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Stetson Fresh (2008)
by Stetson


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Stetson Fresh

Stetson Fresh is a masculine fragrance by Stetson. The scent was launched in 2008

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Reviews of Stetson Fresh

I gotta give this scent some respect. It is not bad and it, after a few tries, has moved up in my rating level when ranking all my colognes, eau de toilettes and so on.

I first considered this a generic one but now am giving it its due. The citric notes don't sparkle but yet are not muted, the musk is soft and not rank. Sure it does not project much and is short lived but some people might actually be looking for something like that, and for the price it can be expected or overlooked.

No sweetness here, or at least annoyingly so and it is probably best for summer days and very casual events, and yes even in the evenings.

It's probably time I edit my old review at another site and hopefully other admirers of this bargain bin fragrance here will join in and add their thumbs up.

17th September, 2014
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United States
My least favorite category of fragrance is the fresh/aquatic, and this falls into that category. Among this dull crew, Stetson's offering is among the better choices due to its nice take on the ubiquitous citrus note which lasts through the life of the scent. I have the aftershave and for this type of use, it works just fine.
22nd September, 2011
Stetson Fresh is a bit of a late bloomer in its category of fragrances. Since this was released in 2008, and falls very much along of the lines on CK One and Chrome, it's a little bit past its time. Fresh is a fitting name though, this stuff falls dead center between Curve Chill and CK One. CK One has too much citrus, and Chill is too soapy. Fresh is right in the middle.

As for the factors about the fragrance itself, well.. its projection is about average, maybe a little above. It starts off with more citrus, then gets soapier. I much prefer the opening over the drydown as the drydown reminds me of Chrome which is a fragrance I cannot stand.

I got .75 oz spray for under 3 bucks on clearance, and at that price, it's worth it. As for retail, ehh.. I think the retail price of the .75 oz is somewhere around 10-12 bucks, which isn't worth it. It may have good projection, but the sillage isn't as good, and the longevity isn't great either. For one to love this stuff, I'd say you'd have to love Chrome, Chill, Jordan (blue bottle) and CK One. I despise both Jordan and Chrome; while Chill and One are just okay to me. Stetson Fresh is also just okay.
16th June, 2010
Run of the mill "fresh" for sure. Reminds me of a slightly spicier ck One. In fact, this could be called ck One Fresh and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the Stetson or Calvin Klein brands.
06th September, 2009
A very light cologne that evaporates in no more than two or three short hours. Never overwhelming, it smells strongest of fresh mint and is a bit on the sweet side, reminding me of a mojito. Sillage is faint at best, fading away rather quickly – no need to worry about the co-worker always complaining of scent-induced headaches with this one.
10th August, 2009
a very simple compostion, i can pick up three major notes. it seems to be citrus on top, a fruit accord in the middle and spices and such on the bottom. very basic but it does the job. silliage is mediocre and longevity is average but it isn't offensive by any means. it could be considered generic....
11th June, 2009

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