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A Scent (2009)
by Issey Miyake


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Year of Launch2009
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People and companies

HouseIssey Miyake
PerfumerDaphne Bugey
PackagingArik Levy
PackagingTaku Satoh
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About A Scent

A Scent is a feminine perfume by Issey Miyake. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daphne Bugey. The bottle was designed by Taku Satoh and Arik Levy

A Scent fragrance notes

Reviews of A Scent

What a beautiful thing this is!
Hyacinth and Jasmine softly breeze through this. A fine sliver of Galbanum. Citrus, just enough to counter the sweetness of the Florals. Maybe a very light White Musk, however no blinding wall of Sorbitol.
An easy wear Laundry soapiness, Ammoniac rather than Bleach.
29th July, 2018
At 1st spray, I didn't think this was going to go well....

But an hour in, I really like it! It's different from most of the scents I have. Probably will use it in fall and winter, but it's working well on this chilly Spring day....
26th March, 2016 (last edited: 25th March, 2016)
Genre: Green

Issey Miyake’s A Scent is a knife-edge sharp green fragrance that smells as if compounded of equal parts tomato leaf, galbanum, laundry detergent, and household glass cleaner. It is no doubt meant to be clean, fresh, and modern. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the brief to the perfumers was to “make an updated White Linen.”

In the event, what has emerged is a crude, chemical gloss on the Lauder classic – what White Linen might smell like were it made on a quarter of its budget for ingredients. I’m no great fan of White Linen to begin with, and this mildly caustic brew is no improvement.

For a green scent that’s paradoxically acerbic and appealing, I’d recommend Jean-Claude Elléna’s obscure but fascinating Eau de Campagne, which was done for Sisley way back in the 1970s, but smells like something Comme des Garçons might have released last week. It’s challenging and refreshing, yet consummately wearable, with a surprising vetiver drydown that completely trounces the white musk and screechy florals on offer from Miyake.
08th June, 2014
Fresh, greengrass, somehow ozonic pungent opening (they say verbena, I'd say citral and calone), some white floral notes with light and slightly milky musks, a hint of sparkling ginger, some bittersweet fruity accents – almost pimiento-like. Light vetiver base. After a while it pops out a weird camphor-rubbery feel. Overall a cold, static, metallic, linear, artificial scent – sadly, not in an "avant-garde" meaning (forget CdG, Escentric or nu_be or other brands like these), rather a scent which wants to look pleasantly green and safe with just a hint of a – safe, again - "minimal look". Where "minimal" then turns into "anonym". Trendy and uninspired.

20th April, 2014
the first time i tried on a magazine sample i thought it was great scent but i decided to buy it first spray in my wrist ohhhh i felt like going to throw up and afterwards gave me headache so disappointed i still could feel some notes of jasmine after while reminds a little bit of light blue docce gabbana i thought it was waste money by this particular perfume
21st August, 2012
I bought this the year it came out for my mother for Christmas. She is VERY difficult to please with her fragrances, as she doesn't like them too sweet or heavy or acidic. She loves 'A Scent,' and now I get it for her every year. The original (not the pink floral other version of this scent) is light and fresh, yet warms up on the skin, and lingers subtly. Because it is slightly "dry" it could almost be a unisex scent. Highly recommended fragrance that is fresh, yet elegant and can be worn day or night, at work or play.
15th August, 2012

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