappointed it's no longer in production. Beautiful fresh, woody scent. :-(
06th April, 2014
The initial anise is light, which gives a salty aquatic feel to this fragrance. Luckily, the vetiver only plays a supporting role, which gives it a more woody than green odor.
27th January, 2013
In my case Kenzo Air was a blind buy. All I wanted was a unique summer scent, so I starded to look for something fresh (but not trivial) that would appeal to my rather individual personality. Having once tried summer scents of the likes of Carolina Herrera Aqua or Versace Pour Homme, I was looking forward to something totally different. And I mean different, something even on the verge of oddness, a harmless olfactory weirdo, a genious maverick of a scent. Browsing dozens of websites and reading loads of reviews, I finally came across a captivating and mesmerizing contraption called Kenzo Air Intense. Without much ado, tempted by its favourable basenote opinions and an enchanting bottle, I decided to give it a shot. So far I’ve never regreted my decision, not for a microsecond. This scent is marvellous and very different from most plain aquatic scents. Anise goes on top from the first spray and it stays on you all the time. The projection is quite moderate, but the sillage is very good, and the longevity is simply top notch! Even if you think it’s gone, believe me, it surrounds you all day long, giving those around you a pleasant feeling of an invigorating and soothing whiff of air once you pass them or a gentle breeze touching your skin when they stand close to you. It's not a conspicuous scent, not that ''Everybody-listen-up-I’m-here'' or ''Please-pay-attention'' type of scent. Rather than that, it’s more discrete, clandestine, somewhat vigilant, a ''Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger'' of scents, seems absent, but appears every time you need it. I’ve tried a few scents in my life, some of them I liked, some of them not, there are even some scents I would like to go back to out of sentiment, but Kenzo Air Intensse is the one I love and I cannot imagine myself giving it up, ever. If I had to pick my signature scent – this would be it. By the way, I get compliments by literally everyone I know who caught me in the act of wearing Kenzo Air Intense. It may not be sophisticated, but considering the charm of the scent combined with the incredible bottle, it’s a masterpiece worth every penny.
01st August, 2012 (last edited: 05th October, 2015)

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