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Back to Black (2009)
by By Kilian


Back to Black information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBy Kilian
PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker

About Back to Black

Back to Black is a shared / unisex perfume by By Kilian. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Calice Asancheyev-Becker

Reviews of Back to Black

Fruity honeyed tobacco with a good dose of powder...not bad...I had a decant that I enjoyed wearing , but not enough to invest in any the same ballpark as Tobacco Vanille , Herod , Pure Havane and Naxos...actually probably the closest is So Oud Asmar which I did like enough to grab a full bottle...but as always , sample and let your own nose decide what you like...does get more and more pleasing as it dries down...
15th August, 2017
I got a decant of this fragrance, and have worn it around six times. It has decent sillage, but the overwhelming main note that I smell is a combination of baby powder/rose and old attic smell (if that resonates for anyone), with a recurring tang of old urine. I keep expecting to get something different, but it is quite consistent over a range of temperatures and humidity levels.
21st June, 2017
You can smell the quality of a niche fragrance, but it's not to my taste. I much prefer Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, just my subjective opinion. I find this only okay, a little too subtle on the tobacco with too much of a sweet, almost fruity note of vanilla being completely drowned out by the honey.

Too many sprays could overpower people with the sweetness. Overall, nothing special for the price.

If you love this brand and tobacco based fragrances I recommend 'Light my fire' from the same house.
01st May, 2017
Back to Black smells attractive when sniffed periodically, but it remains unflinchingly dense, heavy and sweet, and doesn't display the kind of deft evolution required for this kind of scent to remain interesting and wearable for me.

As others have mentioned, what you smell on top - basically a big, wet pipe tobacco note with burnt sugar and honey - is what you get until the end. Minimal evolution. The accord is nice, but it quickly gets cloying, and I wish the scent would dry out a bit more. The strong honey note makes for a compelling experience in that it brings out a distinctly wet and animalic tone in the tobacco note. I think there's a great opportunity here to keep that animalism alive and tone down the mushy, wet sweetness. Performance is strong, but at this price point, I simply expect a more dynamic experience.
27th April, 2017
Back to Black is another one of those modern 'tobacco' fragrances inspired in one way or the other by Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. The note of tobacco here smells very similar to that in the Tom Ford: spicy, hints of dried cherry, and more close to pipe tobacco than anything else. This is fused with a sweetness that comes from the honey. The initial burst is spicy with the tobacco dominating, but the sweetness emerges shortly thereafter. This accord doesn't change, and continues to persist till the dry-down. There's also a distinct lack of dynamics. The sweetness is very prominent but not overwhelming. Sillage on skin appears to be appreciable, and duration at least 5-6 hours.

While Back to Black is respectable, it comes across as too flat and one-dimensional. Even within that, the accord is neither ingenuous nor compelling. Santa Maria Novella's Acqua di Cuba offers a far more interesting, dynamic and satisfying composition among tobacco-honey concoctions, as does Pure Havane.

25th March, 2017
Sweet, longlasting, honey and tobacco - honey dries down after a few hours, at its finest after 4 hours. More or less linear, notwithstanding a slight fade on the honey which allows a little more tobacco through. Persistently powdery, just on the right side of being too much so. Nicer than it sounds - totally delicious, in fact. The first time I smelt this I thought it was too sweet, but now I crave it. If you're not fussed for presentation and the juice is your main concern, go straight for the refills. I'm not mad about Kilian presentation as it happens, certainly not mad enough to pay £100 just for a smart bottle which is going to stay in a dark cupboard anyway...
29th January, 2017 (last edited: 31st March, 2017)

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