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Daddy Yankee (2008)
by Daddy Yankee


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDaddy Yankee
Parent CompanyFalic Group

About Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee is a masculine fragrance by Daddy Yankee. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Daddy Yankee

Light, fruity and fresh. Very inexpensive at this time and enjoyable to wear. There is a unique note in there that makes Daddy Yankee different from other fruity-fresh fragrances, others have mentioned anise or ginger. I loaded up on the sprays today to get decent performance out of it, so projection and longevity might be an issue for some.
28th March, 2016
Daddy Yankee's first offering seemed to have a relatively warm reception, despite general cynicism toward celebrity fragrances, so I was eager to try it. However, it falls into the apple/melon vibe of fruit that doesn't sit well with me. It's a uncanny combination, which is perhaps why it rings popular and different from many other options, but following the burst of alcohol at the opening, I get more of a mix of rotting fruit than freshness. I can see why some would like it, though, if it's in their wheelhouse, note-wise. It's just not in mine. A cheap try or buy ($15 for 100ml on FN), if nothing else.

4 out of 10
25th October, 2015

Daddy Yankee is a simple, straight-forward scent with basically two levels: It has an opening accord and a base accord, but, even thus, it doesnít change much in aromaÖ except it diminishes in strength. The accorded individual notes are conglomerate rather than individually identifiable, and they form a quite pleasant aromatic journey. As basic as the scent is, it gives some good smells and shows some good moves: The primary accord is a soft leather / wood, and is composed of redwood and suede. To back up the redwood and suede, there is a somewhat green basil-sage herbal set with a little sweet supplied by an apple note. There is supposed to be ginger in there somewhere, but I donít smell it. The movement to drydown is long and smooth because the middle level of the pyramid is eliminated altogether. The drydown continues the suede / redwood, loses the apple, and its original herbal green changes to a coniferous green by means of a casual cedar note.

For its price Daddy Yankee delivers more than adequately: It is a pleasant, modern scent; it smells good, it has decent sillage, and it has good longevity. Daddy Yankee can join the ranks of Thallium, Thallium Black, the original RL Chaps, Michael Jordan Legend, and several others where good fragrances can be had for unbelievably reasonable prices.
10th March, 2015
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United States
Couldn't care less about who's name is attached to a fragrance so long as it smells good and lasts a decent amount of time. And this my friends, does both...very well I might add! Picked up a tester of this online for around $13, honestly not expecting a whole lot.

But what I got, was pleasantly surprising...a very unique smell that is a little hard for me to describe. I get a slightly sweet/darkish fruity vibe with a little spice and a well done suede/woody base. Plus, I would swear there is a barely detectable coniferous note in the dry-down?(maybe the ginger and wood combo is doing this?) Longevity is impressive on my dry skin.

Truly a rare treat, and one I would rank right up there with another celeb scent that was shockingly good and unique for me as well...A.B.'s Seduction In Black. Not the same type of scent mind you, but overall quality and something different than your "run of the mill" junk that is so often times pumped out with a stars name attached to it.
14th August, 2014
similar to micheal jordan legend/ rocobarocco extraorinary but weaker

For the 15.00 it seems ok but there are better in that price range like michael jordan legend and rocobarocco extraordinary. Spicy and very close to the skin but nothing special to my nose and fades very quickly.

01st July, 2013
Thank Heaven for Basenotes.
I would have passed Daddy Yankee up as just another Pop star fragrance until I read the reviews and purchased a bottle.

What I don't see mentioned here is an anise-like accord with the initial spray. May just be my nose but I get a nice licorice note that smells wonderful.
Refreshing fruits and a nice drydown that smells like fresh woods.
Decent longevity too.
This is not a cheap smelling frag but a well made scent at a great price.
I like it very much.
27th July, 2011

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