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IZOD (2008)


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
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People and companies

PerfumerAnnie Buzantian
PerfumerRaymond Matts
Parent CompanyGemini Cosmetics

About IZOD

IZOD is a masculine fragrance by IZOD. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Raymond Matts and Annie Buzantian

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Reviews of IZOD

In Cleantopia,
Clear fruits, cottonade, and Air
Are loved by the crowd.
31st October, 2017
Solid Summer Scent

Unique? No. Amazing? No. Solid? You bet. This is a solid summer scent that actually has more longevity than one might thing. The top notes are a bit harsh, and perhaps a bit synthetic (i.e. no resembling clear natural smells). Yet, it does calm down, and is pleasant. After four hours or so, it does leave a nice, almost vetiver like hint. This can often be had for 10bucks, and for that, its a decent one for a summer change of pace.

03rd September, 2013
tropical citrus akin to lacoste white

weak longevity and not too mucg projection..too bad the initial blast doesnt last....lacoste white is definately heavier and more intense....Its an ok frag at a good bottle and good sprayer..

25th July, 2013
Best bang for your buck aquatic on the market.

Similar to: Adidas Dare, Dunhill Pure, Paris Hilton for Men.

Where to begin with IZOD. When I first purchased it, I got a .5 oz bottle from Walmart or something. I went through it so quick, and kept reapplying, thinking the longevity was crap. The longevity is actually pretty solid, but the invigorating top notes is what I wanted to smell all day, so I kept reapplying. The top notes I pick up on are tangerine, lime, grapefruit, mint, and cucumber. It flows into a soft creamy floral mid, and a slightly musky, and spiced tobacco base. Note: the tobacco note in here is incredibly smooth, almost unnoticeable. In fact, it took me like 2 bottles later to notice it was even there. It blends in so well with the top and mid, and all the notes combine into the end, making one beautiful tropical/floral/spicy accord. I am now on my 4th bottle of this (first a .5 oz, then (2) 1.7 oz's, currently a 1 oz) I may just pick up the 3.4 and set it aside, as it's becoming a little harder to find lately. Longevity is 6-8 hours on me, though some times I may only get 4 hours. This is one of my comfort scents that I like to wear when I am just sitting at home, and when at home, I could easily smell it on myself 8 hours later, but when I wear it out, I may not get the longevity I desire. Projection is beast mode in the opening, and pretty good for the first hour or so. As for comparisons, this smells very similar to Adidas Dare, only more powerful. I would label this as a fruity, spicy, aquatic. The spice doesn't come until the end, and it's just barely there from the tobacco; ya really gotta dig for it, honestly. IZOD is a true keeper, and a very safe scent for anybody, any age.

Pros: Different, cheap, safe, tropical, excellent projection.
Cons: Faulty sprayer, spotty longevity

05th July, 2013
I've tried to like this fragrance so much and for so long, but to no avail, it is horrible, the cucumber/mint accord reminds me of the smells of a farmers market or a bowl of salad.
03rd September, 2012

Sometimes, before I head out the door, I just want to spray some cologne on without thinking about it too much or worrying about making some kind of statement. At the same time, I want to smell pleasant and appealing. Izod's great for that.

It opens a little harsh but quickly settles into a nice cucumber/mint/lime accord that has a watery, aquatic quality to it. It's very fresh and is highlighted by some light florals and a little lavender. This persists for a couple of hours and as it dries down, some tobacco emerges.

Is Izod synthetic? Yes. But it smells good and has a nice sillage. It also has some interesting notes in it (like tobacco, saffron, and cyclamen) that your average fresh/aquatics do not. I've tested many aquatic and fresh fragrances and this is better than most. I'd easily put it ahead of more expensive ones like Light Blue, CK One, and Versace Eau Fraiche.

Longevity is not great, but given its cheap price, you can spray on as much as you want and as often as you'd like without worrying about your bottle getting low. So go crazy! Izod's a fun scent to own and one I plan on getting plenty use out of.

24th January, 2012

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