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Absynthe for Him (2009)
by Christian Lacroix


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseChristian Lacroix
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Absynthe for Him

Produced in collaboration with Avon

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United States
Although I agree with Shifty Bat about the longevity and strength, there is so much to recommend this failed masterpiece that I am driven to write a review.

First off, this is the one cologne out of my extensive wardrobe that garners the most compliments. And I mean, serious, intense compliments. And inquiries. My trainer claims it is intoxicating. Colleagues at work go out of their way to tell me how much they like it. I get more notice with Absynthe than with Aventus (which is a close second in the notices department.)

The bracing green and peppery opening is brief but glorious. (the notes say "citrus." I don't get any citrus at all). The fruit and patchouli heart notes blended with a very "mate" like vetiver is also delicious but short-lived. I get maybe two hours before it starts to fade. But oh, the dry down. Aromatic wormwood! and shot through with a deep resinous amber. Without a doubt, Absynthe Pour Homme is my favorite scent at the moment. If only it projected a little farther and kept its full volume longer. I find that over applying it helps extend the entire performance (and spritzing it on your shirt really helps).

Hard to find today but I stocked 10 bottles which should last me for the rest of my life. If you get a chance to sample, don't pass it up.
17th July, 2012
Ingredient quality meltdown! This one not 'could' but 'should' have been excellent. The opening is startlingly bitey: the pepper, cardamom, and 'green leaves' create an instant and memorable blast. This is immediately followed by petitgrain and citrus, rushing in to compliment the cardamom. In conjunction with these, the onset of fig and leather soon lends a resiny body to the mix. Now you have an interesting cross between Celine's Fever Pour Homme and the fruit and hemp character of FCUK Him. And then it happens - like when you space out or look away for the crucial handful of seconds it takes a toaster to ruin your bread - All of a sudden the strength and thickness of body are simply cut in half. This generally occurs at about the ten minute mark, and invariably when I am not paying attention. Oh, and things were going so well! As Absynthe for Him devolves into generic spicy woody territory the utter cheapness of the materials becomes painfully apparent. I am almost angry at this scent for building me up so high and then bringing me crashing down like a game of Jenga.
Definitely worth a go, but I'm not too excited about my full bottle.
13th April, 2011
Of course, after Tumulte, whatever is launched under the name Lacroix is doomed to be bad. But, this can be worth a try: it is classified as an oriental spicy scent, and as such, it opens with pepper and cardamom notes, as well as what people and experts in perfume - making call "fig". Curiously enough, this mixture feels like a peppery / fruity chocolate mix that seems to vanish after application, however making a grand rentree after minutes, and from then on projecting in a rather subdued way. A mystery of modern chemistry, it might feel a "close-to-the-skin" scent but it is not, but the projection won't feel like powerhouses do. Longevity is quite good, but its complexity is rather tame.

The curious point is that absynthe is an alcholic bevearge made of artemisa absinthium. Even though I never had the chance of smelling that plant's flowers or leaves, I tried absynthe, of which I can tell it is almost the same as anisette. In the case of the fragrance being reviewed, there are definetely none anise-like notes in this blend, so if you look after these, you might as well try other options.

08th December, 2010
I tried to like this fragranc as soon as I was impressed by the bottle design and advertising of it. I was fooled. It's extremely spicy and at the same time sweet - the combination that makes me feel really bad. As it dries down it gets more bearable, but it's still neither pleasant for me, nor seductive for the women around (yes, you can tell). Thumbs down.
10th April, 2010

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