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Grey Vetiver (2009)
by Tom Ford


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 561 votes)

People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Grey Vetiver

Grey Vetiver is a masculine fragrance by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of Grey Vetiver

I usually hate vetiver fragrances, but this is a nice spicy, citrus and green grass fragrance. Not FB worthy, but a thumbs up b/c it's a vetiver that I like.
05th July, 2016
Perfectly masculine. Just barely some spice. Understated, not flashy. A soapy drydown fades to something more comfortable. The new suit and tie.
30th June, 2016
Every once in while, while I am waiting for my girl to pick another purse, I make a pass to through Sephora. I like to see if anything has changed. Most is rubbish.

This one always catches me up. No rubbish here. This is a standard scent, not flashy. It is the kind of scent that will become one of the old standbys.
18th June, 2016
I had heard good things about this fragrance, so I figured I would like it. I like Original Vetiver by Creed, but I struggled with the synthetic feeling of Grey Vetiver. I did enjoy the final stage more than the opening or the middle notes as it softened, but I'll have to give it another wear.
02nd May, 2016
I fell in love with this scent almost instantaneously, it makes me feel like I'm finally home, confortable and relaxed. As a woman I've never been attracted to flowery women scents unless it's light and mixed with citrus notes. In my twenties I was already looking for something more masculine but not too heavy either and couldn't find what I was looking for. This is the one! 15 years later.
The mix of vetiver, orange, grapefruit makes perfect sense for a woman to wear it, it lighten the base. As the top notes start to fade, the warmth of the vetiver is staying on my skin for the rest of the day and can help me survive a stressful day at work or escort me in the weekend as I lounge on my sofa or walk in the wood near my house.
My boyfriend likes it, I like it.

23rd April, 2016
Future Jason:

You wore this today because you were getting bummed about giving so many neutral reviews. You wanted a sure thing.

So, that should probably be enough to suggest you've liked this in the past. However else to fill up this review space? The community demands verbs.

Is "grey" an appropriate or meaningful modifier, here? Is it an attempt to generate attachment, and meaning-by-proxy, as users think of... what? Charcoal suits? Cloudy days? An intercity bus common carrier serving over 2,700 destinations across North America?

I don't think it's that last one. Maybe the first two. I get that this is a bit subdued, and as such, smells like nature without smelling like you just rolled in lawn clippings. This is your business hiking fragrance. Perhaps even your "whiskey and light sweaters on the balcony" fragrance.

Notes: it's a vetiver, d&$%mit. What do you expect?

FWIW, Encre Noire might qualify as "more interesting," but you've found yourself getting a bit woozy on that one, somewhere near hour seven of it being Encre Noire. This one--more palatable, a few notches lower on the razzle dazzle.
30th March, 2016

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