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Castoreum is a shared / unisex perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.

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This is more complex and smooth than I had anticipated.
At first it is smokey, calling to mind birch tar, with a leather and damp wood undertone. After it sits for thirty minutes, it smooths out into more leather, accentuated with pepper, overripe berries, honey, and the faintest whiff of vanilla. The birch tar tones down, but is still present.

It is incredibly wearable on its own merits, but I could see this blending exceptionally well with tobacco, resins, vanilla, and/or cinnamon.

For anyone considering this tincture, it is not terribly loud or brash. It remains fairly close to my skin even with two sprays from a mini atomizer.
16th January, 2016 (last edited: 26th January, 2016)
Oh guys, I crave for such types of dirty animalic dark oils! The opening is like to drink a powerful mexican Mezcal since the "distillate" you are dealing with appears by soon potently animalic, slightly liquorous, fruity (such like a red/dark berrish infuse), smoky, vaguely honeyed (the black musc's typical impenetrable honeyed dirtiness), woody-resinous and somewhat leathery (like a sort of camel, buck, "beaver" or reindeer fur). I feel indeed like to be savouring in front of fire the exquisite smoky Lagavulin while surrounded and covered by animal furs inside a wooden alpine lodge. I detect a sort of "fir resin/birch tar-undertone" and actually just a vague fecal vibe. The combination of forest resins and leather elicits that typical ostensibly berrish-tropical floral undertone while I'm also able to catch in the air a sort of viney spark. The coziness is extreme and you are like enveloped in to a cozy blanket of somnolent bliss and comforting protection. Yes, I would underline the surprising wearability of the potion itself, the pheromonal carnality and its evocative, contemplative and melancholic "side". Frankly a vague conjuration about the By Kilian's Pure Oud turns me to guess this obscure potion includes also a touch of infused real dark agarwood resin. I recommend La Via del Profumo's Castoreum to all those solitary wolves of the night cherishing such these cozy obscure assertive/animalic potions as authentic counterpart against the nowadays ubiquitous synthetic glamour metropolitan appalling miasms.
02nd July, 2014 (last edited: 02nd March, 2017)
I promised to write a review on Castoreum which I recently ordered . I must say I adore this smell, really earthy, almost woody. At first its kind of sour and reminded me on fermenting fruits, but as it develops on skin, leaves smooth, leather aroma and turns more sweet after some time. Lasts about 4-5 hours depending how much you put. I tried to wear it alone but I would recommend blending it with citrus or some flowers because it smells nice, but maybe it needs something to enhance its odor just to make it more sophisticated. I was surprised when I read that Castoreum is added in industrial foods and it is used to enhance tobacco flavor in cigarets. Maybe that's why I felt I had been familiar with this scent.
11th July, 2012 (last edited: 15th July, 2012)
Surprisingly this smells very good and is absolutely wearable by itself. Castoreum smells leathery and even a little bit smoky. Although it is animalic, there is definetely no pee-pee or poo-poo going on! It is a deeply cozy and contemplative, reassuring but also authoritative and a bit melancholic scent that evokes images of autumn and childhood memories. There is a slightly chemical note in it which I really like. It gives Castoreum a big part of its appeal, but I have trouble naming that note. Maybe some kind of lacquer? Again I remember this smell from my childhood, but I can't really pinpoint it. I also smell something like vinegar or like the acid in wine! Castoreum is quite complex that one might think it is a composition, but it is in fact a single animalic note - pheromones from a beaver to be precisely. I don't know if I am imagining that, but some aspects of the smell and the overall vibe remind me of Oud! Castoreum can be used for layering, but I find it interesting enough to wear it alone. It's the perfect scent for autumn and winter due to its mysterious character. Luckily it has more longetivity than the other "animals" from
15th November, 2011 (last edited: 19th November, 2011)
I was very surprised with this one. It smells very
familiar but at the same time it's so mysterious and deep.
It has a bestial and masculine character but wearing it I can also sense a spiritual side of medal.
To my nose Castoreum smells like a combination of peanut shells, feces, propolis (my favorite;), leather gloves and other words...I LIKE IT A LOT!!!

18th January, 2010
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United States
Not sure if my sample have mellowed out, but I was expecting something more pungent and animalitic. Instead, upon the immediate application, I smell birch tar, and then something leathery-sweet-smoky. Surprisingly, I could see myself wearing it just by itself.
12th July, 2009

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