Égoïste Cologne Concentrée (199)
    by Chanel

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    Égoïste Cologne Concentrée information

    Égoïste Cologne Concentrée is a men's fragrance by Chanel. The scent was launched in 199

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    United States United States

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    If you can find this and you like Egoiste, buy it. Smells close to the original but more refined and fuller. Very rich smelling. Could probably have any girl you wanted if you wore this.

    06th May, 2014

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    I own all 3 verisons of Egoiste and the CC is in a league of it's own. It is heaven in a bottle from the first spray down to the final faint mist many hours later. Buy it while you can as it is getting hader and more expensive to find even on eBay. 10/10!

    27th February, 2014

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    One of the great masterpieces - a tale of two scents

    As a brother of the original Egoïste EdT, it is no surprise there are lots of similarities, but this is in many aspects a creation in its own rights. The intensive mandarine blast at the beginning give way to the hallmark intensive rose-cum-rosewood core note, which reminds me a lot of the EdT. Then the Cologne Concentré (CC) develops more of a glowing flowery carnation character than the EdT ever offers, and in general it is more flowery after the first couple of hours. Later in both the rosewood dominates, but the wood notes is darker in the EdT even with a touch of pencil shavings, which I never really get in the CC. In the first few hours the EdT is spicier, darker, and later with a touch of vanilla, but the CC is more intense and has more of a cinnamon note. Both are developing beautifully with varying shades and nuances providing constant olfactory entertainment. Both are bold, confident and strong scents and have excellent silage and projection.

    Comparing the longitudinal strength, in the first hours they are equal, but then the CC is stronger. Around five hours the EdT becomes stronger with the most gorgeous rosewood, and then the CC' s flowery carnation-and-rose dominates. At the seventh hour the EdT has a rebound that lasts for several hours. At hour ten the CC gradually comes back stronger again, and around the twelfth hour the CC now is superior in strength, although both are close to my skin now. The EdT is gone after fifteen hours, the CC lasts seventeen.

    The CC deserves the full five stars, which I have not doled out for a while, yet if I learnt one thing form this comparison, it is what a wonderful fragrance the EdT is. The CC is eventually the winner, but the humble EdT that we can by in the shops today is not far behind the perfection of the CC. Both are masterpieces.

    Pros: Everything
    Cons: Discontinued"

    31st July, 2013

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    I've been at this game about three years, and there is only one bottle that has stayed in my cabinet the whole time. Egoiste Cologne Concentree, is such a unique, compelling concoction, that it never fails to please. Even my wife, who is pretty much hands-off my little fragrance mini-obsession, enjoys ECC each time it's my SOTD. You would think I would learn, that perfect is perfect and can't be improved on, but what fun would that be? Bottom line, my signature scent even when I refuse to admit it
    Perfection in a bottle.

    08th December, 2012

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    Scotland Scotland

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    I really really love Égoïste as an EDT and I use the aftershave version also. It is one of those scents that just blows me away every time I smell it. It was hard enough (a few years back) to even find a bottle of the EDT available in the UK. Now, fortunately, we have a few Chanel Boutiques so are able to get our hands on Égoïste and all the Les Exclusifs too.

    To get the general scent of Égoïste check out the review for the EDT. I can't add anything more than what has already been said above. Cologne Concentree Égoïste is richer, thicker almost. It exudes opulence. They say Égoïste was originally Bois Noir (Dark/Black Woods) well I'll be damned if Cologne Concentree doesn't fit this description. I get a little trace of Égoïste in Bois des Îles but nothing, I mean nothing, comes close to Égoïste Cologne Concentree.

    It's rarity has become stuff of legend and even recently in the forums here, a member who said that Égoïste was his favourite ever EDT also said he had never heard of Égoïste Cologne Concentree. I told him that I'd rather not describe it to him to save him the same pain I feel (a little over dramatic I know but true nonetheless).

    I have the smallest amount left in a Chanel sample vial and EVERY TIME I smell it, my heart genuinely aches that this is no longer in production. If it were, I'd sell all my scents and use Égoïste Cologne Concentree exclusively for the rest of my days.

    **Update: I managed to snag a full bottle of this.... WOW!**

    26th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 03rd March, 2012)

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    A masterpiece. The quintessential male fragrance. Strong, confident, masculine, and powerful. The difference between the EDT and this is like the difference between drinking a complex lager beer (the EDT) and a rich, thick, chewy porter or stout. Egoiste Concentree is rich and dense and oily and... strong. It is a burly beast when you first spray it. The tangerine is sharp and strong: boozy, almost. After five minutes or so the fragrance settles down and the deep, wonderful brazilian rosewood takes over. The damask rose is prevalent throughout. It is a not a "pretty" or "delicate" rose: it is a very dirty one that has an almost chewy and jammy texture. The rose is very masculine and it works excellently with the tangerine and woody rosewood. Also, there is a subtle animalic presence lurking underneath. This stuff is bold, and powerful and unequivocally the diametric opposite of the lightweight, playful aquatic concoctions that have flooded the market recently.

    The sillage and longevity are incredible; legendary, perhaps. It is rich and dense and needs to be sprayed with restraint. You WILL be noticed. And you WILL get a headache if you over spray it. If applied with discretion, however, the juice is heavenly. I'll go out on a limb as say that Egoiste Cologne Concentree is THE best winter masculine fragrance ever created. I cannot fathom ever wearing this in the summer. It is just too massive and dense.

    If you like the EDT, I you will love this. I strongly recommend it. In fact, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. There is a reason why it is so highly sought after. When you wear Egoiste Cologne Concentree you project confidence, power, and gravitas. Absolutely marvelous. If you can find it, buy it immediately, because it will probably not be on the shelf the next day if you walk away.

    11th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th March, 2012)

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