Costume National Homme (2009)
    by Costume National

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    Xmas in a bottle

    Lovely spicy oriental goodness and vanilla/tobqcco/clove accords on dry down. Smells like Xmas in Milan. Which for me is a good thing.

    Pros: Lovely, spicy, warm and heaps of longevity
    Cons: Very strong, plenty of sillage, tad ostentatious for some perhaps"

    08 October, 2013

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    The forerunner of Jubilation XXV

    OVERALL RATING: * * * *

    Jubilation XXV is my favorite niche fragrance. Until I tried CoSTUME NATIONAL, I was under the illusion that it was totally unique--as if it had sprung fully formed from the nose of Bertrand Duchaufour. I see now that Jubilation XXV had a forerunner in CoSTUME NATIONAL by Dominique Ropion, released in 2009.

    CN opens with a nearly identical combination of supersaturated jam and wood. I almost did a double take when it first went on. CN may be slightly louder, perhaps a bit less "refined" than Jubilation, but the differences are so subtle as to be insignificant. I also detect similarities with another Ropion fragrance, Portrait of a Lady--Ropion appears to have a signature "base" in the same manner as Annick Menardo.

    Over time, differences do begin to appear. Jubilation remains a sweet incense and jam scent on my skin. CoSTUME NATIONAL,, on the other hand, evolves into one of the most natural smelling wood scents I've yet experienced. It is a thing of beauty. My friend EricRico has described it as a perfect facsimile of his father's woodworking shop. Having spent some time in woodshops myself, I agree!

    This is a remarkable, underrated fragrance, imo. At 1/5 the price of Jubilation, you get much of the same quality. Highly recommended.

    27 August, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    A fig like smell mixed with wood and spice, very refined! Also in this "story" there's cinnamon, and a very fine one. Cinnamon is almost my obsession. Elegant and yet casual, spicy and woody, overall refined. The moment I tried this I also became very nervous that this is not in my collection. I have to admit that there is something antique about this scent, not in a sense it smells old or anything like that - that is, not in a sense how some people perceive Kouros, Zino, Egoiste, Antaeus - but antique in some way as if you would enter an ancient Greek drugstore that is actually a part of some temple, where there are also some spices from Asia, better yet, Persia and Arabia and it's all mixing, permeating the air. So this scent, apart being obviously woody and spicy, really has a bit of oriental touch to it.

    I was prepared to buy it but all of a sudden a good hearted person I know and who owns it, insisted I take it. Refusal was futile as resistance is futile with the Borg in Star Trek. What actually surprised me was the price. I was expecting it to be far more expensive, turns out it costs as much as most of the designers scents. One other thing, I did notice that this juice didn't get as much attention as, for instance, Terre d'Hermes. I'm not implying that they're the same at all, au contraire, but I do think that whereas Terre d'Hermes is the king in his domain, Costume National Homme is in his, the only difference being that it's seldom spoken of.

    23 April, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Oh so funny i thought it smells like clive christian too!!! Very nice scent, smells so natural to me,and can be unisex.

    It opens up with cardamom note , aromatic herbs and some spices...very sweet, this is clove note.....its beautifully blended thing!! When it settles down it projects a lot, and makes nice aura, and is long lasting, citrus aroma is present all the way and it smells very sophisticated, a masterpiece!

    It reminds me of 31 rue cambon with that patchouly sandalwood, ambery note, just without iris note, and more balmy creamy.......100% unisex scent!

    20th April, 2013

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    This smells like Clive Christian X for men at $60 a bottle. What a pity, I already own Clive Christian.

    13 February, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Costume National Homme reminds me of one of my bad fragrance experiences: Apparition Homme Intense by Emanuel Ungaro. A bitter beast in which I cannot discover anything appealing: unfortunately this one hits the same spot...!

    23 November, 2012

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