Hot Water (2009)
    by Davidoff

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    Not too hot

    A slightly boozy absinth note with a peppery patchouli notes lead to a drydown that a true benzoin fest. In the base a strong styrax note is added, and overall it is very synthetic and unconvincing on my skin, from where is is vanished after two hours. Sample first.

    23 October, 2013

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    Lukewarm Water

    Bought it on clearance, and that's what it's worth,

    As for creativity, it features a dearth.

    Pleasant and sweetish, like so many more,

    Not long-lasting on me--that lowers the score.

    I'm neutral on this one; 'twill soon be forgot.

    So buy it on clearance--Hot Water's not hot.

    12 June, 2013

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    Worth it's price, but do not expect anything outstanding. An okay spicy fragrance with a good pimento note and some benzoin. Sillage and lasting power are good (around 6 hours).

    17 November, 2012 (Last Edited: 06 March, 2013)

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    Boring. Generic smelling oriental on the sweeter side.

    19 March, 2012

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    Actually prefer this to Cool Water, which is not to say I was a fan in the first place. This is one I wanna hate, but can't. I expected synthetic garbage, but find it too be fairly natural and smooth.

    It's almost as if I have applied Xeryus Rouge lotion to my skin (not sure if such a product exists, but that's what Hot Water smells like to me).

    It's basically sweet, red cherry in a warm bathwater base. Pretty light and creamy.

    The cherry and cedarwoodsy drydown is nice and reminiscent of Armani Night, without the richness and complexity.

    If you can't afford Cereus No 14, this is an okay alternative.

    12 March, 2012

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    An absolute synthetic mess of a fragrance. Smells cheap and stays that way throughout the life of the fragrance. Toxic water would have been a better name for it.

    17 November, 2011

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