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White Suede (2009)
by Tom Ford


White Suede information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About White Suede

White Suede is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of White Suede

A clean white musk scent. Wonderful fragrance, but sits WAY to close to the skin. Sprayed myself at Nordstroms, and by the time I was out of the store, I could only smell it if I lifted my collar to my nose. Great smell, fair longevity, but POOR projection.
01st December, 2017
Tom Ford White Suede is definitely more my speed than Ombre Leather 16, which just provided a leather-centric accord that is less daring and interesting than Tuscan Leather.

White Suede, by contrast, is a leatehr/floral blend that has quite a unisex appeal. Suede is still the main standout, with contributions from rose, saffron, tea, and amber.

I'm not sure why but it comes off powdery on my skin, a powdery leather floral bit that while walking the unisex line nicely nonetheless comes off as a little feminine, as many powdery fragrances do, and I'd say that this is more exaggerated due to leathers usually being among the most masculine-leaning fragrances.

Performance seems adequate, perhaps slightly better than Ombre Leather 16 but not as good as Tuscan Leather.

FragranceX has this at under $170 so it's on the secondary market at a significant discount from the current retail standard of $225, but I'm not sure I'd spring for a bottle due to the powdery aspect. Still, overall, a pleasant fragrance and a nice softer, unisex alternative to Tuscan Leather.

7 out of 10
17th November, 2016
I initially fell in love with this one.... bought it, but find it to be too feminine on me. It smells great out of the bottle, very unique as I do not believe I have sampled or owned anything similar.
16th September, 2016
When I initially sprayed, I thought it would be a winner. After about 30 minutes, I could barely smell it. A light chemical concoction very poor projection and longevity. Really wouldn't know when to wear this one. 6.5/10
18th August, 2016
White? Suede?

White suede starts out with a nose-hair singeing chemical suede scent that seems like a shoddy copy of Heeley's cool-to-the-touch Cuir Pleine Fleur. It’s not half-hearted, or ‘not-quite’, it smells defective. The jarring topnotes give me a bit of fight or flight reaction, and I have to make certain not to shit myself.

In perfumery the notion of suede is usually conjured with references to tea, dried leaves, birch, violet and the like. And, while true that ‘leather’ notes might more precisely be called ‘tannery’ notes, the chemistry involved in White Suede is undisguised. White Suede grows quieter, but never less shrill and gives the nerve-wracking sensation of a siren passing you, fading in the distance, but always sounding too sharp in pitch.

By chemical I mean unnatural. "Natural" is the verbal equivalent of zero in mathematics. Strictly defined, imaginary, entirely conceptual. In common usage "natural" is falsely fundamental. We use it with a wink and a nod and make a point of never defining it and hoping nobody else will either. It carries enormous significance, principally judgement--good and worthy--but has no meaning in fact. I find it hard to use the word in a sentence.

But 'unnatural' is another bird entirely. It’s campy but not blatantly humorous. It comes to have much more meaning than 'natural' because it's like saying, 'all that crap over there--the things you stuff inelegantly into that word "natural"? It's not that.' 'Natural' is a consensual fiction that we don't dare pry into. 'Unnatural' in perfumery means that you can’t hide the chemical origin with a botanical ‘note’. ("Watch out, girl. That chemical flower note will torch your ass!") Again, judgement is implied, but camp saves day because, though you use the word, the implicit irony means you don't believe the literal meaning of it.

So, White Suede is as unnatural and chemical as they come. It's a reminder that an imbalanced perfume made with mostly aromachemicals has a higher risk of flying out of control than one made of mostly botanicals. White Suede isn't the person humming a vague ditty out of tune. It's the forgotten, full, screaming tea kettle that you hope will soon run dry and burn the house down.

30th May, 2013
A scent based on white musk (the clean smell of plain white soap) with a pleasant suede smell on top. Later in the day, it got sweet with a touch of vanilla. It's pretty, but doesn't feel particularly special to me. Meh.
21st January, 2013

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