Lumière Noire pour Homme (2009)
    by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Lumière Noire pour Homme Fragrance notes

    Spiced rose, Patchouli, Mugwort herb

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    Italy Italy

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    LNPH performs by soon like a modern spicy/musky (sparkling and aromatic) fougere with at once a romantic/rosey and an extra fancy urban appeal. It opens with a marvellously spicy/green/citrusy (slightly orangy and exotic) blast conjuring me more than vaguely the mythical Vintage Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli Pour Homme but in a more modern way and with a less herbal initial approach. I detect indeed by soon an equally definite sweetly spicy vibe but a less stout watery/aromatic temperament (which is anyway polished from the slightly barber-shop citrus-lavender Gigli's feel). In a while I detect a mastering rose/patchouli supported by cinnamon, nutmeg, probably hints of cumin all over a dominant musky/ambery base. Probably minimal hints of civet, opoponax, edible balsams and tobacco take part to the olfactory orchestra (finally slightly powdery, semi-oriental ambery, lipstick and vaguely soapy/vanillic) and all of it conjures me an ideal blend of Gigli, the classic Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt and (at the beginning) Lancetti IL (another disappeared ghost). Well, despite I like this fragrance for its delicate and balanced final rosey subtleness and despite being this sweet/musky mélange a nice rose/patchouli with a modern label I can't say to be fully satisfied. Over a really promissing first and second stage the final aroma seems to me vaguely "cosmetical" with its sort of Labello's undertone compromising complexity and a real level of realistic refinement. Probably I had huge expectations about or probably I was expecting something more sensual and bold. Anyway a romantic aroma well made and suave with an extremely light balmy "pink" trail.

    04 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 07 April, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    It took me awhile to find a masculine rose that I really enjoy, but here it is: Lumiere Noire Pour Homme.

    Most rose fragrances wear too powdery and feminine for my taste (Lyric Man, Baie Rose 26). The ones that are masculine enough (Rose 31) are simply boring and lacking in the Rose intensity; not the mention the hoard of Rose-Aoud combos which are tiresome.

    Lumiere Noire manages to have a prominent Rose note, but together with the Patchouli and cinnamin, comes across as completely unisex if not leaning masculine. The spiciness in this one is significantly more biting and entertaining than that in Rose 31. The "biting" top does calm down after awhile and the fragrance continues to improve throughout its scentlife.

    Performance is off the charts, both with projection and longevity.

    The floral genre will never be my favorite but this one stands out as an exception.


    18 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Simple yet sexy. Opens up as a very earthy and spicy rose. Patchouli and cinnamon heavy with a watery, spicy rose. I imagine not a rose per say, but more of a rose petal sitting on top of water with sweetened soil in a jar. Constructed as EDT strength and performs as such on my skin. Perfect for a walk in the park, with a loved one, on a cool spring day, whether the sun is present or not.

    10th March, 2014

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    Delicate, yet dark and elegant. It smells quite like a real "perfume" should smell, which means a rich, multi-faceted, narrative composition to discover and to follow, as it changes quite much from the opening through the drydown. Rose-patchouli-leather accord, just to give you a general idea. Longevity is a bit poor but it has quite a wide projection.


    08 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    tempest moon

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    A perfect play between Dark and Light...

    Starts out with a clean, soapy, delicate rose, then descends into earthy fougère territory (courtesy of the dark patchouli accord). Like something which can be savage and delicate at the same time. A rose fougère if ever there was one!

    Incredibly nice, and proof that Francis Kurkdjian is an incredibly talented man!

    Simple, delicate and brilliant.

    21st November, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Lumiere noir PH gave the entirely welcome first impression of something quite out of its time, belonging to the gutsier classics of an age when perfume was unabashedly perfumey, certain loved notes hadn’t been ‘recommended’ out of existence and there was less of a need for a yappy top to sell product.
    All that being said, do not expect a heavy, cloying creation – its trail is polite not overbearing. And there’s nothing wrong with Lumiere Noir’s top either – it just doesn’t yap.
    What it does have is an air of formality, a confidence in its own exceptionality that doesn’t require tricksiness. And yet it is a perfume for everybody, definitely not just for chin-strokers going ‘hmmm’ – it’s the light, sure touch that makes it so.
    To mention the rose-patchouli combination is almost banal, so transformed into something greater and gauzier are these elements. Those who think they can’t stand either, may be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, it gives a cumin hater like myself not the slightest bother, even though the note is clearly present. It’s this introduction of familiar notes in a manner that seems renewed and a little strange that is perhaps its secret.
    The key to this creation seems to be the artemesia, herbal, with a bitter aftertaste, creating the kind of asymmetry that is essential to artistic success. Along with the meaty aspect of patchouli, it brings musty, skin-like associations, giving Lumiere Noir a touch of the corporeal and making the end result something that merges with and emanates gloriously from the wearer’s person. The more one wears it, the greater the love.
    Crying out to be released in a stronger concentration.

    11th November, 2013

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