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PerfumerAlec Lawless

About Tangos

A bold musky perfume originally made for a friend from Argentina based upon her choices of aromatics. Named after the most popular form of Flamenco. It has turned many heads in Buenos Aires. A deep green sultry forest (oak moss, violet leaf, vetivert Bourbon and tobacco) slowly releases complex floral bursts (jasmine, ylang, rose Otto, geranium Bourbon, vanilla and rose Maroc) with hints of herb and spice (hay, coriander, tonka bean). Probably needs to be worn by a dark haired women day or night if you have the confidence.

Reviews of Tangos

There's an awful lot of ingredients here, but to my nose they mostly melt together into a pleasant smell that's simultaneously fruity and round, but herbal and sharp, with a deep floral effusiveness. If you've ever bought soap at one of those Himalayan or Indian import markets, the kind that just smell pleasantly "exotic", the core of Tangos reminds me of that.

However, on top of that, given a while to push through, there's a smell like someone carefully recreated Brut aftershave using natural herbs.

Honestly, I'm not really enjoying Tangos, and I can't figure out why. The combination is pleasant, and clearly made with care, and I'm impressed that someone pulled this off with just essential oils.
There's just so much happening all at once (which I usually admire), but on a gut level, I'm just not feeling it as a matter of personal taste. Oh well...
02nd February, 2018
Before I read the story behind Tangos on the Essentially Me website, I was a bit confused by the name of the fragrance. I donít catch anything that resembles Latin flare--no heat, no spice, no sex. What I smelled was a beautiful, dark green masculine that is halfway between enticing and comfortable. The tobacco is leafy and green with subtle flourishes of flowers and woods atop a stunning mossy-woody base. Eventually, I read the story that Alec Lawless tells about the creation of the fragrance, and suddenly it hits me--this fragrance is not meant to replicate the feeling of a tango, itís meant to make you want to tango with whomever wears it! While this would be beautiful, if a tad conventional, on a man, Tangos would be irresistible on a woman.
28th October, 2010
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United States
I was lucky enough to get 10 samples to try and guess what? This one got the blue ribbon at my own in-home personal state fair exhibition. I have to own this. This one reminded me of hunks of chocolate. Chocolate isn't in the notes that are given, but that's what I smell after an hour as it heats up on me. Maybe it's the rich tobacco leaf and violet combination that is giving me this chocolate sensation. I don't know, can't figure it out, but I do love it.

The tobacco is well blended, like Habit Rouge's tobacco. Cherry pipe tobacco was coming through at one point. One thing about all this whole line is that it is has to smolder and set, which makes for a good wearing of whatever it is.

On the Essentially Me Website it says something about a dark haired lady in Argentina wearing this. I'm here to tell you that I look plain as Patty Duke in her 1950's series and this one's for me! I could saturate myself in Tango and I'd apply it to my cold weather jacket too.
25th October, 2010
It started off with herbs and dry wood spices with a trace of a sour plum-like note before settling into a very dry floral heavily tinted with spicy tobacco(?). Nicely-blended I must say and I'm describing it the way my nose interpreted it. However, the official list of notes include violet leaf, tobacco, jasmine, rose and guaiacwood. But whatever; the blending may not allow for easy notes dissection but what is more important here is the overall quality of the composition.There is a subtle but dark deep green thread of oakmoss running through it that lends TANGOS a rugged Mediterranean vibe that is assuredly masculine. I love it!
23rd October, 2010
Rich and deep green scent with beautiful notes of tobacco, smoke, incense, oak moss, vetiver...I find difficult to distinguish the top notes from the rest as they are all orchestrated in harmony...I can certainly recognise lots of green accords in this great creation; great longevity on my skin and very unisex in my opinion...

Big thumbs up...!!!
21st October, 2010
Tangos is a rich complex fragrance which for me starts off slightly green then moves thru its floral ingredients always with a woody undertone. It has beautiful depth, lasts really well the skin and from all the positive comments I receive when wearing it, it has great sillage. As with all the Essentially Me perfumes it is made from natural plant extracts and a little bit goes a long way - I love the entire range.
20th January, 2010

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