Cologne pour le Soir (2009)
    by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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    Cologne pour le Soir Fragrance notes

    Benzoin, Rose honey

    Cologne pour le Soir information

    Cologne pour le Soir is a unisex fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Intriguing scent – unique. Apparently it’s a skin-scent variation on the cologne concept. And instead of citrus and fresh green, it builds itself around incense absolute, benzoin, honey and rose – obviously it is an evening scent. I was thrown off-track with the first spray when for a couple of seconds it reminded me of an ‘80s powerhouse but then it settled down in a minute or two to the subtle incense absolute which smelled like an incense odor that doesn’t have a resinous emanation. By five or ten minutes into it, Cologne pour le Soir had settled into its skin scent persona, and stayed there for an two or three hours: It is a gentle infusion of benzoin, rose, and incense; it is airy and stays close to the skin; and every once in a while I think I smell a bit of civet or indoles floating off the skin. Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Cologne pour le Soir is sophisticated, subtle and incredibly sensual.

    24th March, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Among things Francis Kurkdjian is exceptionally good at is the evocation of skin. Tender, soft, warm, discretely musky, and in this case, thinly veiled in sweet powder, this is fantasy skin of course – no one really smells like this naturally, but the suggestion that such physical grace may be available to some is part of Cologne pour le Soir’s charm.
    Your guess is as good as mine about why it’s called a cologne when it has none of the citruses or herbals associated with that category. Maybe because it wears light and gauzy. I’d suggest the second half of the name is an important qualifier – if colognes are bright and breezy scents with a sunny disposition, this is perhaps Kurkdjian’s take of an after dark version, quieter, wearing chiffon, relaxing on a lounger. More mundanely, this is fine any time of the day, really.
    Cologne pour le Soir’s notes are pretty abstracted: the rose here is a bit like the rose in Parfum Sacre, the benzoin (if the minuscule amounts permitted by IFRA can be evident in a composition) lending a slight vanillic tone to the generally balsamic feel of this perfume, the honey is again reminiscent of skin. What matters is the statement it makes is direct and it says something like: Come here, let me hold you close, let me sniff the back of your neck.

    14th November, 2013

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    reinvented classic

    Francis Kurkdjian made Cologne pour le Soir and I drive a Mini Cooper.
    Eau de Cologne works not just because of the combination of ingredients and how they smell. It has to do with how they work together and how the composition unfolds. We tend to associate cologne with its characteristic smells: citrus (fruit, leaves, woods) herbs, florals, musk. But I would argue, and so apparently would Francis Kurkdjian, based on his Cologne pour le Soir, that the defining attribute of eau de cologne is not its scent, but the character of its dynamic qualities over time.
    We call cologne bracing and think that this quality is just a reflection of the sparkling scent of citrus. The bracing trait really comes from the volatility of the components. The top notes shine brightly but briefly. "Bracing" comes not so much from the tenor of the citrus notes specifically, but the alacrity of the top notes overall. In ten minutes any cologne you've ever tried goes from a flare to a much quieter glow. To mix my metaphors, cologne goes from shining brightly to a quiet whisper in a very short period of time. This is an attribute of all classic eaux de cologne.
    Every Eau de Cologne that you've ever smelled smells largely like any other Eau de Cologne you've ever smelled. The composition can just as easily be considered a recipe as a formula. It’s in the public domain, it’s apparently easy to make, and it can be made from what you’d more likely call ingredients than aromachemicals.
    Kurkdjian reinvents the Cologne by throwing away the recipe and looking more closely. His Cologne du Soir is a cologne by virtue of its dynamic qualities. He reconstructs the eau de cologne not on hesperidic notes, but on benzoin and rose, notes you might expect to find weighing down the classic oriental. Kurkdjian pares down rose and benzoin, making them lighter than air yet true to character. It’s a smart idea, and comes off beautifully. As in the classic Eau, the topnotes have a half life measured in minutes, but they’re a blast. Heartnotes unfold into basenotes, and what remains is a hint of a cumin-inflected incense with a rosy, musky skin glow. And it just feels effortless.
    So, I drive a Mini. What I love about my car is that it's perfectly balanced. Just like Cologne pour le Soir. I can stomp on the brakes, stand on the throttle, or crank the steering wheel without fear of overpowering the chassis. It gives a beautiful combination of fun and expectability to driving. Similarly, no note in Cologne pour le Soir overpowers the rest of the composition. By focusing on the dynamics of the experience, Kurkdjian remains true to the sensibility of the Cologne, but gives us something new.
    I would wear this stuff night or day.
    from scenthurdle

    28th May, 2013

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    Dr. Pepper and honey.

    17th April, 2013

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    maybe this should have been thumbs up, becasue i was fascinated by the scent at first, i thought it stands just in the middle of masculine and feminine scent, its dusty rose, but i never honestly liked it,
    it starts with a gentle fecal note, but not offensive, that when rose kicks in you wonder how nice this turned out after all, and then feels like a cloud over you , of soft cashmire blanket! thats it! it warms you up!
    and i found out later that i dont like to have cashmire blanket over me as a perfume, it reminds me of an old school perfumes, by the atmosphere, like Bal a versailles, the concentration is perfect i think becasue in higher concentration this may be suffocating!
    Its rtaher simple, but good!!

    If i liked the notes it would be thumbs up.

    11th January, 2013

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    Malaysia Malaysia

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    As off-the-beaten track cologne flanker for the "Le Soir" line by MFK i prefer the absolute version (which is an EDP) which goes by the name of "Absolute Pour Le Soir" - The Cologne version is lighter, disappears fast and you have to dig your nose into your skin for any sign of it - this has more honey and less incense and is brighter, its much less animalic as well ,given the choice, i'd go for the darker more animalic EDP, i know this is a cologne and its supposed to worn like a second skin - nevertherless for this kind of scent i think "the edge" is what makes it promising and its missing here.

    23rd August, 2012

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