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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseEssentially Me
PerfumerAlec Lawless

About Kuan Yin

Sophisticated, subtle and unusual floral fragrance. Light enough for daytime use and sexy enough for the evening. The floral heart is made up of Osmanthus with mimosa and is supported by hints of jasmine, pink lotus, white champac, rose and ylang. Nuance and depth are added by using violet leaf and citrus fruit. Finally intrigue is provided by fresh green herbs and spicy tobacco leaf.

Reviews of Kuan Yin

Complex. I smell osmanthus, though it's the natural kind that smells like tea, rather than the peach we've been led to expect in chemical perfumes. It's got a lemony brightness, and an indistinct round floral quality. The violet leaf comes off as metallic, combining with something (maybe the lotus?) to smell quite plasticky. Everything else comes together smell like a sweet fruity crush (the Indian fruit syrup, not the soda).

So yeah: sweet sticky fruit syrup, but really plasticky, with hints of tea and lemon. But there's so much happening and evolving that it seems to smell different every time I sniff it - sometimes openly unpleasant, and other times quite fun. One minute, I'm thinking "thumbs down", the next minute "thumbs up." I guess I'll just average it out and vote neutral...
15th February, 2018

Essentially Me's Kuan Yin smells like your bombarded with Pledge Lemon scented wood
polisher because of the most synthetic
combination of Lemons and what Gypsy said
Latex definitely latex spraying around your body This is an Disappointing scent.
16th March, 2011
I don’t get much osmanthus – I get mainly green (probably mimosa) with a floral background. It comes on strong and for a while, it seems quite forceful and linear. With the green / somewhat floral, there’s a delicate element of aromatics in the opening... sort of a tingly touch to the citrus. I find the opening very enjoyable, and it seems more daring than it should... possibly because of the violet and champac. Anyway, it is unique and even quite intriguing. Not only do I get the osmanthus weakly, but all the other florals seem to lack individual identity: Their accomplishment is in their blending. They are blended to a very attractive floral texture. The fragrance softens too subtly after a half hour, and this is what I believe that it was meant to be – it’s a whisper with a hint of the exotic… a skin scent, beautiful and a bit inscrutable.

01st November, 2010 (last edited: 06th July, 2011)
KUAN YIN is unlike any florals I have encountered before. In the beginning it smells like a sophisticated floral incense with an austerity that recalls certain Chinese temples. But as time goes by, it grows more chypre-like. I'm impressed. Alec Lawless has created an interesting, if not arresting, interpretation of 'osmanthus'.
30th October, 2010
Beautiful floral scent...but this time I am enchanted by the magical uplifting effect it has on me...

I can detect some beautiful fresh light citrus top notes followed by what must be osmanthus; now... this woody metallic note is sheer pleasure; a bit like the first time I smelled oud notes on a Bond no 9 scent...and then said to myself, this unusual note that stands out so prominently is a bit like a treasure... it has been waiting for you to discover it all these years...and now that you have found it...stick to it and enjoy it...

In the base notes I detect some mossy/green/incense/tobacco very nicely blended

I am very glad and happy I have found you Kuan Yin; I think I shall be coming back to you for more...

Big thumbs up...!!!
28th October, 2010
Eliza Show all reviews
United States
Before I saw the notes online here's what I wrote: I like the way the mandarin /orange weaves it's way through this scent. It blends with the cedar and leather scents for the first 10 minutes. There are flowers in here too, yet I can't pinpoint them. It warms up to a spicy flower combo after an hour.

After I saw the notes online here's what I wrote: The orange-like scent must have been the osmanthus flower because this flower is supposed to resemble apricots from what I read about it. This is likable and wearable for me; a good "go out in public" perfume, an everyday one that I can wear all day and not get tired of it.


25th October, 2010

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