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Black Afgano (2009)
by Nasomatto


Black Afgano information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAlessandro Gualtieri

About Black Afgano

Black Afgano is a shared / unisex perfume by Nasomatto. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

Reviews of Black Afgano

Indefinable flavoured poison potion. Too watery notes attempt to calm down the perversion that protrudes into the opening: strong discomfort of dirty drunk, through a tortuous ideal of cheerful and funeral idleness.
It may not be well made, but is made: is what matters.
Development is tired, but the possibility of a drunken decline persists. There is a thick black and plastic behind the artificial sweetness that seeks to hold as an invitation to the pleasure of disorder (carnal disorder, the only posible here)
Extremely daring, really unpleasant, safe in his dissonant notes. I do not admire the perfume, I admire that it exists.
12th March, 2018
I followed mr. doody's advice from 6 years past and absolutely did try BA for I do like 'these sorts of rich heavy, woodsy, incensey types of things'. At the risk of a quibble I'd add 'resinous'. There. And toss the marketing hype... weed? hash?... big eye roll... whatever.

It lasts forever so there are likely some big fat fuggin' aroma-chems responsible for that, in all its glorious modernity. I may very well wake up some day and be tired of it all but until then I'm glad to have it sit alongside things like HoM Blackbird, LM Hard Leather, Interlude Man, and some Slumberhouse. A spray or two to the tum tum will do just right.
29th December, 2017
Wet ashtray.
Black coffee in bed.
Tree sappy.

Arty, manly, lumberjack noise. I like it a lot.
29th October, 2017
Some years ago, the hype around Black Afgano was so heated that it was difficult to think of approaching it with a cool head. Today, one wonders what all the fuss was all about. It is a solidly made perfume, decently balanced for a such a full-throttle blend of spicy incense and resinous woods, but I smell little that distinguishes it from a legion of butch creations in a similar manner spanning the range from some Amouage offerings, to Montales and on to the many designers that have opened up the box labelled ‘rugged, spicy oud’.
There’s smoke, there’s some leather going ‘Grrr’, there’s old-boy tobacco, in a mix that’s aimed at being dark and decadent but is now shorthand for a certain kind of knuckle-dragging perfumery masculinity. I suppose it is welcome that the makers market it as a unisex scent. But beyond that, this really isn’t dope, even though it claims to smell like it. Nope, I have loved ones who are warriors for cannabis freedom in their dreams but nothing about Black Afgano reminds me of anything they’ve ever brought to my nose. Kinski does a much more convincing job on that front. What Black Afgano does have is a pinch of pungent dried herbals in the mix, resembling crushed fenugreek and curry leaves, that mixes effortlessly with the spice.
Good if you like powerhouses in this manner. I find I’ve had enough of their persistent personalities after a few hours.
21st October, 2017
Amazing intensity, quality and my favorite from Nasomatto with Duro a close second.
Landshark described it perfectly, I don't have much to add.
Probably not the most versatile fragrance out there and definitely not work safe unless you work in a coffee shop in Amsterdam or undercover at a Phish concert.

One of my guilty pleasure scents.
15th October, 2017
This is a beautiful scent!
Opens with a huge blast of cannabis and a resinous, sticky greenness that last for 3-4 hours, before being joined by lots of aromatic woody notes and a spicy incense, almost with a sweet and smokey accord.
I also get wafts of a deep intense floral note, although none is listed in the profile, and i think it may well be a blend of the coffee and tobacco?
I find this so easy to wear and not at all overpowering, although it is thunderously strong and lasts over 24 hours on my skin and projects like a beast.
I was in a coffee shop and the barrista was asked what frag she had on, to which she replied, 'It's not me, it's the guy sat upstairs', I'd gone in there 20 mins earlier!

Is it really unisex? Yes, as to my nose it's not overtly feminine or masculine but should be viewed as a truly remarkable piece of perfumery that has created a delectable scent that is powerful without being overbearing, sweet but never cloying and an absolute joy to wear!!
23rd September, 2017

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