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    Amber is a unisex fragrance by Essentially Me.

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    Germany Germany

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    In the perfume neighbourhood, Amber is the girl next door who could be so much fun if only she wasnít so bland, so vanilla, so boooring. And yet she insistently hangs around your house and seems impossible to ignore. Thankfully there are some people who remember itís about sugar AND spice. Serge Lutensí Ambre Sultan is my favorite amber because that girl got' herb. Happily, Essentially Meís Amber is her own spice girl, too. Itís the mint and thyme in particular that raised my eyebrows and spirits. Plus an amber not totally overdosed on Ambroxan and related drugs is always a genuine relief. The end result is an interesting, masculine-tilted, but entirely unisex potion recommended to all who wish to escape the drudgery of mainstream amberdom.

    03rd July, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This one is too light for me after trying Sauk and Tango. Had to re-apply it a lot in one day, but once I had enough on, it seemed like a husky jasmine which was nice. It wears easy- good for when you want to take a break from your heavier perfumes. If I had a bigger sample I might be saying other things... it takes awhile to understand any one given fragrance, especially when they take time to blend and are more complex like this line is.

    17th November, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Amber has been troubling me for a few days now, but after more applications than I can count, Iíve finally pinned down what it reminds me of--a classic cocktail. Itís not so much that it smells boozy, but rather that it achieves a tenuous balance that is simultaneously finessed and somehow clunky. In particular Amber makes me think of a drink called the Tipperary, which is a beguiling blend of Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Chartreuse. Like the drink, Amberís base is mostly outshone by herbs and spice and is at times a bit sweet with touches of bitterness evident in mid-development. Although the details are complex and a bit confused, the overall effect is definitely enticing, with the fragrance drying down to a beautiful spice and resin accord that makes me want to go back for more.

    03rd November, 2010

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    United States United States

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    I think that most of the Essentially Me fragrances Iíve tested open with a strong aromaticÖ recurrent enough to name "aromatic" as a house accord. The aromatic impact of Amber is quite herbal to my nose and it immediately reminded me of Histoire de Parfumís Ambre 114. The herbal aromatics are not as finely honed as the aromatics in Ambre 114, and Amber has a determinable lavender that I believe messes up the accord a bit, so I have to give the nod to Ambre 114 as a cleaner, clearer presentation. It takes a long time for me to lose the aromatics in AmberÖ probably because there is a ďbalsamic incenseĒ from the heart notes along with the herbs from the base also contributing to the aromatic impact. With all these aromatics, I fail to find the amber in Amber. I donít mind the aromatics in this fragrance, but I donít enjoy them, either; so my neutrality, added to the linearity of the fragrance gets me rather tired of this scent after about a half hour, but Amber does eventually settle down to be a pleasant, herbal, long-lasting skin scentÖ but still no amber. Not very exciting...

    01st November, 2010

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    Singapore Singapore

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    First off, AMBER is not an amber-centric fragrance. It is more of a dry resins and subtly floral composition with myrrh and frankincense complementing the labdanum in the base. It is not sweet and has a herbal aspect that I particularly enjoy.

    30th October, 2010

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    Spain Spain

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    Beautiful masculine composition...thank you

    The scent starts with zesty top notes that remind me of monsieur de Balmain on first application; the heart notes that follow include lavender and rose that remind me of Classique, another scent by Mr Lawless which is my favourite of the range along with Amber so far (have sampled 6 out of 10 of his fine fragrances). The base notes that settle this scent are very nicely blended; I can detect sandalwood, patchouli and incense.

    My favourite scent of the range so far...big thumbs up to a wonderful scent...!!!

    28th October, 2010

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