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Black is a masculine fragrance by Rue21.

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mkpunk Show all reviews
United States
rue21ís CJ Black bottles are as common just as the scent. They remind me a lot of the Polo Black clone Black Extreme produced by Preferred Fragrance that you can find in Big Lots. Just replace the golfer with CJ Black. Also like other rue21 fragrances, a plastic top. Not the worst but the paint isn't the best on it. But we all know that the bottle isnít often what we base fragrances on most times unless we are looking for a unique bottle.

CJ Black is very young. I am young and I feel young (even if I am 29) but this is really a high school or college version of Polo Black minus the mango or maybe a stripped down Playboy Malibu. Luckily, I actually work at a high school. That said, CJ Black has a simple common scent to it. It is a nice musky citrus. The musk makes CJ Black clean that can go aquatic while the citrus is semi-spicy. Especially the bergamot like accord I get (rue21ís website includes it as a note) along with mandarin orange and grapefruit. Those are the only real notes and accords I find.

Performance on CJ Black is pretty good. I sprayed it on after work and it projects pretty good for a cheapie that isnít a direct knock-off or Big Lots/Dollar Tree clones. When you first spray CJ Black it seems moderate but quickly settles into a soft sillage. I find that the longevity is about at least 3 to 5 hours tops. CJ Black can work on date (especially if she is sensitive to most scents), work and casual settings easily. It is pretty much a day scent for spring and summer and good one to put on after a workout as well or even to the gym due to how soft it is.

CJ Black I will rate a 6.8 out of 10, except for price. It isnít a bad scent at all, nor is it a price ripoff, itís a great cheapie to buy for sticking in the car, gymbag or luggage and not worry about it all that much BUT it isnít a fumehead must have. I like it but I recognize I have smelt this scent before with both Polo Black and Playboy Malibu, just soapier.
08th April, 2017
Really great, sweet, refreshing opening on this one. It lasts for maybe an hour, then softens into a hairspray smell. That drydown actually lasts for 4-6 hours, surprisingly. You can get a 50ml for $10 at the Rue21 store, so I'm not that disappointed.
23rd June, 2016
The associate at the gym wears this and it smells awesome on him and it seems it projects well on him. Sadly, I bought a bottle and it does not last on me at all and the projection is capoot. This goes to show you how everyones chemistry reacts to different scents on different people. This smells to me like Liz Claiborne's original curve. I just wish it lasted on me cause really like this scent.
10th March, 2013
Panic Show all reviews
United States
Very clean with a little zing to it. It does stay very close to the skin, but that's kind of nice. I was surprised that a scent like this came from a trendy little chain store, but something that smells good is just something that smells good. It puts off just enough sillage that if I'm sitting next to my boyfriend when he's wearing it, it encourages me to get closer.

Once I'm there, though, I can't keep my face away from his neck.
30th October, 2012
At $10 this is a great scent. Instead of spending $60 on a Designer Ubiquitous fresh scent like Deisel or the new Polos, I will get this next.
25th June, 2009
Very fresh. Very, very fresh. Clean sweet woods. It's a great scent for a different take on other stuff "for the kids" however there is absolutely NO lasting power on this. I've tried numerous times to get this to even give off a little sillage or even hold in the fabric of my shirt.... no luck. BUT it is indeed a very nice refreshing sweet woody scent.... there's just nothing to it.
25th May, 2009

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