African Queen Black Panther
by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo


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African Queen Black Panther is a feminine perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.

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United Kingdom
To me this fragrance smells almost exactly like blackcurrant wine gums. In fact just about any blackcurrant sweet I can think of. Even just freshly picked blackcurrants off the tree. Though the wine gums are most accurate. Spot on in fact ! ... So I can only presume that there is some blackcurrant (or perhaps blackcurrant bud ?) in this fragrance ??? Or else the blend of accords just somehow happen to smell blackcurrant-y, which is probably more likely ?? But that's definitely mostly what I get from it ~ lots of "dark" blackcurrants !
Sometime later in the development I can also detect the scent of the Karo Karounde flower. Which smells much better here in a blend than it does when sniffed by itself, which can be a little far too much when in isolation. But here it works well, and gives this fragrance it's interesting and unusual "edge". There is also perhaps something a little reminiscent of clary sage ??? Though I do not think it is actually clary sage, but it does have similarities to it, I'd say. It's the only way I can think to describe it ??? With subtle tobacco hints too !? Underneath it all there is some subtle woods and a distinct animalic undertone. Of which I think is good ol' civit, "purring" away nicely, if I'm not mistaken !? Which of course gives the scent even more added interest ! (Though I suspect this scent will/might be a little scary for some ??!!) ... This is most definitely not a scent for just anyone. It aint "pretty", and certainly not an easy one to like ! It's one of those scents that will either elicit a strong like, or else a great instant dislike.
But all in all, it is certainly a most unusual fragrance. It's deep and mysterious, and will be like nothing you've ever smelled before (except from blackcurrants of course). And it will certainly take an interesting and unusual person to carry it off.
01st October, 2009

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