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Fahrenheit Absolute (2009)
by Christian Dior


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Year of Launch2009
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Fahrenheit Absolute

Dior introduced Fahrenheit Absolute in 2009 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the original Fahrenheit. The perfumer was François Demachy

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Reviews of Fahrenheit Absolute

Tested from a sample today and tonight.
It's true it's a shame this has been discontinued. I have F original and F Parfum and like all three, although they're all different.
F Absolute is closer to the original, especially at the start. It's intensive violets, which I love (reminds me only in this part of the intense parma violet start of the vintage Grey Flannel) and that signature F petroly tarmacy smell. For me too there is a time of a sort of medicinal note that made me think of the antiseptic cream Germoline. I agree with others who have referred to churches, a kind of Medieval/Gothic vibe. At the beginning at least I could imagine a dark-cloaked figure (actually of either sex) pouring over an ancient arcane manuscript in an empty church, the stone cold and dark.
However for me it quickly becomes much brighter with the lovely powdery violets coming through even more. I guess the cloaked figure walks out of the church into the bright autumn sun, flings back her (on reflection a dark-haired woman) cloak and walks briskly and with purpose out of the churchyard. The end is a pleasant, powdery skin scent.
For me the longevity was a bit disappointing: only a couple of hours until the skin-scent stage. A word of warning about the sillage: I got used to the scent incredibly quickly, thinking it wasn't projecting at all....It was!
I also received a compliment about it from a friend who normally gleefully tells me "no" to 9 out of 10 of the fragrances I've tried, so this is a good sign.
Overall very lovely. I don't think it would ever have replaced the original F for me, but if it hadn't been discontinued, I most probably would have bought a bottle eventually.
PS also love the dark and dangerous black and red bottle design.
September 2015
02nd September, 2015
Dark and angry version of Fahrenheit. It's like walking into the dragons den with a flaming smoldering sword ready to do battle. The addition of myrhh, Oud, and saffron make this one of if not the best rendition of Fahrenheit. Very special fragrance and something every fragrance lover should experience.
07th July, 2015 (last edited: 22nd July, 2015)
Fahrenheit flankers have it rough. The original was (and still is) instantly recognizable and, to this day, nothing really smells like it. So, if you’re Dior, do you reference the original directly? Take it in a completely direction? Or try and find a balance between the two and see where it lands? I find Fahrenheit Absolute to sit awkwardly somewhere in between those first two options and, as the result, it doesn’t quite work.

This is a schizophrenic and confused scent in a number of ways: it seems to reference aspects of the original through a heavy, almost oily kind of aesthetic, yet it’s also trying to converse with contemporary tastes by placing the quasi-formal heart over a mall-like sweet bro-base. It just doesn't quite pull it off.

I think it’s fairly well known at this point that Fahrenheit Absolute swerves sharply away from the original, opening with a slightly green blast of sweaty cumin as opposed to the violet of the original. There are gasoline references, but much of the violet has been supplanted by a hefty myrrh and synth sandalwood. The result is a dense, convoluted blend that's somewhat engaging yet too opaque. But it's really let down by a level of sweetness that's pitched too high and continues to amplify the longer you have it on your skin. The sweet accord is half decent, splitting its time between the honeyed oud of Kalemat Black and the overly sweet bases of a line like Orto Parisi. It’s basically a combo of caramel, synth sandalwood, and myrrh which, if you have the sweet tooth that enjoys the current wave of sugary masculines, could work out well for you. But the problem is, people who seem to like these sweet scents don’t get along with sweaty cumin — and there’s a fair amount of it here. And that’s the schizo dilemma once more: is Fahrenheit Absolute aiming for a refined gentleman or the younger club crowd? It’s trying to do both and it’s not working out.

Don’t get me wrong: it's not as sweet as a Nasamatto or Orto Parisi, but it’s in that same vein and it's sweet enough to feel like an inauthentic cash-grab. I can see Dior's dilemma and the reason why this was discontinued as the result: it's too much of a cartoonish cliche for fans of the somewhat grimy original, and yet it's not sickening enough to sit alongside mainstream sugar bombs of today. It's a shame really, as it's a pretty okay scent despite being a tad muddy, and it offers a slightly more refined take on really sweet scents like Armani's Myrrh Imperiale and Imaginary Authors' Memoirs of a Trespasser -- both of which do the candied myrrh thing, only with more candy. For me, it feels too confused and too divergent from the original while trying to hold on to some of what made the original work so well. While I wouldn’t say “sit this one out” (and I might even buy a bottle myself if I saw it for a good price), just know what you’re getting into: a sweet, contemporary masculine with a bunch of interesting aspects that clash in too many ways.
06th May, 2015

Usually i dont buy other versions a fragrance but DIOR is one of exceptions as after original FAHRENHEIT and FAHRENHEIT 32 too i bought this one a few days ago.I find everything in a GOOD way.The scent,The name and The packet.

A surprise for FAHRENHEIT fans However in my opinion it is not as Amazing as original version because i think FAHRENHEIT is a UNFREQUENTED FABLE!This one has more tendency to be Young Character and is popular too Maybe because is less Strong than it.

A modern Classic,Masculine,Cryptic, Seductive and Warm fragrance for a Needless Man.Definitely not for Everyone.If you smell it in a Hot days it seems quite is like to walk through a Beautiful garden in the EVENING autumn when your Lover is with you,give you positive status About her.

Perfect for a concert too but it is not ideal for Office use.Anyway FA is much better of more new fragrances are without character.Overall i never tired The DIOR fragrances because they are like BRILLIANT in my collection.


Longevity?Admissible on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
Flowers out of black asphalt. It wasn’t surely easy to come up with a successful flanker of such a pillar as Fahrenheit, but this Absolute version, well, “absolutely” nails it. The connection with Fahnrenheit is as much subtle as clear in fact: the same sort of oil-leather accord, that “asphalt” terpenic note, is here too. But with a definitely charming and kind of more “modern-transparent” twist: less leathery and more rubbery, silkier, cozier, more mellow, with a tremendous powdery accord of violet (and lavender?) which adds a sprinkle of talc to Fahrenheit’s signature darkness. The darker side of Absolute is the main connection with the original version, but it’s still quite different enough to be appreciated as a different fragrance. First of all it’s not as deep and overwhelming as in Fahrenheit, and as I said is also less centered on leather and more on a synthetic, smoky oud note (more rubbery smoke than oud, actually); plus it’s overall far more discreet, velvety, refined, with an almost “liturgical” vibe underneath. It may be resins or something quite close to incense, but I do get an intimate, kind of meditative dark feel out of this Absolute. Still with a really modern, kind of “retro-futuristic” pungent metallic nuance. And soapy shades. Simple but fantastic, a truly remarkable modern take on a classic. With a really enjoyable “whiter” drydown, powder on black rubber. The name of this flanker is definitely misleading; one may expect a thicker, bolder version of Fahrenheit, while this is a rather gentler and way smoother version of it. Darker, in a more subtle way – quiet, gloomy and smoky. By no means I would consider duller or simpler than the original Fahnreheit, though; just a really creative different version of it, maybe a bit more sophisticated, meditative, somehow more shady and ambiguous. Extremely fascinating and great to wear, and above all, with the same distinctive creativity that made Fahrenheit beyond unique.

21st April, 2015 (last edited: 30th April, 2015)
Someone has helplessly fallen in love with this wonderful elixir--I'm that someone! That's why I ordered my second 100-ml. bottle last Saturday, which arrived a few hours ago; it cost me $73...not cheap at all, but it's a very decent price for a soon-to-be gem (besides, my first bottle was $104).

Fahrenheit absolute is one of the few perfumes that has everything I like in a fragrance; it's awesome-smelling, classy, very pleasant, original, creamy, powdery, soothing, and long-lasting (I would even say this stuff has therapeutic properties!) just makes me feel so happy!!! Plus, it's not cloying at all, and I reckon it can be used for warmer days as it isn't too overpowering (use 2-3 sprays at most).

I don't know what else to say about this stunner; I'll just enjoy it big time. Fahrenheit absolute is a 10/10 fragrance!
16th March, 2015 (last edited: 10th April, 2015)

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