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Queen (2009)
by Queen Latifah


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Year of Launch2009
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HouseQueen Latifah
Parent CompanyPerfumania Holdings > Parlux
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Queen

Queen is a feminine perfume by Queen Latifah. The scent was launched in 2009

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I usually don't review women's fragrances, but this one is fairly simple, and familiar to me. I used to own a bottle of Vanille Patchouli by Molinard, and they smell almost identical.

Here In Queen, I get an equal blend of vanilla, and patchouli. It's very well paired, it smells even a bit natural, more so the patchouli than the vanilla. This is definitley a unisex fragrance. This has much less projection than Vanille Patchouli which I like too, because with how sweet it is, I don't wanna project so much, as it can become cloying.

I can't say that I pick up on any notes other than vanilla, patchouli for the most part. Hours later I smell more tonka than vanilla. I also began picking up on tonka more toward the beginning. Not that obnoxiously sweet tonka either, which is a plus for me. I don't get any of the florals. Maybe a little musk and sandalwood in the base.

I've seen this for as cheap as 10 bucks a bottle, for a bigger bottle. A great buy in my view, and a pretty nice bottle too.
02nd February, 2015
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Wearing this today in 25* weather.....awesome winter frag that should be marketed as unisex IMO. Slight boozy/incense, sweet vanilla and tonka BOMB...with a light sandalwood and patchouli drydown.(not over powering gross patchouli either, but blended wonderfully as a background note here)

If your a fan of Serge Luten's "style" of gourmands, you gotta give this uber cheapie a try! Longevity and projection are stellar. How this can be had for under $10 for a 100ml, I have no idea?! Straight up CRIMINAL!!!;)

PS-the opening might be a little off-putting, but stick it out because the drydown is totally worth it!

28th January, 2015
Surprisingly I actually like this on occasion. It is very sweet for my normal taste, but as a diversion from the dryer scents I prefer, and for the ridiculous low price, it is a change of pace. I love all of the base scents but could do with less vanilla. I don't smell any of the florals at all just the sweet spicy incense.
05th December, 2014
31st July, 2014
Flat out way to strong, for me! Made me feel faint and sick to my stomach every time i smelled it. put it on a piece of paper and put that piece of paper out in the garage. After a week, this piece of paper still smelled very much of the fragrance, it did not fade much!! And every time i smelled it, i felt sick to my stomach. Wish someone could tell me what was in it that made me feel that way.
22nd July, 2014
LA2000 Show all reviews
United States
There can be few things more onerous to the reputation of a fragrance than to be a celebrity fragrance...on discount...which is why "Queen" turns out to be such a revelation.

"Queen" by Queen Latifah is a sophisticated, complex gourmand which would have no trouble blending in with the sweet, voluptous atmospheres produced by the much more upscale Serge Lutens line. Repackage "Queen" in one of those slender, retangular bottles, slap on a French name, charge $130/50ml, place it along side "Arabie," "Five O'Clock Au Gingembre," "Une Bois Vanille," and "Chergui" on the niche fragrance counter and watch the fumeheads scramble for their wallets.

But here it ROSS, of all places... for $10. How can this be?

Clearly perfumer Steve (who?) Demercado was feeling inspired. I can't imagine they provide much of a budget when it comes to these celebrity marketing exercises. But like one of those contestants on "Project Runway" who is challenged to fashion a couture gown out of a set of old curtains and a ball of twine, he apparently took the opportunity and ran with it. I have no idea where the corners were cut. Between the booze, spices, smoke, and incense, there is a lot going on. And it lasts. And lasts. "Queen" is detectable a full 24 hours after application.

Whether "Queen" is for you really depends on whether you are feeling in a "Lutens-esque" gourmand mood. It is as unisex as a rich, decadent sweet fragrance can manage. While I love these types of fragrances, I find that I don't have much of an occasion to wear them. That is really the only drawback, as far as I am concerned.

But if this genre is for you, or if you just want to wear something that smells niche and expensive for an insanely cheap price, give it a shot.

Simply close your eyes, spray, and imagine the label in French.

(One other note: I don't get the comparisons to "Angel". Other than the fact that it is a gourmand, the two fragrances have very different effects. While I certainly appreciate "Angel" and have worn "AMen" for years, "Queen" feels more sophisticated than those Mugler blockbusters.)
18th June, 2014

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