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Sexy Angelic (2008)
by Honoré de Prés


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHonoré de Prés
PerfumerOlivia Giacobetti

About Sexy Angelic

Sexy Angelic is a feminine perfume by Honoré de Prés. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti

Reviews of Sexy Angelic

It's possible that I'm anosmic to something in this - it smells like pale, watered down almond and plastic doll head and little else. Very disappointed as I love some of the others in this line.
04th May, 2012
Oh boy! I think I have found my new fitness craze and that is sniffing Sexy Angelic. I tell ya, I can feel my ab muscles working!! This is more like Eau Fraiche not Eau de Toilette. Unlike most people, this has a good lasting power on me, about 24 hours. The problem however is that you have to struggle to sniff it even right out the bottle.

It smells like a fancy plastic doll. No kidding! It is actually quite lovely and I would have bought this in a heartbeat for an everyday wear but like I said, you will be burning calories trying to sniff this baby on your skin and even from the bottle lol! It starts off with bitter almond and liquorice then melds into what I will call a perfumer's rendition of fancy plastic doll scent. No sugar in sight. I love it... until the dry down- sugar feast with some vanilla. The almond rushes out the building before the party is over. When the almond is present, this is such a lovely lovely scent! I can't get it out of my head. I am on the hunt for something similar that I can smell while sitting upright or standing up straight with my hands to my sides:).

Too bad the perfume molecules are either unadventurous or just terribly afraid of air space so they desperately cling to your skin and with such fragility at that! On the plus side, if you are one of those who dislike perfumes but want your skin to smell lovely, you might want to give this a try but you and your significant other will only smell it if you have your noses on your skin. I dislike silage but I want to be able to smell my own perfume without trying lol! This is also good for perfume free zones and also if some of your loved ones are sensitive to perfume. They just might love this if their noses end up on your skin.
01st April, 2011
It started of with a strong blast of almond paste conjured by a whisper of white flowers. So far so good, but it was gone literally in 5 minutes. I couldn't detect anything afterwards. So thumbs down.
07th October, 2010
I bought this quite cheaply off eBay, and I have to say I quite like it!

It's a dry almond, licorice fragrance that is incredibly rich but also incredibly light and ethereal. Supposedly the scent is based on the French delicacy Calissons, which are almond paste sweets coated in royal icing. You would think that this would mean the fragrance is sweet, which it is, but almost as a 'dry' sweetness if that makes sense. Imagine sticking your nose into a bag of icing sugar.

Whilst this is a female fragrance, and surprisingly given its title and inspiration - I find this to be easily wearable and enjoyable.

The one complaint is that is really doesn't last that long at all - but I don't think of it like that. For the price I paid for it (not that much) I use it as a tonic spray, applying liberally.

Definitely an excellent scent for Men and Women, just don't pay full price for it.
15th June, 2010

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