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Midnight Oud (2009)
by Juliette Has a Gun


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJuliette Has a Gun

About Midnight Oud

Midnight Oud is a feminine perfume by Juliette Has a Gun. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of Midnight Oud

On me it opens very strongly with the rose, which fades down directly from the skin after only about five minutes but remains in the sillage. The strength and slight initial "rottenness" of the rose note reminds me a little of Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet.

After about 30 minutes it settles into something much quieter and more harmonious, oud and restrained patchouli. A little sweet with something I can't quite identify. It continues in the same way, getting woody as it finishes.

Good sillage, long-lasting (about five hours on my skin), and pleasant enough but I'm left feeling a little "so what?"
30th April, 2016
This has a friendly, easy-to-wear and straightforward oud scent. Leathery and intriguing, a good introduction to oud. Works well with the dusky saffron. I feel it cries out for a touch of deep rose to round it out and add depth, but others may disagree. The scent is not cloying and the amber is suitably restrained.
06th March, 2016
Midnight Oud is can be best described as sexy with an attitude. The oud, rose and castorum play well together. This may be listed as a Women's fragrance but men can definitely wear this proudly and unabashedly. I'm a guy and I love this Midnight Oud.

Longevity is great and sillage is large.

If you are a fan of oud as well as rose, get this!

12th September, 2015
If you're into oud and rose combo and you want something complex with good quality and pleasant smell, this is a very good choice.
The opening is a warm and sweet vanilla scent mixed with oud, rose and saffron.
The oud note is strong but at the same time very well balanced with the other notes. vanilla is sweet but not syrupy or sugary. just sweet enough to tune down the bitterness woody aroma of the oud and at the same time give the scent a sensual feeling.
Both rose and saffron are at the same level of power at the start and they are supporting vanilla and oud very well.
In the mid the oud note settles down a little bit and rose goes to the background. at this part I can smell a dirty musky animalic feeling which gets stronger as time passes by but it's always a few steps behind saffron, vanilla and oud.
The mid is a very pleasant and gorgeous scent and I believe it's the best part of the fragrance.
The base is a simple creamy vanilla, very soft saffron and a little bit of patchouli completely in the background. oud is almost gone and there is no sign of that animalic musky feeling.
In the description of the fragrance it says feminine but this can be unisex for sure.
Projection is good and longevity is around 6-7 hours on my skin.
Overall it's a quality and well balanced rose, oud and saffron dominated fragrance but it's not my cup of tea at all because it contains a note that I truly hate! ROSE!
Thumbs up for the quality and overall smell.
Thumbs down for my own taste!
19th July, 2014
Up front MO smelled initially like a medicine cabinet, dentists office, or some type of anesthesia. This medicine-y type of aura is met by the saffron, which softens the heaviness of the initial impression. For me, this is off the bat a rose oud/patchouli mix as far as I can tell. Other notes stand out, too. The castoreum is not prominent, compared to the rose and oud notes, but you can tell itís there. And it adds a little bit of a twist to this scent, though ultimately not affecting it one way or the other. Later on, the musk and patchouli appear, and it basically dies down from there, though I donít find that any other combination of notes ruins the mix of the rose/oud. Iím not sure what to think. I donít hate it, but I donít really like it either. Iím not sure I would even want to smell this on a girl. Itís not that Iíd hate it, but this just doesnít do anything for me personally.

I think if you like rose and oud then you will like this. I am not a big fan of rose - it just smells too feminine to me. So, I do not agree with some who have said this is somewhat masculine, but of course this is just personal opinion. But if you like those two main notes, in a strong, but not overly intoxicating way, then MO might be a good option.
19th March, 2014
Spicy Rose & Oud that smells like a lot of others of it's ilk. I agree with others that say it smells like Dark Rose by Czeach & Speake. Ok but nothing I would go out of my way to purchase.
26th October, 2012

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