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Jasmine Musk (2009)
by Tom Ford


Jasmine Musk information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 22 votes)

People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Jasmine Musk

Jasmine Musk is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2009

Jasmine Musk fragrance notes

Reviews of Jasmine Musk

A clean white floral musk...

Now, when Tom Ford released his White Musk collection he was doing something totally different from the rest of the Private Blend fragrances, which were (mostly) worth the money (ie they had great longevity, staying power, sillage etc.)... this doesn't.

What Jasmine Musk is... (and basically all the other White Musk fragrances are) is a light perfume for you to spray on when you don't want to wear any of the heavier Private Blend fragrances like Tobacco Vanille or Amber Absolute. Basically it gives rich people an excuse to buy every type of fragrance from Tom Ford's Private Line (ie on an exclusive basis). So you can buy this and also own something like Tobacco Vanille, which could be worn for evening and this for the daytime or on less formal days. This one could also be worn formally but ultimately, this is really more of a skin scent.

The scent itself is based around the tried and tested combination of ylang-ylang, jasmine sandalwood and vanilla, with hints of musk. I can say that even if Samsara by Guerlain was being charged at the same Tom Ford prices, it would be a better investment than this one. Thankfully, it's a lot cheaper (and still in production).

Yes is nice. I could see on a woman this would be incredibly stylish, and very chic. But really the price is too much to pay for something that just smells "nice", and is a little safe (and which only lasts a few hours). That is, unless you are rich, and one of Tom Ford's exclusive clients. Jasmine Musk has been discontinued... don't bother looking for it. Buy Samsara instead.
25th November, 2014

Is someone kidding me? This perfume smells like talking with a teenage girl wearing a cheap fruity floral (any one---you choose. ) as she chews bubblegum that she's had in her mouth for half an hour so that it has the best of both saliva and flavoring.

Bubblegum breath meets bubblegum perfume for 200+ dollars.


27th August, 2013
To my nose, this is mostly just white musk (the smell of plain white soap) with a white flowers accord on top, as well as a weird shot of indoles. It's not terrible (it smells fine) or boring (the indoles give it some unexpected weirdness), but not very remarkable. There's a short-lived shot of jasmine at the top that got my hopes up, but this mostly smells like flowery soap, so it pretty much just makes you smell like you just took a soapy shower.
20th January, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The initial jasmine blast is wonderful. It lasts about half an hour, and the scent is retreating very close to my skin. The base note is a very light musk with a touch of fruitiness, but less interesting than for instance Urban Musk from the same series. After a bit more than two hours it is gone.
24th August, 2012
I found this scent to be very pretty but disappointingly short lived. This seemed to be a different Jasmine scent than ones I've previously tried ie: Creed's Jasmal,By Killian's Love & Tears...Surrender. It smelled a little greener with different notes comprising the overall scent and, upon drydown, you could pick up more of the musk. It did settle into a nice "Jasminey/Musk" after and hour or so but as far as longevity I think I'll stick to Serge Lutens or By Killian's Jasmine based scents. Not worth it's pricey tag,however. I'd pay it if the scent had better sillage but not now.
24th April, 2011
I LOVE this perfume- on me it's like it's name- pure jasmine and musk ( white )
The Jasmine is fresh, alive and blooming,linear supported by the light musk. The drawback is longevity for the price which is a shame.
The jasmine is similar to the jasmine in Creed's Jasmal .
01st June, 2010

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