Ninféo Mio (2009)
    by Annick Goutal

    Ninféo Mio Fragrance notes

    Italian Lemon, Petitgrain, Bitter Orange, Galbanum Extract, Lentisque Absolute, Fig Leaf, Lemon Tree Wood

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    England England

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    This was another blind buy for me, having spotted a small bottle in TK Maxx, & having read a few positive reviews on various blogs. l'm not usually a lover of very green scents, but this one won me over. lt starts out with bright citrus notes of lemon & grapefruit, with a herbaceous edge. As it develops, l get a bunch of different impressions; there's the tomato/ tomato leaf, & perhaps a little blackcurrant bud. ln fact on my skin the heart is very similar to L'Ombre dans L'Eau, crossed with the lemongrass/ lime leaf/ coconut Thai curry vibe of Fils de Dieu. There's also some dry lavender & later on, a waft of incense. The projection is good & it all lasts a very respectable twelve hours on me. l don't really get the fig until way into the drydown, but when l do it's milky & delicious. These complex & varied impressions all somehow succeed in working together.
    l think this fragrance would be perfect for cutting through heat & humidity, & l look forward very much to testing this out in the summer.

    04 April, 2014

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    the opening is so bright, intense, and zingy, full of deep limes, bergamot and fresh fig. i could live in this cloud forever. the party calms down after 30 min into a much greener, tomato leaf & fig vibe that stays comfortable for a respectable 4-6 hours. at some point, the wife detects "cat pee", which i've noticed others have noted. i ascribe that to certain noses due to a clash between a subtle, rich wood note and the chlorophyll in the green notes that you smell in the garden after heavy rain (but i ain't no organic chemist...) this is (along with eau du sud, another goutal) my favourite summer perfume. marvelous!

    29 April, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    The initial impression was: Annick Goutal’s attempt to give an eau de cologne a fig twist. Perhaps this is a bit unfair as the lemon at the start is gloriously juicy and a cut above standard issue colognes. Also the lasting power is decent, even if I did have to apply liberally to get it to project. Nothing wrong with the fig leaf note either...
    And yet this fails to lift above the merely pleasant. It may wow those who have never encountered fig leaf in perfumery, but will do little for fig veterans. The fig-lemon pairing has its intended refreshing effect and seems natural and unforced. But as with all citruses, the lemon eventually fades and then one is left with a rather nondescript fig leaf with woodsy backing and some chemicals that continue to chirp ‘Fresh, fresh, fresh’. Good for hot weather.

    29 August, 2012

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    Germany Germany

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    The opening notes of Ninfeo Mio are incredibly juicy! Lemony citrus and verbena, fresh leaves and galbanum and a fig that develops a milky note as the scent dries down. What's left then is a nutty coconut smell caused by the milky fig and some sharp dry wood notes which often gets on my nerves and into my nose.
    Longevitiy is average as you know from other Annick Goutal fragrances and it quickly becomes a skin scent.
    Ninfeo Mio works on me but I can understand other reviewers who say it develops weirdly on them which I think is due to the sharp woody notes in the base that have the potential to smell sweaty when in combination with the wrong skin chemistry. So sample this first!

    08 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 29 July, 2012)

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    i agree with blood orange, this is a very natural scent and i love every minute of it! it is so fresh and green, even in the hot southern hemisphere summer at the moment. on my skin it does not change a lot, stays more or less the same - and stays for a decent period of time (well, for a fresh scent - so definitely not a whole day). there is also this one aspect about it that makes me love this perfume even more - haven't been to greek gardens yet, maybe this is how they smell, but to me it smells of the nettle thicket in the wood on the sunny early summer first hot days, when the woods are still cool and dump. probably this is my imaginary nettle scent, i haven't been near nettle thicket since childhood. nevertheless, this association made me love the fragrance and buy the whole bottle.

    09 December, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    Ninfeo Mio, is quite possibly the most natural smelling scent I have managed to come across. The greeness that is experienced in this particular fragrance, smells like that of a thriving vegetable garden.

    If you don't like particularly earthy or bitter green scents, Ninfeo Mio probably won't delight you. I honestly couldn't imagine myself wearing such a scent, however I am very drawn to Ninfeo Mio. I find it very appealing and in some ways, pretty.

    The citrus opening is more tart than sharp and sour. I initially detected a tomato-like note hidden in the composition, that made me think of freshly cut vegetables.

    Lavender is what tends to give Ninfeo Mio that unisex and aromatic touch in the heart. The whole composition is quite astounding in the way that it's dry rather than wet.

    In the drydown I swear that I can smell smokey incense. It has a very exotic/garden temple feel to it. Every now and then I have to remind myself that Ninfeo Mio is a perfume and not just my natural surroundings.

    The lasting power is amazing and the sillage rather commendable. Because this fragrance is so unusual, I don't believe that everyone is expected to like it. Ninfeo Mio, is in my opinion, is an excellent example of a green, herbaceous scent done to perfection.

    25 November, 2011

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