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Blanche (2009)
by Byredo


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Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Blanche

Blanche is a shared / unisex perfume by Byredo. The scent was launched in 2009

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Reviews of Blanche

Blanche is a perfume by a well known - as much as a niche brand can be - house Byredo. Founded by Ben Gorham, House of Byredo is trying through its ideology of minimalism to allow people to clear their scent wardrobe and gain a new scent perspective through simple and elemental, high-quality formulas.

Perfume creator said he tried to describe whiteness with this scent, being inspired by his wife Natasha that gave birth to their daughter. Skilfully using aldehyde and musk notes he wanted to show her pure and untainted nature. And I think he succeeded in it. He succeeded in something else too, something he may not have hoped for – and those are carelessness and innocence. Moments of tranquillity and serenity on one’s own.

Softly falling asleep smells like Blanche. A child’s laughter smells like Blanche. If I could reach out to the clouds, I am sure they would also smell like Blanche.

Fragrance notes are the least important in this perfume. It is the effect that matters. Its acting is directed towards our attention that turns inside. When we apply this perfume, we get away from the outside world and look deep inside ourselves, at the place which has been long forgotten and frequently dreamed of. That is the world of safety ruled by laughter and joy. We no longer seek them somewhere outside – we find them inside. In my opinion, that is the greatness of Blanche – it takes us like a sledge all the way down a snow-covered slope to our very selves. Scents have an amazing power which is completely incomprehensible at times but always magical. And Blanche is one of the most magical ones…

For me, Blanche is one of the most beautiful aldehydic perfumes. There are many aldehyde myths and disinformation in the perfume world. Many consider them an elixir of the perfume industry, an ingredient that gives champagne-like bubbles and freshness to the perfume and makes it lift up from the skin like the bubbles in the sprinkled water. First to ever use aldehyde is said to be Chanel no 5 (it was actually another perfume, a few years older). That is what gave Number 5 a scent of freshly washed linens compared to the warm, sensual, opulent floral and base notes.

There is more than one type of aldehyde. But when used in the perfume industry, it is generally the aldehydes with the large molecular mass that smell pleasant compared to those that smell very unpleasant (acetaldehyde). Chanel no5 is known for its bouquet of aldehydes C10, C11 and C12 while modern perfume compositions use also aldehydes C14 that smell like the peaches and C18 that smells like coconut. Perfumes that are great examples of aldehyde perfumes besides No5 and Blanche are: White Linen by Estee Lauder, Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana, L’Interdit by Givenchy, Madame Rochas by Rochas and many others.
04th November, 2017
Byredo Blanche is mainly a musky floral with a heavy dose of rose from its onset, in contrast to more yellow floral La Tulipe. Blanche, like La Tulipe, is fresh, traditionally feminine-leaning, and somewhat fleeting, but is agreeable in its composition.

Other supporting notes include pink pepper, sandalwood, and other florals like peony, and these foster subtle nuances, making it more interesting than boring but ultimately a little unconvincing for its retail or even discounted Byredo pricing. I might be interested in a bottle for $25 but not for 5-10 times that. Still, a pleasant scent that's worthy of trying. This is one of the more balanced florals I've tried previously.

7 out of 10
14th June, 2017
As much as Id love to buy and wear Blanche, I ultimately decided against it. Its not that I dont like it - it took me two whole days to decide whether or not Blanche is for me, but the more I wear Blanche, the more I find its similarity to fabric softeners.

There is a sheer transparency with Blanche as evident in my first impression of it. Blanche will join the ranks of Chanel no. 5, Rouge d'Hermes, and Jour d'Hermes in a category that I call "relaxers" that help me fall sleep. Very, very relaxing and calming.

Id still give Blanche a Two Thumbs up or a 8/10 rating. The search for a clean scent for me still continues on. I believe in a genderless fragrance (Blanche is skewed more to the feminine) but I cant seem to bring myself to decide that Blanche is the clean fragrance for me. I believe that a lot of people will settle for this as their clean scent but not me. Here is hoping Monsieur Ellena comes out of retirement and create one.

This closely resembles Artisan by Jon Varvatos and I would consider Blanche as Artisan's feminine counterpart. What's stopping me to consider Artisan as my clean fragrance is the criminally short longevity of the scent.
17th November, 2016
I'm reluctant to admit I blindly bought this for the name and the bottle thinking it had to be good. Alas, I was mistaken. Synthetic and gives me a headache. Agree with previous reviews that is smells of laundry detergent. Oh well...looks nice on my vanity.
05th September, 2016
A 21st century 'update' of then-avant garde White Linen, albeit with the soapy aldehydic element significantly toned down. It's really not as harsh as some reviews might have you believing, coming across as scrubbed-clean fresh and just a touch floral. Persistence on skin is surprisingly good.

I'll wager many women will love this on their men. As much as they love the scent of laundered sheets, you say? Well, what's so wrong about that? If a scent makes your woman happy then I say it's worth every penny!
01st July, 2016
I like, but don't love, this one. The idea of dryer sheets and Tide had been pre-planted in my mind by the reviews here, and I can definitely smell those things if I'm looking for them. But the scent is actually much nicer than Tide and dryer sheets. it is a very elegant rendering of that clean laundry scent. I like this more than most of what is available in the typical department store, but I'm not sure it's worth Byredo prices.
21st October, 2014

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