Vanille Intense (2009)
    by Nicolaï

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    Vanille Intense is a women's fragrance by Nicolaï. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Genre: Oriental

    Well, they got the “intense” right. This stuff has Klieg light projection. And yes, it’s vanilla, too.

    Vanille Intense doesn’t spend much time on traditional citrus top notes and instead jumps right onto a very sweet vanilla liqueur accord with just a dab of orange blossom and sweet spice. Nicolaï’s is an unabashedly gourmand vanilla, and without relief from the smoke and animalic civet accents of, say, Shalimar of Bal à Versailles, some noses may find its clear, candied flavor too one-dimensionally sweet. Patchouli and a clean musk add depth and substance to the central cinnamon, vanilla, and orange blossom accord as the scent plays out, but the overall shape doesn’t alter much over time. The scent pyramid includes immortelle, and Vanille Intense is one of those rare compositions where this bully of a note does not overwhelm its neighbors. Instead, it adds a welcome sense of dark mystery to what might otherwise have been a bland powdery vanilla-amber drydown.

    Boozy vanilla oriental fragrances are all the rage among the high-end perfume houses, a trend begun with Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille and continued recently in L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Havana Vanille. Guerlain’s offering grates on me, with a jarring acidic middle note and a crude angularity to its structure, while Havana Vanille just disappears after an interesting start. Nicolaï, by comparison, seems to get it right, and though this particular type of scent doesn’t hold much appeal for me, I can’t find much to fault in Vanille Intense.

    07th July, 2014

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    This one opens with a HUGE head-clearing blast of camphorish spice that reminds me of men's aftershave. On me it has a little soapiness in the heart. It quickly moves into a very complex dry down that is both intensely incensey and spicy and also sweet, warm, dark, musky vanilla. It's like patchouli cinnamon bun incense. I've sampled this a few times now and did not get anything 'pissy' or stinky when I wore it as some of the other reviewers experienced - thank goodness :) But I do have to say that this fragrance definitely took some getting used to! I was not expecting it to be so assertive, but I really appreciate it's intensity, I love the way the fragrance notes are layered, how it evolves and changes, and I also like it's sillage. It's wonderfully invigorating, bracing even. It definitely woke me up! It would be a good unisex fragrance.

    All in all, I don't love it, but I like it a lot and I think it has it's place as being unique, interesting, and NOT boring. Something to wear when I need to clear the cob-webs.

    13th April, 2013

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    Off scenter's thoughts are bang on with this one. The orange and vanilla custard are so edible I wanted to lick them.Yet there is something else, compelling, I still can't name, which makes this a genuine scent not an accident in a patisserie. However I refrained from purchasing it and went with Odalisque, because something about VI told me it would just go on... and on... and on, without noticeable change.
    I do want to eat it though!

    04th March, 2012

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    There really isn't too much to say about this one. It opens with a brilliant vanilla liqueur scent that I just can't get enough of, and unfortunately I mean that in a literal sense because it's over within two hours. After that the lavender starts to dominate the sillage and I completely lose interest. Lavender just isn't a good enough smell to hold court and dominate the way it does here. Such behavior would typically tilt a fragrance into the "negative" category, however, due to the fantastic opening I'll just lay an obnoxious neutral onto this fragrance with a rolled up newspaper. "No, bad Vanille Intense, look what you've done to the carpet!"

    22nd January, 2012

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    Vanille Intense Experience Diary:

    First Spray: Confusion! Clamor! Chaos!

    5 mins. in: Coming in to focus.. sweetness... Caramel? No. Creme Brulee? No...

    10 mins. in: That's it! It's licorice! Very high quality, smooth, dark, rich licorice.

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present... Jaipur Homme, by Boucheron."

    (And it stayed that way for the rest of the day)


    Now, I like Jaipur Homme quite a bit, but I don't expect to find it 1. wearing the label "Vanille Intense" and 2. being offered at a niche price.

    Conclusion: This fragrance is like paying Lalique to reproduce your Tupperware.

    Recommendation: Although obviously of good quality materials, this is a seriously mislabeled fragrance. It should be called something like "Licorice Vanille Pour Homme" As such, it's fine-- but why spend the money on niche when good versions already exist in mass market?

    26th September, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I've not yet sampled every single scent from "Parfums de Nicolai". But I have tried about half of them or so. Unfortunately, (and at the risk of being called a philistine ;-) I'm afraid all I've ascertained so far, is it seems I must have a very different "scent aesthetic" to Mme. de Nicolai's. (I just don't think we quite agree on what we believe "smells good". - Not even her "much praised" 'New York' did that much for me ! - Though I do agree it's one of her better efforts)
    ~ But more importantly, it also seems we have a very different idea of what an "intense vanilla" is or should be. ... Personally, (& contrary to a previous reviewer's views) I do think the ever-present Immortelle note does far "out-bully" all the other notes. And particularly smothers the vanilla. ~ On my skin, it was all far more "Immortelle Intense" than anything else. ... It also has an odd jarring somewhat "pissy" under-note that runs throughout the scent, which I can't quite identify. But which unfortunately totally destroys any possibility of enjoyment for this fragrance.
    ~ Sorry not for me ! (And I wager, not for many looking for a vanilla-scentric scent, intense or otherwise. ~ If that's what you're after, I suggest looking elsewhere).

    Edit : Actually, P.S. ... I've just realised exactly where I had smelled that "odd jarring" note I mentioned before. And that was in another of Mme. Nicolai's scent : "Vanille Tonka". There is a definite similarity, or common thread, running thru these two scents. Which incidentally did not smell much like Vanilla to me either (nor that much Tonka, come to think of it). That scent totally bewildered me, being not at all what I was expecting. ~ SO maybe I just don't "get" or like her quality of vanilla much. (Or at all in fact !)
    ~ So I'm thinking, if you liked "Vanille Tonka" you might very well enjoy "Vanille Intense" as well ....

    05th April, 2011

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