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Hyle is a shared / unisex perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata.

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United Kingdom
The opening combines an ozonically enhanced bergamot with a pleasant ginger, whilst a somewhat faint lavender note forms an underlying foundation, albeit a bit of a generic one. The result is a somewhat salty-fresh impression, not really marine in nature but not bad, with transient anisic whiffs emanating from time to time.

Later on things turn towards musk and and patchouli, both a touch sharp and both a tad too synthetic. The base, built on these notes, is distinctly unimpressive.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A not unpleasant somewhat summery ozonic opening and a distinctly unimpressive second phase, ending up to be a mediocre result in total. 2.25/5
21st August, 2016
A loop, I mean that same old record (Profumum Roma Acqua di Sale, il Profumo Pioggia Salata, L'Erbolario Fiore di Loto, Reminiscence Rem/Sea Rem, Laboratorio Olfattivo Salina, Chieffo Acquasala and God knows what else). Farmacia SS Annunziata Hyle is really close to almost all the previously outlined juices (overall connected by a common soapy-ozonic musky edge), I mean a plethora of particular (mainstream nowadays) ozonic juices which stand out (especially all around the trendy summer southern seaside venues) for their sort of silky soapy-salty trail, the aromatic-anisic muskiness (myrtle, lavender, anise etc.) a touch of fruitiness and the great projection. The aroma is utterly synthetic, sort of weidly balmy-candied and salty aromatic. Hyle is anyway discreet and balanced. A sort of assumedly "posh" kind of recipe. Do you want to have a similar feeling but in a far far better way (and without the chemical ozone)? Ok try to find Must the Cartier Pour Homme Vert Anis, you will get in Paradise.
29th June, 2015
This is a strange acquatic. It has barely some ozone and much more noticable myrtle and lavender. It comes off a little like overchewed bubble gum. The juniper wood is more noticable and as it comes in it improves the scent, but ultimately the sillage is nonexistent and there's little longevity. For the price it's not worth it.
22nd November, 2014
I would be one of those reviewers who found this too iodiney for my tastes. I think I was just expecting something rather more complex from it. Once the first blast of citrus top notes were gone, however, all I could smell was iodine. Iodine and a bit of salt, and that's it. This did make it a passable replication of the smell of salt water, but not a very interesting one. Nor even a *terribly* realistic one, really: yes, the ocean does smell like iodine, but not quite *that* much like iodine! To my nose, something more is needed to achieve a realistic briney sea scent. Perhaps I'm just overly sensitive to that iodine smell, but it really drowned out everything else for me, and I found the effect both overwhelming and really rather monotonous.

Only once the dry-down came, hours later, could I get anything from this but that singular, incredibly overpowering iodine smell. Unfortunately, however, what I got from it then was...well, a somewhat medicinal fragrance quite a bit like that of a medicated pet shampoo that I used to use to wash my dog. I think that was probably the myrtle. Not an unpleasant scent, necessarily, but one with rather unfortunate associations for me.

Eh. I didn't find this unpleasant, precisely, but it didn't impress me much either. I guess I was hoping something more complex and interesting, and ideally far less linear as well. In my opinion, the realistic marine accord has been done much better elsewhere. If you like the smell of iodine, though, then you should definitely check this fragrance out!
29th October, 2012
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening to this is really weird -- like a salty breeze hitting you occasionally -- I can't actually locate any distinguishable citric notes. I do detect some ginger and patchouli late on, but the saltiness dominates. I would call this a hybrid of Vetiver de Sel and Voyage by Hermes -- not a bad union. Very nice.

PS. Odin of New York have relased 2 more fragrances to their original line of 4 -- No.6 & 7 (Chanel won't let anybody use No.5 as a name). No. 6 also has a marine note (not calone) along with it's aromatic greeness and is absoulutely gorgeous. This niche outfit are blowing Bond No.9 away.

The Italian based, Profumi del Forte have released 3 'Colognes' at a slightly cheaper price than their others. All are delicious, but No.3 is outstanding. Don't worry about the 'cologne' tag either-- I could smell this on my hand 24 hours after applying.

08th May, 2012
To me, Hyle is the ultimate marine fragrance. Thankfully I get no rancid melon or synthetic aquatic notes, just a big blast of natural-smelling salt. And unlike other reviewers I can't get enough of iodine in my fragrances - I already have and love the super-salty Fleurs de Sel and Sel du Vetiver, but they have other notes in them that make them less marine so I definitely see a need for a purely marine salt fragrance as well. Heeley Sel Marine is the best straight marine scent I've smelt previously, but that one's just softly salty - Hyle is like the stormy open sea to Sel Marin's calm brackish bay. I get no sweetness out of it - it's as invigorating and refreshing as the herbal-citrusy cologne one might expect it to be from the notes, though I don't discern any of those notes. It does however have a certain mellow warmth to it which makes me begin to understand what some reviwers smell apart from iodine, but that's all the better as truly cold aquatic fragrances don't work for me.
13th March, 2012

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