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Fahrenheit Absolute (2009)
by Christian Dior


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Year of Launch2009
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Fahrenheit Absolute

Dior introduced Fahrenheit Absolute in 2009 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the original Fahrenheit. The perfumer was François Demachy

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Reviews of Fahrenheit Absolute

I bought Fahrenheit Absolute and the Parfum version a year ago. I've been a perennial fan of the original Fahrenheit going WAY back to when it had the controversial ingredient that the IFRA had eventually discouraged the use of (so key to that classic gasoline smell that I was drawn to!).

The Absolute version (now discontinued) does come across as related to the original, though it feels more like an amped up retake versus a bona fide "extreme" or "pure" version.

The myrrh is an interesting choice here, adding its signature resinous sour touch that doesn't quite sing "Fahrenheit" to me as I'd like. I do enjoy the darker, more violet-drenched flavor of Absolute, and the oud and incense are a more modern melange that adds a bit of band-aid smoky woodiness.

Overall, I found Absolute to have a more toned down, mature character with a tad more sweetness versus the original. The Parfum version is more voluptuous and it, too, is a rethink that is more of an evolution type presentation giving homage to the original, but thicker and darker and with a smidgen of the dna.

Worth a comparison spritz beside the original and other Fahrenheit flankers, depending on what you are yearning for.
19th November, 2018
Fahrenheit Absolute is not as acerbic as the original nor is it nearly as sweet as Le Parfum, instead, somewhere darker, in between, more mysterious, yet comparably rich to the Le Parfum.

Including the characteristic violet of the Fahrenheit line, as well as myrrh, incense, and oud, Absolute balances the resinsous side of the myrrh and incense with slight dirtiness (though not animalic or medicinal, really) of the oud. The result is a blend that's really more subtle than either the original or Le Parfum.

Performance is quite good, not quite as good as Le Parfum but still very good. I like it about the same as Le Parfum overall but would be curious to do a side-by-side but I think the sweetness is the main difference.

7 out of 10
01st March, 2018
Although Absolute tried to replicate the schwarz und stark gloom of its outlawed ancestor, its completely reconstructed formula came nowhere near to conjuring up the magnificent petrol and violet leaf black hole at the heart of the original that made it such a masterpiece.

In this iteration Fahrenheit takes on the guise of a Haribo motor mechanic - fruit goo and engine oil molasses, cucumber, incense and peru balsam. Then after that, there's a completely novel base of sweet milky-sour myrrh.

Its astonishing how such a composition can, by picking out a few key features and fitting them into a completely different structure, evoke just enough of the old magic to nearly have you believing again.

But, when put head to head with the original they are clearly nothing like each other.

Bringing out a tiny precious sample of vintage Fahrenheit to compare with Absolute has made me sad to be reminded of just what we've lost : as Carrie Underwood laments

Once you've tasted a love that strong,
you can't go back and you can't settle on
anything less, and that's what gets me,
its like having wine after whisky.

27th July, 2017
A underappreciated gem they said. A tragedy that it has been discontinued they said. A couple of years back one enthusiastic YouTube reviewer (in this particular case this person is always a warning sign) insisted that his viewers buy 5 bottles and put them away for the day they would double in price. Well at the time of writing that day has yet to come but I concede, the prices are rising.

The fragrance heads at Dior certainly saw the writing on the wall for Fahrenheit Absolute. What had arguably been a daring and original composition in 2009 began to falter as the niche market gathered steam and continued delivering a lot of great compositions amongst the constant stream of generic muck. In comparison, Absolute suffered from a monotone drydown that is seemingly composed of an unlisted note or two, something like cherry and almond and syrupy-like. Whatever this drydown is, it is resinous and sweet in a way that almond notes often are. This failed to please me after a promising, complex opening in the first 45 minutes. That opening is full of clean fruity oud, a citrus note that resembles grapefruit, a dose of pink and black pepper and a bitter incense note. Yes, this all has little to do with the note pyramid, and if it does, the order seems wrong. Myrrh is a listed note, but it fails to turn up for work.

The connection to the original Fahrenheit is typical for Fahrenheit flanker, the two are more like cousins than siblings, and it cannot be otherwise because the original is so perfect that anything smelling too much like it can only be inferior.

Performance is strong, and the first 45 minutes justify a sample. But leave those full bottles to flounder on eBay unless you are a Fahrenheit die-hard, because that drydown stands little chance of enticing you back more than a handful of times.

As a final note, there is a similarity to YSL's original M7. The shy use of oud, the cherry accents, they both have much in common and both suffered the same fate.
20th December, 2016
This is a decent Fahrenheit flanker. It smells like a syrupy sweet, modern perfume, on the dark and heavy side. It has grown on me over a few wearings, but it's not one for the full bottle collection.
28th November, 2016
This is, by far, the best of the Fahrenheit line. I like it better than the original. Granted I never smelled the vintage formulation, just the 2013+ "vanilla" versions. It is so much darker than Fahrenheit.

The best way I could describe it is the dark petroleum of Fahrenheit mixed with Van Cleef Midnight in Paris. If you like Midnight in Paris, then you should definitely like this one too.

Too bad it got discontinued, I will have to stock up on these as they will sure go for ridiculous prices in the near future.

Today, I found 2012 Fahrenheit which raiders of the lost scent blog claims to be the last batch of petroleum version and I do like that version better. So I would rate them:
1 vintage through 2012
2 Fahrenheit Absolute
3 2013 Fahrenheit
25th July, 2016

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