Honoré's Trip (2008)
    by Honoré de Prés

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    Honoré's Trip Fragrance notes

    Tangerine, Orange, Lemons, Pepper

    Honoré's Trip information

    Honoré's Trip is a unisex fragrance by Honoré de Prés. The scent was launched in 2008

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    Genre: Citrus

    When Honoré left home she must have packed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a package of tangerine Lifesavers, because that’s what her traveling perfume’s top notes consist of. It saddens me to say so, but these are some of the worst top notes I’ve encountered in quite some time.

    Things improve quickly, though if only because the stuff fades down to almost nothing after thirty seconds, and nothing is better than tangerine Lifesavers dissolved in isopropyl alcohol. Don’t waste your money.

    16th June, 2014

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    it IS a sunny lil scent. tangerine & verbena you put on as a pick-me-up. charming if fleeting. a rather 'innocent' frag, not deserving of scorn!

    13th April, 2014

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    Tangerine extract, orange, lemon, pepper

    I will keep it short and sweet - Honore's Trip is a short and sweet journey through a typical but well made tangy sweet citrus slightly peppery burst. Typical of EDCs its short lived..the tangerine in the top notes is juicy, the orange and lemons tart and sweet, with no hints of fake artificial sweetener notes. All this is supported on a flaky base of a dusting of pepper. The overall effect is of a fleeting juicy tangy slightly peppery citrus fragrance. The extracts used are of a respectable quality, but its sorely lacking in imagination..buy it if you have money to burn.

    Rating: 6.5/10.0

    29th August, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I think other reveiwers were having a seriously grumpy day when they wrote about this lovely fragrance. The delightful Les Senteurs describe this as "A riotous celebration of love and the sheer joy of living" and i would concur.
    This is a lovely, juicey, uplifting fragrance, marred only by its serious lack of staying power. Luckily i obtained a bottle at a very good price on ebay so dont feel cheated by paying a lot for something so ephemeral.
    I have it in a little handbag spray decant, and use it as aromatherapy at work. When I feel stressed or a little wan I spritz this on, and for the few minutes it lasts it brightens my mood and freshens the room. Used this way its a lovely, lovely, entirely organic burst of sunshine.

    29th May, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    Yuck. I got a tangerine and lemon opening with a touch of red peppers and rubbing alcohol. It's sad, but Honore's Trip is seriously so light that the alcohol overpowers the fragrance itself. A total ripoff and a joke of a fragrance. The only fragrance I've come across that literally lasted less than 20 minutes on my skin.

    I want to give this a neutral because I appreciate the fact that this is organic and all-natural, but I can't. Although it has potential to be a good fragrance, they totally copped out on the percentage of essential oils here, especially with the price they're charging for a bottle. It smells like 0.1% oils and 99.9% alcohol and therefore it's totally not worth trying.


    08th October, 2009 (Last Edited: 30th November, 2009)

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    Burst of bitter citrus in the beginning like grapefruit, then a little peppery musk. Then nothing.

    30th September, 2009

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