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Trade Wind
by Essentially Me


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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseEssentially Me
PerfumerAlec Lawless

About Trade Wind

A light green day perfume with a citric twist. I wanted to catch the experience of being on an exotic island. Seaweed absolute with mint and violet leaf conjure up the ocean whilst galbanum resin, sandalwood, and vetivert hint at the soft warm earth. Carried in the breeze are faint impressions of orange flowers, linden blossoms, hay and nutmeg.

Reviews of Trade Wind

Trade Wind's opening blast is fantastic - the minty violet leaf of Brut, the galbanum of Chanel No 19, and the vetiver/neroli mix of Mugler Cologne all come together over sharp, resinous orange. It's a glorious, though sadly short-lived cacophony. This all quickly settles into round, tea-ish coriander, highly sharpened with mint, over an essential oil background smell that skews green and citric orange. It's a nice natural perfume - the way the bright mint tames the essential oil smell is clever - though despite including a lot of my favorite perfume tropes, it didn't win me over.
15th February, 2018

Trade Wind starts out with an excellent light aquatic / green accord; its sillage is airy and wispy. After too short of time the accord loses the “aquatic” aspect and becomes greener, and it’s a green that doesn’t hold my interest – it was much more interesting when it held the aquatic note along with the green. I am highly pleased that I don’t smell the violet note that is listed for the middle level. Sometime in the middle level I get a trace of some resin in the background and then the scent goes floral and a bit grassy. I have decided that I enjoy Trade Wind. I didn’t appreciate it the first time I tried it – I thought it was just another floral aquatic, but the more I wear it, the more secrets I find hidden in its depths. Nice scent.

01st November, 2010
The vetiver & galbanum combo has a sandy texture that is reminiscent of Lanvin for Men but tempered somewhat by a lightly spiced floral (official notes indicate nutmeg, orange flower and linden blossoms). On my skin TRADE WIND wears like a light breezy fragrance with some exotic island vibe about it. It projects beautifully over the first hour but alas, it is, as its name suggests, fleeting - I even forgot I had it on after 3 hours.
29th October, 2010
When I was about eleven years old, my parents bought me a set of incense sticks, and I became obsessed. Any chance I got, I would sneak into the store that sold exotic wares and would run straight over to the incense and smell all of the beautifully named scents. More than anything else, Trade Wind takes me back to these childhood memories, and like memories, this fragrance is much better than the real thing. As much as I loved the idea of incense that smelled of earth, wind, and sea, there was always something thin and slightly sad about the fragrances. Trade Wind captures these smells, but in much richer form, undulating between cool, warm, sweet, spicy, salty, and earthy. More than any other fragrance I’ve smelled, Trade Wind captures a sense of movement, the push and pull of opposing forces, constantly fighting in chaotic harmony.
28th October, 2010
Eliza Show all reviews
United States
This one wasn't to my personal liking, but it was still blended well. It does make you think of the outdoors being in the wind. A little too green and medicinal for me, seems more for a man, although I did enjoy testing it. When I first put it on I could not pinpoint any given specific notes in it. When I saw the notes online it was interesting to see all that goes into a perfume creation.

The funny thing about perfume is that some that you don't like at first can be ones you treasure later. I've had a few where that has been the case.
25th October, 2010
Beautiful light but very long lasting woody scent.

I can detect some very animalic notes of vetiver, sandalwood, possibly galbanum; even castoreum...that lift you up to another leverl of peace almost like being in the middle of the sea with some greenery coming from an island somewhere...

The notes are beautifully blended together to produce a fresh and masculine scent...

Excellent longevity and sillage...big thumbs up...!!!
16th October, 2010

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