Lumière Noire pour Homme (2009)
    by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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    Lumière Noire pour Homme Fragrance notes

    Spiced rose, Patchouli, Mugwort herb

    Lumière Noire pour Homme information

    Lumière Noire pour Homme is a men's fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Nothing special jumps out at me for this fragrance. I found this dull and boring a little cinnamon a generous dosage of spices for some strange reason I don't pick up the patchouli. On the upside it does last on my skin.

    10th July, 2014

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    Genre: Fougère

    Francis Kurkdjian has a penchant for high quality re-imaginings of historical classics: witness Enlévement au Sérail, Promesse de l’Aube, and even Narciso Rodriguez for Her, which seem respectively to channel Mitsouko, Chant d’Aròmes, and Bois des Îles through a contemporary olfactory sensibility. In each of these cases Kurkdjian avoids pastiche by streamlining olfactory contours and sharpening contrasts between accords to reveal underlying structural details. It’s a kind of olfactory liposuction, but one that magically circumvents the sterile reductionism that some other prominent perfumers have stumbled on in their pursuit of lean “modernity.”

    Lumière Noire provides yet another example of Kurkdjian in his historicizing mode. It opens as a potent, spicy, animalic fougère that harks right back in style to Azzaro pour Homme, Jules, and Lauder for Men. As with some of Kurkdjian’s other recent successful scents, (I’m thinking particularly Enlévement aus Sérail,) Lumière Noire undergoes a chameleonic development with several distinct and interesting stages.

    As the heavier aromatic and animalic notes retreat partway, Lumière Noire appears to skip forward two or three decades in style, into a spiced orange and nutty, creamy musk arrangement reminiscent of Kenzo’s Ça Scent Beau, only considerably darker and more weighty. The spiced orange fougère accord is next joined by a dark, winey rose note, which lends the composition an even more serious and pensive demeanor. Lumière Noire’s rose does not shoulder its way so far forward as those in Amouage Lyric Man, Czech & Speake No. 88, or their Edwardian predecessor Hammam Bouquet. Instead it remains tightly integrated, yet distinctly discernable, within the root fougère architecture.

    While it doesn’t fall neatly into the “masculine” rose tradition, I do find something very familiar in Lumière Noire’s overall shape and mood. In fact, the warm, heavy musk, the sweet spices, and the prominent floral accord in a dark fougère context have parallels in Caron’s Third Man. Enough so that Lumière Noire could pass as Third Man’s younger, slightly slimmer cousin, with rose assuming the dominant floral role played by lavender in the older scent. The drydown sets the waning animalic musk against mild patchouli and a woody note with a very dry, sawdust texture. It’s not Lumière Noire’s most distinctive or prepossessing stage, but with so much of interest preceding it, I’m not going to complain.

    19 June, 2014

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    LNPH performs by soon like a modern spicy/musky (sparkling and aromatic) fougere with at once a romantic/rosey and an extra fancy urban appeal. It opens with a marvellously spicy/green/citrusy (slightly orangy and exotic) blast conjuring me more than vaguely the mythical Vintage Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli Pour Homme but in a more modern way and with a less herbal initial approach. I detect indeed by soon an equally definite sweetly spicy vibe but a less stout watery/aromatic temperament (which is anyway polished from the slightly barber-shop citrus-lavender Gigli's feel). In a while I detect a mastering rose/patchouli supported by cinnamon, nutmeg, probably hints of cumin all over a dominant musky/ambery base. Probably minimal hints of civet, opoponax, edible balsams and tobacco take part to the olfactory orchestra (finally slightly powdery, semi-oriental ambery, lipstick and vaguely soapy/vanillic) and all of it conjures me an ideal blend of Gigli, the classic Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt and (at the beginning) Lancetti IL (another disappeared ghost). Well, despite I like this fragrance for its delicate and balanced final rosey subtleness and despite being this sweet/musky mélange a nice rose/patchouli with a modern label I can't say to be fully satisfied. Over a really promising first and second stage the final aroma seems to me vaguely "cosmetical" with its sort of Labello's undertone compromising complexity and a real level of realistic refinement. Probably I had huge expectations about or probably I was expecting something more sensual and bold. Anyway a romantic aroma well made and suave with an extremely light balmy "pink" trail.

    04 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 13 June, 2014)

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    It took me awhile to find a masculine rose that I really enjoy, but here it is: Lumiere Noire Pour Homme.

    Most rose fragrances wear too powdery and feminine for my taste (Lyric Man, Baie Rose 26). The ones that are masculine enough (Rose 31) are simply boring and lacking in the Rose intensity; not the mention the hoard of Rose-Aoud combos which are tiresome.

    Lumiere Noire manages to have a prominent Rose note, but together with the Patchouli and cinnamin, comes across as completely unisex if not leaning masculine. The spiciness in this one is significantly more biting and entertaining than that in Rose 31. The "biting" top does calm down after awhile and the fragrance continues to improve throughout its scentlife.

    Performance is off the charts, both with projection and longevity.

    The floral genre will never be my favorite but this one stands out as an exception.


    18 March, 2014

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    Simple yet sexy. Opens up as a very earthy and spicy rose. Patchouli and cinnamon heavy with a watery, spicy rose. I imagine not a rose per say, but more of a rose petal sitting on top of water with sweetened soil in a jar. Constructed as EDT strength and performs as such on my skin. Perfect for a walk in the park, with a loved one, on a cool spring day, whether the sun is present or not.

    10th March, 2014

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    I think Kurkdjian is a much talented nose who does not want (or need, or has the chance) to use all his talent. His scents (well, some of) smell great, but not as great as they could if they were just, say, more "free" to express their potential. Lumière Noire is a perfect example of this in my opinion. The opening is great, a complex but splendid blend of rose, citrus notes (bergamot or neroli, I guess), dark woods, spices (cinnamon, cloves, saffron, cumin?), vanilla, an earthy-green crunchy note of patchouli and a dusty feel of tobacco leaves. Fresh and dark, dense and sticky, with a small but dense animalic heart crawling underneath. Also much powerful, with an incredible balance. It's all great, but at the same time, also much restrained and controlled: no roughness, no flaws, no imperfections, all is perfect and ready to be obediently worn by almost anyone. The animalic note is there, but the animal is trained and on a leash. Sensual, elegant and dark enough to be distinctive, yet clean and refined to be safe and wearable. In a word: censored. I think an "uncensored" version of this would smell just awesome. For the moment it's only a "very good".


    08 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 30th April, 2014)

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