Kanøn Norwegian Wood (2010)
    by Kanon

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    Kanøn Norwegian Wood information

    Kanøn Norwegian Wood is a men's fragrance by Kanon. The scent was launched in 2010

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    Sweet sandalwood galore

    Thinking of Norway brings to my mind vast expanses of coniferous trees that extend far towards the horizon. The pine, fir, spruce and juniper scents filling the air, but NOOOOOOOOO, with Norwegian Wood I get sandalwood.. Sandalwood grows mainly in India, doesn't it? Why isn't it called Indian Wood instead?

    Because Kanøn is suppossed to "sound" scandinavian? (it is made in America, so it is as scandinavian as Häagen-Dazs for crying out loud). At any rate, I was looking for a coniferous type of scent to find out it is a very, very sweet sandalwood scent.

    The opening is slightly citric that turns woody almost immediately. Unequivocally sandalwood and this is the best part of the fragrance, but soon it goes too sweet for my taste. Vanilla is present by the bushels, but it is not mentioned in the pyramid. Starts very masculine, but I am not that sure about the drydown.

    I cannot rate this perfume too high, its name is deceptive IMO and it is too sweet. I like it better than Kanøn by Kanøn, but way behind Agarwood by Kanøn

    Pros: Masculine opening, cheap, pleasant
    Cons: Poor sillage and longevity

    17th June, 2013

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    For the price ($7.00 at marshallls), this is not bad at all. It starts out with light wood scent that reminds me of pencil shavings from a pencil sharpner. It eventually turns to a light vanilla smell which is very faint. The projection and longevity are weak. This is more of a summer scent.

    For the price, you can't go wrong checking this out!

    26th November, 2012

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    7 bucks at TJ Maxx...

    Best 7 bucks I ever spent - other than that one time in Jamaica.

    Nutmeg and Vanilla with a bit of musk. It makes the wife cough, but I draw compliments every time it leaves the house with me. Very versatile, and with the fall approaching, i can see this one getting some evening wear around fire pits and outdoor parites that involve beer and steak.

    Great patio scent that I will always have on hand until my demise.

    12th October, 2012

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    i wore it to work today and i did not notice it. very faint light vanilla mixed with light woods. great for a teenager but not for a 30 year old with fragrance expierence.

    09th October, 2012

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    Don't laugh at me. This just became my first blind buy (and this is my first review). I was looking for something light to wear at work. Additionally, strong fragrances don't play nice with my wife, triggering headaches for her. From the reviews, KNW seemed to fit the bill.

    I have to say I like it. It's a little sweet and citrusy initially, but in a short time it mellows into a nice woody vanilla scent that's perfect for work. It's pretty much a skin scent, it seems. I'm figuring that it's not going to last all day on me, but I can live with that. I can always reapply, right?

    For $7 at TJ Maxx, what's not to like?

    21st September, 2012 (Last Edited: 25th September, 2012)

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    This is definitely a close up scent with very good longevity...a kind of light at the ocean oriental lotion by the end of the day.

    Sandalwood indeed...the nutmeg hit me early on...a sort of drier, restrained vanilla that makes this one a winner.

    24th July, 2012 (Last Edited: 25th November, 2014)

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