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Black Afgano (2009)
by Nasomatto


Black Afgano information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAlessandro Gualtieri

About Black Afgano

Black Afgano is a shared / unisex perfume by Nasomatto. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

Reviews of Black Afgano

Deep, dense and damn strong, BA sits on the top list of strongest perfumes ever made by humans.

On my skin, this bomb has incense, bitter oud, spices, sandalwood, green notes and coffee. I don't get the cannabis at all.

It's rather chaotic than mysterious. A similar scent but not that close as some say, is present in Fortis by Les Liquides Imaginaires but Fortis is indeed mysterious in a gothic, religious and spiritual way.

BA is a great perfume, nevermind what haters say.

Sillage and projection - people can smell you from 2 meters plus.

Longevity - 2 sprays is more than enough. 3 or more sprays and you can instant kill some fainted hearted.
11th September, 2018
Smoky,smoky,burning cigarettes ,black dirty ,don't like it .
17th August, 2018
Opens like Amouage Jub XXV, dries down like Journey Man. Do the $/ml math.
03rd July, 2018
This to me smells like chocolate (I'm guessing that's the oud) with hints of coffee. I don't really get the cannabis note too much but I think I can detect it in the background. Sillage is moderate but somewhat soft while longevity is moderate at around 4 hours on my skin. It's good but I prefer Nasamatto Pardon as this leans slightly feminine. This may need some more time to open up the sillage/longevity and scent.

23rd June, 2018
Given the hype surrounding Black Afgano, the fragrance itself is surprisingly quiet and abstract in general. It opens with a slightly animalic oud accord and acrid burnt incense, but soon mellows into a dense yet clean musk and creamy tobacco, with a discreet amber warmth humming underneath.

Speaking of the cannabis note, I can't vouch for it as I haven't any experience with any kind of drug substance. But the fragrance does have a faint yet sharp herbal twang which I find similar to that in Jardin d'Ecrivains Junky and Smell Bent Mountain HIgh. While this note is fairly strong in Junky and Mountain High, it's really only a whisper in Black Afgano, which I consider primarily a nebulous tobacco oud fragrance.

The fragrance doesn't have much significant development during its almost 11 hour longevity, and remains mostly close to skin.

Black Afgano is consistent in style with the other Nasomatto fragrances, relying heavily on certain synthetic smoky oud accords which unfortunately is not my cup of tea, although Black Afgano is thankfully not as heavy-handed as their later entries. And despite its hype and mystery, it's not that controversial olfactorily speaking. If you enjoy the latest viril woody amber trend, but prefer a relatively quieter fragrance, Black Afgano might be an adequate option to consider.
08th June, 2018
Indefinable flavoured poison potion. Too watery notes attempt to calm down the perversion that protrudes into the opening: strong discomfort of dirty drunk, through a tortuous ideal of cheerful and funeral idleness.
It may not be well made, but is made: is what matters.
Development is tired, but the possibility of a drunken decline persists. There is a thick black and plastic behind the artificial sweetness that seeks to hold as an invitation to the pleasure of disorder (carnal disorder, the only posible here)
Extremely daring, really unpleasant, safe in his dissonant notes. I do not admire the perfume, I admire that it exists.
12th March, 2018

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