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La Joupe
by Essentially Me


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEssentially Me
PerfumerAlec Lawless

About La Joupe

This is unashamedly musky,  mysterious and very sexy for the confident woman. Why wait for the young men to chase you? Voluptuous, heady floral notes of tuberose and orange blossoms emerge out of the sultry heart of jasmine, patchouli and ylang. The base is very warm balsamic and musky comprising of vetivert bourbon, frankincense, guaiacwood, labdanum, tonka, oakmoss and vanilla. One for the evening.

Reviews of La Joupe

A few samples in, I'm noticing that there seems to be a standard mix of sweet, fruity, flowery spices that Essentially Me uses as the supporting structure for a lot of their perfumes. The perfumes tell different stories, but the stories are often painted on the same basic canvas, and some work better over the house's background than others.

La Joupe mixes that sweet spicy background with, ostensibly, tuberose and orange blossom, but I don't really smell them - instead, they seem to impart a floral effusiveness to the background layer. Meanwhile, there's a currant note that adds a considerable amount of cat pee to everything. La Joupe is at its best about a half hour in, once the pee clears, but at least to me, even at its peak, there's an unmistakable aura of "decent but unremarkable natural perfume" that I feel is a little bit harsh to say, especially considering that I've smelled MUCH worse, but it's just not dynamic or direct enough to win me over.
02nd February, 2018
Iím afraid that under the new UK austerity policy this fragrance will soon be outlawed, as it is simply too buxom and voluptuous a floriental to be tolerated. The neroli-tuberose-jasmine-ylang axis is incredibly sexy, warm and opulent, but the naturals play out their strength here, in that the composition never descends into gaudiness. Itís Liz Taylor before the Seventies. Itís also just the right scent to seduce men, politicians included, so maybe we could reconsider that austerity bit, eh, darlings David & Nick?
03rd July, 2011
The last time a whiff of fragrance sent me reeling in amazement was Carnal Flower. What I smelled in the first minute of LA JOUPE gave me a deja vu - the white floral bouquet is indeed heady but not cumbersome, with just a touch of 'green' tuberose. But don't let the flowerbomb of an opening puts you off; this is a wearable oriental which on the skin developed into a lovely blend of soft white florals, tonka and musk. I gotta admit it's not quite in the same class as Carnal Flower but then again, few are.
03rd November, 2010

La Joupeís opening is somewhat scary: Big florals with a big, big, big musk threatening in the background. Oriental in genre, but not excessively sweet, it presents a smoky, guiac background that makes La Joupe both classy and sexy. The florals, which explode in the opening, do not seem to last as a dominant part of the fragranceÖ the musk (reinforced by a smoky patchouli) gains and holds supremacy to the end of the fragranceÖ but I donít find that the musk throws very much sillage: Itís strong when sniffed close to the skin, but not in the sillage. La Joupe provides a lovely white floral accord with a guaiac-labdanum background which I catch in the form of light whiffs off the skin: I love its soft woody-resinous-aromatic aura.

01st November, 2010
Alec Lawless describes La Joupe as mysterious and oriental, but it strikes me quite differently. Initially, La Joupe makes me think of a carefree young woman wearing a white blouse and a simple, flowy skirt reading in the park on a warm afternoon. Her hair is in soft ringlets that keep blowing across her face with the breeze, but she doesnít seem to mind. The well-blended florals of La Joupe are feminine and beautiful, and the politely musky base is simultaneously grown-up and a touch innocent. As the fragrance develops, hints of spice and incense come through, shifting La Joupe in an oriental direction. Even after this transformation, however, it is as if the young woman has changed clothes for a night on the town but has left her hair in the soft, breezy ringlets. Although she is dressed for an evening out, there is something about her that seems slightly girlish, rather than sultry and sophisticated.
25th October, 2010
Rich and captivating green scent with lots of flowers to play with; it starts with some very oriental notes of orange followed by some heart notes of jasmine with oak moss which last for ages. The dry down provides musk and woods; to my nose the dry down turns into a never ending saffron note which also lingers forever...

A very well done scent with many beautiful moments to enjoy from beginning to end.

Big thumbs up...!!!
25th October, 2010

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