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Nightscape (2009)
by Ulrich Lang


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseUlrich Lang

About Nightscape

Nightscape is a masculine fragrance by Ulrich Lang. The scent was launched in 2009

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United States
I appreciate minimalism as well as anyone, but instead of being called Molecule 01 or 02, this should just be 0no. An unfortunate woody amber is all I smell throughout. I know there are other things trying to peek through. They are just overwhelmed.
03rd June, 2017
Fruity and floral start, a darker patchouli heart with a drip of sweet amber and honey, a really dry, somber smoke drydown. The trait d'union from beginning to end is a subtle silky floral note - brighter first, then sweeter, then darker. Basically an olfactive depiction of a day from dawn till sunset. Overall clean and contemporary, with that "safe-for-office" attitude - nothing raw here. Nicely balanced, nicely composed, nice evolution.

13th February, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
An evocative leather/floral modern chypre.

This is an incredibly compelling modern leather/floral/chypre by Ulrich Lang which deeply stroke my brave olfactory heart :-). Since the beginning i detect some Montale Black Aoud's distinctive elements swirling around (due to a common foundation represented by a leather, floral notes, patchouli, musk, citrus and woody resins). There is soon in the air that typical almost medicinal floral/spicy cool muskiness that inebriates the senses with its touch of daring "exoticism" and charisma. There are some little spices in the Nightscape's wake, may be saffron, curcuma of something else, that turn the muskiness out such more kind of dusty, "fresh" and almost prickly. I detect also a tad of almost mineral (and anyway herbal, "concrete type", slightly humid of rain and woodsy from the forest) amber vibe which i noted (in such a form) for instance in the wonderful Jacques Zolty by Zolty. Black Aoud is for sure less leathery (initially more stuffy/medicinal), more labdanum centered and more stressed over the starring note of rose while in here the floral elements are more shy and just surrounding the olfactory nut while is dominant a sort of musky/leathery resinous aroma which is ambery, weirdly mineral and kind of incensey (if the incense is blended in the mix- and i'm not sure about- it is combined with the other elements in minimal amount or more probably is the tonka combined with leather which gives me this faint illusion). The note of patchouli represents a sort of olfactory backbone for the perfumed fatigue. The dry down (misty, mossy, arcane but with an X factor which is subtle, sophisticated, modern) arouses a denser (never too much anyway) and darker feel in the air, something woodsy, really chypre (a bit a la Santal 33 Le Labo), aromatic, earthy/stoney and ambery a la Jacques Zolty, still anyway mastered by a durable (almost pharmaceutical) resinous leathery muskiness with floral nuances. SUPERB.

Pros: Incredibly compelling, refined, arcane and modern at once.
Cons: Any."

07th October, 2013
For all the talk about the magic of the patchouli in Nightscape, I personally think it's the chypre structure that really sets it off. If there's such a thing as a minimalist chypre, one containing only the few required ingredients, I'd like to nominate Nightscape to represent it. It's mostly about the mix of patchouli, gabanum, vetiver, and moss in the base, topped with just a touch of the required bergamot. There's also a bright menthol note that scared me for a second, but was quickly incorporated into the rest of the scent, where it acted as a very clever brightener, adding much-needed lift to a scent that's almost all base.

As such, it progressed more over the course of the day than I expected, starting out green and forest-floor-ish, before a nice mace note joined in and made everything more chocolatey.

My one complaint is that it's pretty weak. Sure, it's pretty much all basenotes, so it lasts just fine, but it's simply not very strong. I guess this could have smelled like a laughably dated powerhouse were it stronger, but I would have appreciated more volume, personally. That being said, it's amazing that the century-old chypre skeleton smells so modern and streamlined now when stripped of its 20th century bells and whistles.
21st June, 2012
This one has an interesting development. Nightscape opens with an extremely "clear" patchouli note that is surprisingly unaltered, considering how tame the scent is in the long run. The opening patch note is about as direct of a patch as I've smelled, for about 5 minutes. Really great opening.

As the heart approaches, the sharper green notes make an appearance to refrigerate the patchouli note and lend a definite soapy and sharp woodsy vibe to the scent. This is probably my least favorite phase, and is somewhat of a letdown after the excellent patchouli opening. However,this phase is unique among patchoulis and is well done - so this is just my personal preference.

In the base, the scent drops both the purity of the opening and sharper greens of the middle and becomes a comforting, very smooth skin scent of tonka and musk, with just enough of the original patch peeking through. Overall the scent is pretty minimalistic compared to the usual amber-infused patchouli fragrances, but this is intentional and effective. A worthy addition to the patchouli genre.
05th November, 2011
03rd September, 2010

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