Exceptional Because You Are for Men (2008)
    by Exceptional

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    to me it seems exceptional was going for a creeds mi and aqua di gio blend. sniffing around the cap of my sample, it smells nice. when applied to my skin it quickly fades. this is their first mens fragrance it seems, so not too bad i say for a first.so would i buy this? for the price, no

    04 March, 2014

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    Got a sample of this in the mail today with a recent purchase of something else. After I put it on and smelled the old orange peels I was jolted back to 1986.........but what was it? Ah yes, ......... why of course, it's another version of Obsession.

    Washed it off

    04 February, 2014

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    these exceptional cologne has a nice light fragrance with moderate strength. not as powerful as other current colognes I've tried.

    19 January, 2014

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    Is it any wonder why FragranceNet is sure to include a free sample of this (or the women's version, depending upon your gender) anytime you order from them? They probably can't sell it and the perfumer is probably desperate to make some sales.

    The packaging and the artwork is so generic, that it's laughable... because it telegraphs the juice. Generic. Not bad mind you, but just so banal and uninteresting. Ideal for when you don't really care to wear a fragrance, but then just want to apply "something".

    I will never buy a bottle of this and... I seriously doubt anybody from BN or other perfume forums would either. If I was given a bottle, I might use it... maybe as a base for a citrus focused fragrance that is light on longevity, if only to have more liquid to apply.

    11th January, 2014

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    This is a typical aquatic-citrus orange opening with lots of melon added to it. After the first hour a sweetish and fruity note sets in, that in the base had a wood component added to it. A whiff of mint raises its head at times. My main problems with this one are the dull quality of the clearly very synthetic notes, and how nondescript generic it is. Silage and projection are good in the first hour, but then it is very close to my skin. Longevity, on the other hand, is a respectable four hours; whilst not great this is more than I expected given its initial citrus-aquatic nature. For warmer days but very boring after the first thirty minutes, and of very mediocre quality of the ingredients.

    01st January, 2014

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    Mario Justiniani
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    At the risk of repeating what practically everybody has said thus far:

    1. It's so generic that if you held up a bank, blindfolded the hostages, and Luca Turin and co. were among them they'd never be able to identify you by your smell.

    (At best they'd tell the cops that you might work at the local Sephora)

    2. It's not Godawful just mediocre, so mercifully you won't have to scrub it off. Why bother anyway? Unless you find a sink within half an hour this will vanish on its own.

    3. It won't offend anyone at the office, even if you bathe in it.

    4. Some notes are reminiscent of Creed's MI others of Gendarme; not that I'm a huge fan of either, but here the composition is inferior. By comparison, this one makes Baldessarini Del Mar smell like a classic masterpiece and Chrome an edgy 5 star scent.

    5. I disagree about it being for college kids, or the 19-30 crowd. They're too old not to be held accountable.
    Perhaps forgivable with first year High School students who got it as a Christmas gift from Grandma.

    Other than that, it's terrific.

    25 December, 2013

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