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About Souk

This was inspired by travelling in the Middle East and India where there is much to celebrate from these ancient cultures. The haunting smells of the spice markets, the Arab love affair with the rose, fragrant gardens, precious woods, resins and incense. Sandalwood, frankincense and Cedar of Lebanon are blended with balsams to provide a complex woody heart. Rose Maroc, jasmine, orris and neroli bring floral tributes from surrounding lands. Citrus fruits, herbs and oriental spices bring nuance from the market stalls and the ancient mysterious opoponax suggests incense with help from frankincense and sandalwood. Deep complex and beguiling - the beauty is in the mystery.

Reviews of Souk

I think Souk is quite well done. There's a lot going on, but the primary smell seems to be a mix of coriander (smelling like fruity spiced tea) and rose, topped with lemon for brightness and with spices in the background. This all seems to melt together into a complex stew that smells better than the sum of its parts.

There's cumin in here, which I generally don't like, but it's perfectly executed in Souk, to the point where it provides a quiet animalic counterpoint to all the prettiness, which lends a nice air of depth to the composition. Given time, a base of woods comes in, mixing with the cumin to add an extra layer of depth.

I often don't really enjoy natural perfumes, but this is nicely done. Thumbs up!
01st February, 2018
Are you going to Scarborough Souk? Yes that's right, the green-herbal elements in this unisex beauty balance the balsamic-spice so as to create an English oriental, the two fragrant worlds coming together nicely in the rose, which is, after all, so quintessential to both. A pleasing alternative to the French orient smarting under the syrupy heel of that charming despot Serge Lutens.
03rd July, 2011
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United States
This was my 2nd favorite (Tango was the first). It comes on strong for 15 minutes- leather? Patchouli? I couldn't pin point it, but it was strong! Has an Indian name and Indian strength at the beginning, but it goes away and turns into something quiet for awhile until a few hours goes by and it's rich and beautiful.

Incense was prominent. I put a lot on my cotton clothes so when my body heats up, the cotton holds it for a longer time than just putting it on my skin. After about 5 hours of wearing this, it morphed into something rich and beautiful. Whatever it was, it fully developed and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

This one takes a while to develop and it's worth waiting for and I like that sweet richness. I'd like to own this one.
17th November, 2010
One of my favorite things is walking into a local spice shop and being overcome with the multitude of pungent aromas. As pleasant as I find the experience, however, there always seems to be a sort of tension in the air, with all the different spices fighting for dominance. I was a bit hesitant when I read that Souk was meant to evoke Indian spice markets, but to my relief the fragrance captures the beauty of the spices and leaves out the chaos. Souk captures for me the feeling of walking into a spice shop, but in a much different way than I expected. Rather than being a literal recreation, Souk captures both the exotic and comfortable feelings of the spices. The woods and incense hint at something mysterious, piquing my interest in the same way that I find exotic spices alluring, while the florals create a pillow of softness, evoking the same feeling as mom’s baking spices wafting through the house. Depending on how you look at it, either Souk livens up a soft floral with woods and spice or it mellows out woody spices with a gentle rose.
01st November, 2010

Probably my favorite of the Essentially Me fragrances, but I really don’t see it as an exotic Middle Eastern scent… ok, maybe I could call it a bit edgy… Souk is the first of the EM fragrances that I don’t find dominated by an aromatic atmosphere. This one has the most solid note-and-accord-presentation of the EM fragrances I’ve experienced so far: I get a strong wood opening. I get an elegant spicy rose accord in the heart notes, which seems to extend into and become the base. I do not get the resinousness that I expected in the base, but what I do get is very unique, interesting, and highly wearable. At the skin level, Souk does not seem to be overly strong, but it does present an unique sillage that is long lasting and that moves in the direction of “exotic.”

01st November, 2010
Lovely creation which starts with zesty top notes, followed by rose and spices and then settles down with woody notes and lingering spices...

I prefer the scent Classique to Souk bearing in mind that they have very similar notes; Classique also lasts on my skin a lot longer...

Big thumbs up...!!!
31st October, 2010

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