Ange ou Démon Le Secret (2009)
    by Givenchy

    Ange ou Démon Le Secret Fragrance Notes

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    I really am quite astounded that some reviewers don't get the lemon in this....its the first note that I get. I grant you, its not long lasting, soon replaced by the dryness of the tea and cranberry, but it most certainly is there.
    The middle stage is my favourite, loads of peony, some jasmine, still with the lingering cran-tea combo. Sweet, strong and delicious. It really does smell like something you could drink.
    Fortunately for me the patchouli is non existent in the base. I only get the sweet woods and a touch of musk.
    Ange ou Demon Le Secret is a lovely fragrance for a cool early spring day like today, I suspect it would fade to nothing in the heat of summer, if I have any left by then I'll try it out.
    A definite like, but not special enough to be love, but I'll enjoy using it this spring.

    19 March, 2012

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    Greece Greece

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    water flowers and orange , woods , white flowers and powder .
    a nice choice for daytime wear, smells clean and fresh, i love it. it evaporates quite quickly though, what a pity! it would be splendid if it could last longer! even if you try the whole range:shower gel,body lotion and perfume , le secret does not remain on your skin for a long time.
    the other version(le secret elixir ) is less sweet, more bitter and although is elixir lasts even shorter.however is more mysterious and suitable for night time wear.between" le secret" and" le secret elixir" i would still chose" le secret".

    29 February, 2012

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    United States United States

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    It took me about half my mini to figure out that ANGE OU DEMON LE SECRET is basically a dilute pinkish fruity-floral tea fragrance. Something like Diet Cranberry Snapple.

    Here are the notes according to Givenchy (sugar is not listed, so I'm assuming it's nutrasweet or sucralose?):

    top: Italian winter lemon, cranberries, green tea leaf
    heart: Jasmine, white peony, water flowers
    base: Blond woods, patchouli

    Yet another boring flanker. Every bit as inoffensive as it is forgettable.

    08 November, 2011 (Last Edited: 15 November, 2011)

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    Australia Australia

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    Ange ou Demon Le Secret is pretty, but not nearly as unique as the original Ange ou Demon.

    Although not particularly outstanding, this will be widely liked because of its inoffensive, simplistic and safe floral blend.

    I sense a majority of the notes listed. Peony, jasmine, green tea, soft lemon and white woods are all there, however the patchouli is very mild, not nearly as dominating as I would have liked it to be.

    Le Secret is sweet but not overly so. The fragrance is very balanced and feminine. It has an almost fresh and clean like quality which I do admire.

    Overall, the lasting strength and sillage is good, if not better than average. All in all, this is a lovely, soft floral which tends to be shy rather than loud. A very basic yet enjoyable casual scent in my opinion.

    15 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This scent struck me immediately. It was unbelievably gorgeous, with a burst of cranberry that left me stunned. Then just as quickly, it was gone, it totally fell apart on my skin after 10 minutes. Somehow the middle notes didn't really hold on and I got a relatively distasteful mess of smell on my wrists for awhile. Then finally, something settled in and I could enjoy the patchoulli and woodsy base. I really really loved the initial smell, and was pleased by the final dry down, but that middle time was just unbearable.

    02 June, 2011

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Not at all like Ange ou Démon, Le Secret could have got a name of its own.

    Very interesting and longlasting on me. Not sweet on my skin, even if I usually develops sweetness from perfumes. I guess this one is for spring and summer, but I haven´t tried it in hot weather yet. It has big personality, even though it is a gentle perfume. This can become my best summerperfume this year!

    10th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 10th September, 2011)

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