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Halston Man (2009)
by Halston


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchElizabeth Arden Inc

About Halston Man

Halston Man is a masculine fragrance by Halston. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of Halston Man

A surprisingly nice fruity/cinnamon/incense fragrance, that just didn't get any publicity. Where Halston Man has gone is a mystery, and if it will ever come back remains to be seen.

I got a miniature of this with my Amber Man gift set, and I gotta say, as much as I love Amber Man, this little devil was getting more wear than Amber was, once I got it. I instantly fell in love. The combination of cinnamon, and passionfruit is astonishing, fantastic, niche quality all the way. There's a heavy dose of mint, but it remains behind the cinnamon/spice notes. As it dries, there's a strong eucalyptus like aroma, which I assume is the artemisia I am smelling. The more I wear it, the more it reminds me of the super cheap Everlast for men, only this one is done much better. Not sure what the other reviewers are thinking, but this stuff is outstanding. Give it a full wearing.

Conclusion. A full bodies very masculine fragrance that isn't afraid to take risks, the added passionfruit note, the use of mint, and other citrus notes in the background, make this one stand out from the rest.. as I said very niche like.
28th March, 2015
Starts out kind of spicey an peppery. Reminds me of a fragrance someone with a wide collard shirt with a bunch of gold chains would wear. Retro type scent. Use this sparingly because it can get cloying. 5/10
28th November, 2014
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United States

If Halston Z-14 was Little Richard: crude, brash and original, then Man is Pat Boone.

Pros: Nice bottle.
Cons: Weak, pale shadow of Z-14

08th June, 2013
A little woody, a little sweet and a little peppery to my untrained nose. very pleasant, easy to wear, modest sillage and longevity. I am not a whiz with notes, but this one does not smell synthetic to me. I doubt I'll buy a full bottle only because there are so many others out there I like better, but I am really enjoying the sample.
10th January, 2012
Carlos Benaim is the perfumer of the reorchestration and reinterpretation of the splendid powerful Z-14.Aromatic-spicy fragrance- not less not more.
The incomparable, unique and fascinating Roy Halston was a shimmering,glitzy very creative fashiondesigner in the 70ties.Z-14 (get the original scent!!!!)was a manīs scent: aromatic-leather-spicy powerful and loud-comparable to devin by aramis, yatagan by caron , drakkar noir, azarro etc.These were the times when men smelled like men and not like women( all these aquatic-marine light metrosexual undefinable eaux de toilette)Halston, this really great designer launches 1974 this powerhouse scent Z-14: unique with a recall value- youīd never forget this scent!A crude, dark,vibrant scent!What a bombshell.
So what has happened?!They have tortured and killed this jewel of a manīs scent and have left a thin,skeleton of a fragrance- this is a disappointment at full length! not less not more-it is unbelievable that they canīt leave their fingers away from the really great original scents of the past!?Why do they have to reninterpretate these scents?What happened to vent vert , monsieur balmain, jolie madame etc.etc. What cruelty- ignorants have destroyed these refined, sublime art works of gods of perfume history- okay if there has to be a reinterpretation then please stick as much as possible to the original f.e. aurelien guichard with baghari for piguet(great work) but if you are all thumbs keep away from it and do not monkey business!!!!!!!!!!! If you like powerhouse fragrances get the original Z-14 - this is really great stuff and Halston will give you a smile!!!!!!!!!!And if you like smoky, dark and really manīs scents-try Knize ten- what a composition!!!!!
20th February, 2011
I think it's very good...nothing exceptional or groundbreaking, but not everything can be. It's just good. It gets my respect for the same reason Rive Gauche does...not many scents of this type and quality are released these days - traditional, with a sleek, modern twist.

Man is a peppery green/woody scent that, to me, falls somewhere between cyphre and fougere...probably closer to the cyphre side. I detect a distinct reference to citrus/green cyphres of the past, such as Eau Sauvage and even Aramis Devin, with their very traditional and clean mossy/spicy bases. Man keeps with that lineage, but hails from the land of bright, somewhat fizzy, modern perfumery. This would make an excellent work or formal fragrance.
24th January, 2011

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