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Black Musk for Men (2009)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Black Musk for Men

Black Musk for Men is a masculine fragrance by Jovan. The scent was launched in 2009

Reviews of Black Musk for Men

A subtle and really nice scent from Jovan. Does not smell cheap but it is. Nothing like Jovan original Musk. A very pleasant smell.
08th March, 2014
This fragrance gets no love on a lot of forums for some reason, however despite the negative reviews this is not the monstrosity it is made out to be and imo is actually quite a nice fragrance. This is quite a clean smelling musk and does not have the slight skank of the original Jovan Musk, this is like Jovan Musks older more suave brother, definately an evening wear kind of scent, this is a slightly fruity musk but not in a sharp or citric way, this is kind of a dry dusky berry kind of musk , maybe a touch of juniper berry to this. My only real qualm with this fragrance is the lack of projection , if this projected more and was a bit stronger it would go from a fragrance I wear on occasion to a fragrance I wear on regular rotation, still not bad by any means though
15th March, 2013
I stumbled on it by chance while wasting time in a drugstore abroad and what i've smelt is a sort of synthetic, incensey and musky fruity scent with some aromatic herbs in the blend and dark woods in the base. A touch of patchouli is blended somewhere and the musk is not carnal and sensual but chemical and detergent. The high level of artificiality turns out the fragrance in a kind of cool-warm laundry-gummy fruity way and i understand Shamu 1  in its talking about a grape bubblegum dark scent. Thumbs down.
26th September, 2011 (last edited: 30th September, 2011)
I bought this blind because it was 75% off at CVS, and I can see why they are discontinuing it. I just sniffed the bottle a moment ago and can tell I'm not going to like it nor desire to wear it. It smells like a boring, generic scent drug store aftershave that always makes me think of dads. I've smelled toiletries that had a better added fragrance than this. I won't give it a thumbs down because I reserve that for offense scents. It is not offense per se, just a VERY cheap smelling drugstore cologne. I might even return it even though it was only five dollars. A MAJOR disappointment considering how fantastic the original musk is. If I paid full price I would have been back the same day.
14th September, 2011
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Now here's a fragrance I just bought and know I'll never wear again. Whoop-di-do, another grape bubblegum-scented "Black" fragrance, this time from Jovan. This smells like a much lighter version of the horrendous Stetson Black. It's synthetic, weak and has Kool Aid level sweetness. The grayish purple color of the juice is totally appropriate for this scent.

The only musk I smell in this is a sugary, clean laundry musk in the base. These types of musks belong in laundry detergents and dish washing liquids, and they should stay there. This is why I don't like most musk fragrances. The musk in this smells terrible.

I can't say this is completely vile, but it's so unoriginal and painfully boring, I just have to give this a thumbs down. I bought my bottle on super clearance for only $5 for the 4 oz. splash bottle, and I still feel like I was gypped.

Jovan's Musk For Men is so much better than this.

01st September, 2011
Well, it is musky but it's exceedingly weak. I really do prefer the old Musk for Men. Black adds in a little woodsy sueded like note. I've notice that note in many of the new drug-store fragrances lately (Stetson Rich Suede, Stetson Black...) and now I find it in this fragrance. Jovan and Stetson are are distributed by Coty so maybe that has something to do with it. Poor longevity but a nice enough scent.
05th December, 2009

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