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Amber & Spices (2009)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Amber & Spices

Amber & Spices is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Amber & Spices fragrance notes

Reviews of Amber & Spices

And again that rotting corpse blasting opening. Which then evolves in a slightly medicinal accord. Globally a bit creepy but fascinating. At least that kept Montale away from oud for a while. An intense scent, not my cup of tea but fairly (fairly) well-made.

10th March, 2014 (last edited: 16th April, 2014)
Amber & Spices by Montale should be called Amber, Spices, and OUD—oh my! This is one raunchy amber composition with dirty oud, caraway (?), and lovely, yet subtle rose. I think that cumin is a note because there is something about this fragrance that reminds me of sweaty man parts dipped in amber. So, to answer the question posed by a previous reviewer, I think this fragrance is more suitable for a man, but I could appreciate it on a woman too. ;)

Decent longevity and projection

4/5 Pure aphrodisiac ;)
28th March, 2013
Opens a little dirty and woody, then calms down to a woody-sweety smell. In the drydown it does smells like Aoud Lime. I actually dont smell amber.
29th October, 2012

It reminds me a bit the new Dark Aoud with its tarry, postindustrial, metallurgical, resinous  sharpness, the dry woods, the pungency of spices and the slight hint of final amber. The Dark Aoud is certainly, starker, sharper, more autoritative and dreadful despite this one is not a tamed beast. The almost gassy barely perceivable starting is produced by the effect of the listed cumin, an hint of mildness is made of spices and amber while the rose is just soft and taming. The aoud is the dominant note and all the rest is surrounding. One of the harder Montale in my opinion. The longevity is ostensibly less powerful than usual for this kind of fragrances.
16th October, 2011
Really, I do not understand why Montale called this fragrance "Amber & Spices", as it clearly seems to be rather an aoud one, as it stands as the main note in it.
Though, I can say that the usual medicamental scent of oud has been "rounded off" by precious woods and delicately heated by spices and an additional softening has been probably due to the amber presence, even if it is not clearly defined.
Anyway, I like it as a further example of Montale's aoud interpretation.
13th September, 2011
Manspice. Aoud.

Sometimes I like a fragrance as much for its intrigue as its scent profile. That's clearly the case here. It began as unbalanced as a fragrance can be: there was something clearly heavy and spicy and there was something sweet, but the two were so separate it was as if I had applied two different fragrances in two different places; they were not even remotely coming together. And then they did. And then I couldn't stop sniffing myself for quite some time after applying it. I just wanted to smell it again. And again and again and again. Frighteningly addictive, this stuff.

It's called Amber & Spices, but that may be classic Montale falsity in advertising. I don't get even a whiff of amber in this. Spices galore, let there be no doubt, but no amber. Amber & Spices is a whole truckload of aoud burning in the middle of Djemaa el Fna. There is something vaguely sweet lurking somewhere in the background in an effort to complement the heavily wooded spice, but I can't in good conscience identify it as amber so I'm not ready to concede that Montale named it correctly just yet :-)

04th March, 2011 (last edited: 14th April, 2011)

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