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Perla is a shared / unisex perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata.

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Perla opens with a soft, mellow, sweet, velvety, playful and tasty accord of vanilla, fruity notes, sandalwood, something herbal and perhaps rose, with a subtle juicy tea heart. Nothing different from basically a tea-woody twist on a 1 penny Fructis shampoo. Pleasant, youthful, sugary, not that refined, fairly useless, surely not that inspired too (Darvant said all that better than me).

27th June, 2014
Perla by Farmacia SS Annunziata is a pale balmy "florioriental" not in line with the usual "huge" craftsmanship of its brand. The fragrance does not shine for a really complex structure being indeed a somewhat minimalistic balmy/floral composition which in substance performs just a flat though balanced subtle balmy/lemony floral trail. The ambery presence is just barely lingering around at the beginning when you can capture its somewhat powdery undertone connected with a wet citric/floral influence which seems to perform a sort of almost acid/sweaty undertone on the skin (especially on the sweaty skin). I detect the lemon influence throughout probably joined with orange while the citric amber recedes soon in order to leave space to a more boring citric vanilla. The citrus link their humid substance with subtle amber and mostly vanilla providing a creamy lemony feel with an undistinguished floral spark. Anyway the osmanthus presence is not realistic, vegetal or indolic, I'm not able to identify it as for instance I do with the lovely Ellena's The Different Company Osmanthus and finally detect just a boring and un-refined lemony/vanillic cloud absolutely forgettable. Uninspired and useless. Longevity and projection are not so good on my skin.
28th April, 2014 (last edited: 28th May, 2014)
Very vanilla, some citrus on application, problem I have is it doesn't project well. Nice clean scent while it lasted. Not bad, just doesn't stand out. More feminine than Unisex
06th October, 2012
It's lovely, but a little too simple i think. If you are looking for a straight and balanced lemon vanilla thing, you'll like it. It smells like lemon sugar flowers, scented with a little bit of plummy florals and a soft vanilla. On me the longevity was 6 hours and the sillage short. Not bad, but it could be better.
19th January, 2012

With Perla, vanilla is king… or queen as the case may be. Its vanilla dominates the fragrance as much as vanilla dominates in Givenchy Pi. This form of vanilla is neither the burnt nor the wood version of – this is straightforward and refined, but it is not really a cloying version of vanilla. Besides the vanilla, I can determine a definite amber note, but that’s all the divergence I can find from the pyramid-listed lemon and osmanthus, I can only take their word on it. Those notes are probably there but I can’t separate them out from under the dominant vanilla and the diminutive amber. Linear, moderate sillage, and moderate longevity, Perla just doesn’t have enough to it to compete with all the good to excellent vanilla offerings available.

10th May, 2010
An elegant sweet ambery vanilla. Has touches of a ylang-ylang or neroli like accord (sometimes it smells overripe banna and sometimes it's orange blossoms). Very much like current designer scent offerings in the "sweet floral candy" realm of things along the lines of Nina and Viva la Juicy (not as woodsy). Perla does it a little better by using somewhat more "natural" feeling ingredients. Bright and cheerful and very decent.
31st May, 2009

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