Mr Blass (2009)
    by Bill Blass

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    Mr. Blass by Bill Blass is a rather linear yet richly complex fragrance upon first sprays (DO NOT over-spray with this one) with top-notes of base citrus and green, rain-soaked woods.

    Mid-notes offer up a heavy and intoxicating smoldering amber ember, well worn and expensive dark leather, mandarin orange, key lime and mint. It pretty much stays exactly that way through a very pleasant, long and subtle "fade-out" dry-down. This is a BIG EDT from House of Blass...a beautiful and powerfully fragrant composition with fantastic longevity, very respectable sillage (when applied judiciously) being sold at what could be considered "bargain basement" pricing all adds up to a must-have...believe me, get it and you'll agree.

    A value-oriented and timeless powerhouse that's within everybody's budget ...what more could you ask for?

    01st March, 2014

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    Shifty Bat
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    I can not for the life of me imagine anybody disliking this scent.
    A bright AND dark ambery cypress, like a blackened ember, is smoothed out with a soft nutmeg and quiet leather, exuding a semi-sweet, orangey warmth attempted by Guess by Marciano and perfected by New York by PdN (and adding a thick body and confident volume reminiscent of Michael Kors for Men), Mr. Blass falls directly in the middle, and puts to shame most scents even near its price range. While NY trumps this offering in terms of depth and quality Blass is a budget masterwork that will please nearly any leather or oriental fan. Huge thumbs-up.

    28 February, 2014

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    Time Travel in a bottle. Very 70's -80's frag. I was reminded a little of Lagerfeld for Men (now called "Classic") and that's a compliment indeed. I picked up a big bottle of this for less than $20 and it is easily worth more than that to my nose. Even the simplistic bottle is awesome.

    Releasing this frag in 2009 took balls...and I'm glad those of us with them found it and have embraced them..I mean it.

    25 November, 2013

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    Total old man frag. It smells like one of my uncles houses I used to visit as a kid. He was a chain smoker. If you want to smell like chain smoking old man wearing a powerhouse cologne this ones for you!

    19 November, 2013

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    Who said all recent launches are bland / generic?

    Frankly, I don't understant why this is vastly ignored.

    One has several impressions ater the first sniff:

    - Many would consider it a masterpice should the House behind it be a well known niche one, like Creed, Amouage and the sort.

    - However, it terms of its presentation, it lacks what many of these offer: a luxurious packaging, for instance.

    - Ad of course, it lacks the price factor: USD 30 / 40 for 3.3 Oz of it? Too cheap. It should be on the USD 100 - USD 150 range.

    - And the blend: amazing sillage and longevity, a must for many niche scents - a logical aspect after all, if one is going to pay USD 300 for Puredistance M, the least thing I'd be asking for would be two or three days presence after application.

    Well, let's see: House behind it? Check, a historical one that is worn off. Price? Check, inexpensive. Sillage and longevity? Check, good, but not abnormal, of the kind that makes you think your are the subject of some strange chemical experiment. Packaging? Check, normal one (reminds me of Lorenzo Villoresi's).

    As per the blend itself, it does not evolve much, but this does not have any consequence over its structure in terms of how I am enjoying it: top notes of the citric - spicy one gives way to the leathery - amber mid notes, the drydown staying close to the skin in a fashion that reminds me of the subdued version of Gucci's Envy mid and base notes.

    If you want to have fun, make your favorite fragrance snob try it blind. I am positively sure you'll enjoy the results, or you might end up saying that is the last release of some obscure niche house from Prague, selling 1 OZ for USD 125, and only avalable in a very exclusive on-line shop with only one brick-and-mortar store located in Forest Hill, IL or Greenwch, CT.

    Pros: A classic deserving more praise
    Cons: I cannot imagine how it would be like if it would have oakmoss"

    21st October, 2013

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    Perfection In A Bottle

    Wow. This cologne just leaves me speechless. Smooth, manly, sophisticated...could go on and on. Smells somewhat like a smoother, slightly boozier Hermes Bel Ami. Good stuff.

    23 July, 2013

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