Louban (2009)
    by Montale

    Louban Fragrance notes

    Turkish Rose, Oud, Violet Leaves, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood

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    Louban smells like a dusty rose with some hints of musk and incense. Not overly sweet, it has a balanced sweetness. It's not like other Aouds: this one stays close to skin with a big lasting power. Unisex for sure. Definetely worth it. Thumbs up!

    04 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Like other Montale fragrances, this opens with an Oud note. It is much less pronounced than say Dark Aoud or Black Aoud. The Violet leaves are prominent. After the green opening, it dries down to a brooding dusty rose. This is a wonderful smell, I just don't know if it works for men. I wore it all day, and at times loved the spicy rose, at times thought of my grandmother's rose sachet. It is complex and long lasting. You can always count on longevity and projection from Montale.

    03 August, 2012

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    Déjà vu all over again… I wonder how many times I have written reviews about a Montale aoud /rose creation? I also wonder if I will ever be able to distinguish one of them from another without a straight-on direct comparison. As other reviewers have suggested, this fragrance suffers from a seemingly eternal Montale déjà vu production concept… Louban is very similar to one or two dozen other Montale fragrances I’ve tried, and there comes a time when it becomes pointless to put too fine a point on the differences between them, so all I’ll say is, If you liked the other Montale aoud / rose scents you’ll probably like this one; if you didn’t, you probably won’t.

    05 April, 2010

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    In one episode of Addams Family, Morticia Addams is given a bouquet of roses. She trims the roses by cutting off all blossoms, keeping only the beautiful stalks. This is what happened to the roses in Louban, so you get a very "green" rose/aoud scent.

    I do not really understand the concept of this, but Montale does not stand alone. I found a similar rose stalk scent in Twill Rose by Parfumerie de Rosine.

    I would recommend purchasing a sample, but only for curiosity.

    27 November, 2009

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    Long ago I got a tad bored with the myriad Montale oud/rose scents, of which Damascus is my favorite. All are very competent but redundant, with slight variations vis a vis the balance between oud and the other notes and perhaps where in the fragrance's progression the oud dominates. Ever since getting a decant of Louban I've been coming back to it over and over. The balance is much different from that of other Montale oud/roses. The addition of incense is a welcome component and the oud itself isn't nearly as dominant. The rose isn't as sweet or thick. Therefore while this is yet another oud/rose it really does stand apart as unique from the others. Overall Louban is more complex, with a lot more going on, than it's brothers and sisters in the line.

    On the downside, what I really like about Aoud Damascus (and even more in Micallef's Aoud Rose) is the convergence between oud and rose such that it presents itself almost as a unified note, and this is not accomplished in Louban.

    Ignoring the repetition in the line Louban is a fine fragrance, particularly for those who don't want an oud-dominant composition.

    31st July, 2009

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    Norway Norway

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    My very first review - and in English! - so, bear with me :-)
    I received a sample from Luckyscent in June, and have tried this one for the first time today.
    Violet leaves, Turkish rose, olibanum (frankinsence), oud, musk, sandalwood, patchouli.
    Prior to this, I have tried 'Pure gold', 'Aoud leather', 'Amber & Spices' and 'Sandal sliver', of which I find the latter wearable. The others seem to be very sharp and to a certain extent unpleasant on my skin.
    For me, Louban starts out strong, metallic rose. Almost unpleasant, but just almost. Ten minutes later: soft, beautiful rose with a sting. I can recognize the oud from the other Montales, patchouli too (often becomes sharp on me), but they seem lighter and easier to be around in Louban than in the others.
    The musk and sandalwood softens the intense metallic rose and the harsh oud. The violet leaves bring in the green, dry, iris-like note that almost stings like iris "always" does on me (there is never an "always" with perfume, is there?).
    After half an hour the rose, musk, olibanum and sandalwood seem to "win", while violet, oud and patchouli lie underneath, creating depth and a bit ''oomph'', without breaking totally through.
    Next phase: rose and smoke. Allmost bonfire-smoke. Insence. Fades, but comes back whith renewed strength.
    I love it! Sensual, deep, mystical, dry, soft, clean, dark, sexy, mmmmmmm!

    27 July, 2009 (Last Edited: 29 November, 2012)

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