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Eau de Vert (2005)
by Miller Harris


Eau de Vert information

Year of Launch2005
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseMiller Harris
PerfumerLyn Harris

About Eau de Vert

Eau de Vert is a shared / unisex perfume by Miller Harris. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Lyn Harris

Eau de Vert fragrance notes

Reviews of Eau de Vert

Genre: Green

A pale, attenuated sweet green accord lasts all of ten minutes before drifting off into a bland powdery vanilla and musk drydown. Eau de Vert offers all the pleasure of spraying on perfume without actually having to smell anything. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz does this kind of thing orders of magnitude better in her exquisite Celadon. Buy that – it’s cheaper.
13th June, 2014
I am of mixed mind on this. Like others, when I hear "vert" (green) I have certain high expectations. This scent is not very green, at best only slightly green.
Second, my personal preference is for bright, translucent scents. This is one of the most dense, heaviest scents I have encountered. It is not particularly sweet, but it is just so "weighty" that it doesn't totally appeal to me.
Points in its favour... It is aromatic, with some herbal notes. These notes give a complex, interesting character to the scent. On me, the scent has great longevity, lasting many hours. The dry-down is a bit hay-like, actually suggesting a mellow-dusky sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) note.
I don't know what makes this so dense. Might be the musk. I don't get any pine here, nor vetiver as I understand the latter.
I used to really dislike this scent, primarily for its heaviness. Now I am neutral on it. Perhaps I'll further change my mind in time...
09th February, 2012
When I first heard of Eau de Vert I had high hopes. Just the Vert in the name is enough to make me interested. I am fond of three other "Verts": Hermes' Eau d'Orange Verte, Creed's Feuille Verte, and Miller Harris' Tangerine Vert. And then there was the description I read at the Miller Harris website. The notes were described as "mountain herbs, pine, lavender, juniper and artemisia, that are abundant in the South of France, mix with rose, geranium, moss, musk and vetiver"; again appealing to me. The website also said Eau de Vert was "inspired by the chic man with the slicked-back hair of the 1950's South of France" and that it was a "classic fougère". Again, I was fine with these descriptions.

Then I tried it (twice actually). It caught me off guard. The opening was not what I expected at all. I was expecting the opening to bring a bright herb/pine/green presence. Instead the opening accord was best articulated by the words "slicked-back hair" from the Miller Harris website. Not really the hair, but the "slicking agent": pomade or what I would call "hair grease". This was rather disappointing, as it was dense and heavy and did not convey at all what I was looking for from a Vert or the notes described. So it feels very barbershop to me. With time, other notes emerge. First, I detect deep green notes, with a bitter tinge. The bitterness subsides. The opening accord diminishes, but never really goes away. Mossiness emerges. At this stage, it is not too bad, but the opening ruined it for me. I am not saying this is an awful fragrance, just not at all what I expected. I am giving it a neutral rating, as it might be work for someone else.
23rd July, 2009

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