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Civet is a shared / unisex perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.

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Exhaustive Alfarom's review on this beastly La Via del Profumo's Civet tincture extremely challenging in its organic miasm. AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo Zibetto is not for the faint of heart. You will not deal with an accomplished and structured olfactory alchemy to be worn alone for sure (anyway nobody should forbid you to proudly wear it whether are a daring personality) but a pure essence better useful if you wish to get used with a key element of the classic and modern neo classic perfumery. La Via del Profumo Zibetto (and the civet pure oil in general) can be carefully layered with your favorite (more or less) animalic fragrances in order to enhance (or create) a general pheromonal effect. Perfect the Alfarom's description of the aroma when he writes about something in the middle between feces and rotten teeths despite the opening is for few seconds milder with its alcoholic/acetone-like somewhat icy/frozen sparkling vibe and the final trail becomes effectively mossy, mouldy/camphoraceous, pheromonal and vaguely chocolatey (just vaguely like catching on skin a dark chocolate old mouldy undertone) barely conjuring several Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan's dry down nuances. Civet is an historical invisible attractive element combined with others in to great olfactory iconic recipes (Panthere, Diva, 1000 Patou, Jicky, First) and also nowadays applyed in to dozens of succesful "encompassing" modern sensual potions.

05th July, 2014 (last edited: 28th August, 2015)
Listed as a fragrance, instead this is a pure (and natural) Civet tincture of extremely high quality. Definitely not something to wear as a stand alone oil but great if you want to get familiar with one of the most relevant elements in perfumery or if you simply like layering.

In it's purest state, Civet tincture smells extremely challenging. Somewhere between feces and rotten teeth. In this context, AbdelSalaam's tincture, dlivers exactly what it promises. It opens with a blast of raunchiness to quickly "evolve" into a subtle (almost invisible) musky aroma whith a "pheromonic" effect. Great stuff if you want to fully understand influential fragrances such as Jicky, Bal A Versailles, Leather Oud, Kouros, Muscs Koublai Khan, Joy, Mouchoir De Monsieur and the likes...

Try to layer it with your favorite fragrance for a wonderful effect.
09th September, 2012
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Civet swings between smelling fecal and smelling like mothballs. I do not get any urine smell here as I do with the synthetic civet. I think natural civet is much more pleasing, however, I am really impressed that synthetic civet comes as close as it does to the natural scent. I recognize this scent very well from Jicky, and of the concentrations I've tried, the civet in Jicky extrait comes closest to smelling like this natural civet. In the drydown, it has a sweetness that is unexpected, but helps me see how this can blend so well in oriental bases that include sweet balsamic notes.

This is a "single note" tincture of natural civet, and would be an excellent ingredient for those who enjoy making their own blends or for layering.
27th June, 2009

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