Vintage (2009)
    by Kate Moss

    Vintage Fragrance Notes

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    Vintage indeed

    Celebrity fragrances tend to scare me away. Many which I have tested have been just horrible. I suppose they are mostly all aimed at a very specific audience and not supposed to be taken too seriously. However finds like this show that they are worth trying. Not all are bad and Kate Moss has created a few lovely fragrances.

    Wearing Vintage I couldn't help but feel that they came up with the name and then created a perfume around that. It's very pretty, powdery and musky. Vintage could mean so many different eras but to me this makes me think of the 20's/30's/40's. It reminds me of my great grandmothers perfume collection (which is a good thing). It lacks the complexity of perfumes from that era but it's like a new take on the fashion. It's nothing special but it's not a bad creation at all and well worth it's low price. The only drawback is that it doesn't seem to last very long.

    22 July, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    This one must be fussy/chemistry dependant. On my skin the top notes remind me of Chopard Wish without the patchouli. On me this is floral vanilla scent. And I got it for a song to boot. Thumbs up!

    07 February, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    It's unfortunate that many of Kate Moss' fragrances are often overlooked. Amidst the celebrity perfume releases, Kate's fragrances aren't half bad.

    My favourite from her is still Velvet Hour, however Vintage stands out in its own unique way. The scent itself is quite fresh and pleasant, with only a slight touch of floral notes.

    I would have preferred the pink pepper note to be slightly more prominent in the opening, as it is a little too subtle in my opinion. The mandarin orange note is also quite subtle, so the freesia really comes forth.

    The freesia note actually reminds me of a freesia scented soap that my Mother uses, so in a way, Vintage has a somewhat clean, 'straight out of the shower' quality.

    The heart can only be described as pretty. The jasmine, heliotrope and almond blossom are mild and slightly powdery. Due to the sillage not being very strong, Vintage is quite intimate.

    There's far too much musk in the drydown, which I found overshadowed the vanilla and tonka bean notes. It smelt like musty sheets that had been stored in a dark closet for too long. However on my friend, the drydown is surprisingly the best part, as it smells deliciously nutty and vanillary.

    While Vintage has played it safe here with a very basic composition, I'll add that this fragrance is difficult to dislike. I actually didn't have a problem with the lasting strength, as I thought it lasted quite well on both myself and my friend.

    30th June, 2011

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    I had high expectations for this perfume
    the bottle is beautiful a art deco emerald cut light bottled green colored
    falcon reminiscent of 30's glamour or
    jean harlow's dressing room or the movie dinner at eight. i'v been anticipating this for days but when it arrived i was dissapointed i expected
    a heavy incense oriental but i got is a light wispy scent of freesia orange
    cherry blossom to me it's a lighter
    younger version of chanel eau premire

    this has to grow on me.

    08 March, 2011

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